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It’s another hot day in paradise



You can sing along with Phil Collins…

Yesterday was hot, it didn’t really cool down overnight, so today had a head start.

Good thing I watered my plants last night.

Gate Crash


I forgot to mention the excitement on Sunday night. I was in bed, just on the point of oblivion when there was an almighty crash outside, so close it could have been in my yard. It nearly was… A pizza delivery motoboy had crashed into my gate when the throttle on his bike stuck open, almost tearing it off the hinges. Now I can’t close my gate properly, I have to hold it shut with a chain and padlock. One half of the gate needs to be realigned.

It’s Humpday. My student is in hospital for surgery, so no class today, no class tomorrow; in fact, no classes until Monday.

followed-blog-100-1xBullshitMy Bullshit Corner blog got 100 followers.


It was a slow start, but things are picking up over there.

I just realised it was St Patrick’s Day on Monday, because of no net and I didn’t get to post, it completely passed me by. I could have celebrated in style with my cans of Murphy’s stout. Oh, well, only 363 days to go… I doubt the stout will still be here then. In fact, I doubt the stout will be here next Monday.

The strange white bugs have almost gone. I have no idea where, but they were lavae of some sort and have probably gone to turn into beetles.

This Ukraine business is a mess. The Crimeans want to be a part of Russia, fine, let them. As all their gas comes from Russia through the Ukraine, just double the price, they’ll soon squeal. In fact, the Ukraine should just shut off all Russian gas that flows through to Europe, the financial damage to Russia would be considerable; pity about the Europeans though. I’d love to see Putin squealing…

Last week I broke a small sprig off a plant in the street. It’s a nice plant, it has dark purple under the dark green leaves. I was told that you can’t propagate the plant in this manner, that you need naturally sown seedlings. But having put the sprig in a glass of water on the window ledge, it’s sprouting little nubs of root. So I am hopeful.

Just a case of don’t believe everything you’re told, question everything.

I think the rest of the day will be devoted to lunch and beer…




OMG, I didn’t get here yesterday!

Horrible day.

First up, my student rang to move the lesson to tomorrow. Now that didn’t irk me too much, because I had things to do.

On my way to work the other night, I went to the Lotérica (betting shop) to pay my internet bill; after more than half an hour in line, I was informed that because it was past the due date I had to make the payment at the bank.

So, freed from obligations for the morning, I put on my big-boy jeans and went to the bank, another hour in the queue.

My old shorts, threatening to fall off me

My old shorts, threatening to fall off me

On the way back, I found some shorts. I needed to buy shorts. I bought some last week, but they were a bit skimpy, more like beach trunks. These were much more suitable; and reduced in price which was an added incentive. I really need shorts, because my old pair were about to fall off me.

Encumbered by my purchase, I headed off to pay the rent. New girl alone in the office couldn’t find anything. Finally paid the rent.

It was about then my tummy rumbled. A look at my cellphone told me it was lunchtime.

Off for lunch and a beer, satisfied and R$32 poorer, I headed home.


Classes at 5:30.

Today, my student came and went, nap.

Not very appetising when frozen

Not very appetising when frozen

I woke at two, and went fishing in my freezer. Caught some sole fillets, am now waiting for them to thaw. I have sprinkled freshly ground black pepper on them.

The intention is to serve them pan-fried with a white wine & parsley sauce and asparagus accompanied by the rest of the white wine.

Oh, I do live well when I have the incentive.

By then it should be beer o’clock. I have no other classes today, so I’ll put on my new shorts and head off to pay homage to master brewer of tasteless beer AMBEV the makers of Brahma.

Oh, remember those strange white bugs, the infestation has spread, there are now millions of them in the park and surrounding trees.

Later, off to make a sauce…

Sleeping Sickness

Tse tse fly one of the top scariest bugs in the world

Tse tse fly one of the top scariest bugs in the world

Honestly, I feel like I have been bitten by a tse tse fly, I just want to sleep.

I was up and down all night, and although I have been up and blogged, and had a nap I feel as though I just want to sleep again.

Tse tse fly, ugly little mutha…

Fortunately, I don’t think we have them in Brazil.

I am still no further ahead trying to identify the strange white bugs from yesterday’s post. By searching ‘strange white bug’ in google, I found this, but it’s only a flicker image.


Mealybug or mealybug destroyer? A few of the ferns at the conservatory had these cute, yet totally alien, strange white bugs.

If so, a little more research and I think it may be some kind of Flatidae nymph, although the fluffy version seems more photogenic, or more common. They’re certainly as numerous as the Flatide nypmph.

It could even be a Cryptolaemus montrouzieri or the mealybug destroyer.

Here’s shot that I took this morning.

Could it be?

Could it be?

There are really thousands of them crawling around the benches, ground and trees.


Quite a mystery.

Today is cool and overcast, drops of rain when I went out to take photos. This cooler weather is so much more relaxing than the hot spell we had a few weeks ago.

OscarsThe Oscars are over, thank heavens for that. Too much pomp and ceremony in my opinion. All those ‘wear-them-once’ dresses, what a waste.

It’s all a case of who’s wearing what. There is more time devoted to the fashions that the actual ceremony.

Who gives a shit? Maybe it’s just sour grapes on my part, none of those creations would fit me.

As for 43 million Americans watching… it shows how much they care about the real news.

Putin has called the Ukraine an unconstitutional coup. If it was the other way round and favoured Russia he’d be saying it was justified. What a two-faced wanker?

My blogging is just about done for the day, I have one more to go: Eco-Crap. Haven’t yet decided what to do there. Waiting for some inspirational idea to come flying through the window.





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