Big Bang

Not quite that big!

This was fact not theory.

Last night on the way home from work; not that there was any work, I got there and both students decided not to have class, so I turned right around and got the van home.

As I was saying; last night on the way home from non-work, my boss Denis got on the van at the next stop (wait, wait… that’s not the exciting bit). After a detour through a nearby suburb because of road works and traffic we hit the main highway again, Cachamorra and more works. Strange smell, I mentioned that there was the strong smell of gas, there was, it was overpowering. So much so that I asked Denis if he had farted. He looked hurt, the van was crowded. But there was, a very strong smell of domestic gas, as opposed to gastric.

The incident passed and I got home okay. Only to be told by a neighbour that not long after we had passed there was a huge gas explosion and it had totally disrupted rush hour traffic.

You never know how close you can be.

Everything is happening today. Pay day, CTWW (posted), day off, supermarket day, pay bills day so it’s going to be full on. All this takes a whole day, mainly because of the 45km (30 mile) trip to Barra and then back again. But I will console myself with a leisurely sushi lunch while there, so all is not lost.

I am leaving a little later today, because I am waiting for a phone call to verify if one of the other teachers is going in by car and thereby avoiding a bus ride.

So I should go and have a shower and put on some smellies.