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Frugal or Stingy

I’m getting in before lunch today.

I have had my customary morning nap and am fighting fit and ready for whatever the day brings.

Besides, I’m hungry, and I need to do more than just think about lunch; my tummy rumbles when I think about it, I need something a little more substantive. Spring rolls will be the answer. I have the makings in the fridge, and they’re quick and easy.

Evidence, one flopped flipflop

Evidence, one flopped flipflop

Now about this frugal or stingy thing. During the weekend one of my chinelos (flipflops), flopped.

Now this often happens, and indeed has happened to me before.

What do you do when one flipflop flops?

Most people chuck them away and buy a new pair.

In fact, this is exactly what happened at the botequim last week. One of the fregües‘ flipflops flopped. What did he do? Threw them both in the canal! It’s no wander our waterways are so polluted here, a point that I commented on.

When mine flopped, I had a hunt under the bed. A scary experience, because you never know what you’ll find. But, I had a fair idea. My last pair that had one flop, I threw the flopped one out and left the good one under the bed, it was a left one.

Odd, but serviceable

Odd, but serviceable

Now I have a serviceable pair of flipflops again…

The guys at the botequim called me pão duro (tight fisted) and that only I would do this.

I felt quite proud of my new flipflops.

They may not match, but they do keep my feet off the ground, to that is serviceable and extending the life of two old pairs that would have otherwise been chucked.

Am I stingy, or just being frugal?

I might add, that I do have a good pair in case I need to go further afield than the local area. One needs to keep up appearances.

It’s a dull day here today, temperature quite comfortable, and it has rained a little.

Demonstrators in London’s Parliament Square highlighted the case – image BBC

The British authorities are heartless utter bastards. They finally deported a Mauritian girl yesterday back to Mauritius, where her only relative there is the cruel uncle that they went to Britain to escape from.

Her asylum case was considered separately from the rest of the family because she was 19. The girl was at school, just a couple of weeks away from her exams in which she was expected, as an all A student, to do very well in. No bloody compassion, just heartless regulations. Surely they could have waited two weeks? Nope, yank her out of school, keep her shut up in an immigration prison camp until she was escorted to the airport like a criminal.

Bastards! Makes me ashamed to have a British heritage.

keepcalmcoloradoThe latest news out of Colorado since the legalisation of cannabis, is the death of a teen that has been attributed to the drug. So many have waited for this to say ‘I told you so’. The fact is, that he didn’t die from cannabis, but stupidity. He got stoned on cookies and fell from a balcony.

AH, I wonder how many cases of alcohol related stupidity died in the same period in which cannabis has been legal? I don’t hear any outcry about this. I would say that many more have died as a result of alcohol stupidity (inc driving).


I read this morning that a newer illicit use of the veterinary drug, ketamine, offers exciting therapy options for depression. Options where prozac doesn’t have any effect.

I have never been depressed, nor have I been around anyone who is depressed. I can’t remember depression ever being spoken about in my family circle at any stage in my life.

Now my thoughts on depression. Today’s lifestyles are far more stressed than they were when I was younger; this leads me, as a layman,  to associate stress with depression. If there is a relationship, how about treating depression with lifestyle changes that remove stress? That seems logical.

I don’t get stressed over anything, I don’t allow myself to get stressed, ergo, I am never depressed.

Right now, I need to avoid stress… I need to eat.


This is what I like doing

Yes, this is what I like doing:

Fine dining

Fine dining

It also happens to be what I can’t afford doing.

The above photo was taken at my favourite restaurant a few weeks ago.

I am sitting here, totally stress-free, still waiting for my BBQ delivery.

Last night on my way to work I called in to the store and inquired about my new BBQ. Mad rush around office. It was a case of, “Ah, yes” and then we forgot to enter it in the system. Followed by, “Don’t panic, it’ll be there in the morning!”

Which leads me to wonder why I am sitting here at 2:30pm still BBQless.

I know it’ll get here, it’s just a matter of when. As I explained yesterday with Brazilians it is often ‘whenish’.

I had things planned yesterday. I put them off until today, which means I had things planned today. Now it looks as though I am putting those things off until tomorrow. That’ll be three days wasted.

I have to be at work at 4pm, if it’s not here, I’ll call into the shop again. Of course there is the chance that it’ll arrive after I leave, which is why I’ll leave the gate key with Raimundo at the botequim next door.

No-whiningOne of the things I was going to do today was to got to the supermarket, because there is an absolute dearth of food in the house due to the fact that I didn’t get there yesterday. Having eaten homemade gnocchi for both lunch and dinner yesterday, I don’t think I could face it a third time; tends to get a bit repetitive.

So to break the monotony, I’ll go to my favourite restaurant after classes and whine wine there between mouthfuls of dead cow.

That’s the plan.




Any Given Moment

Something is likely to happen at any given moment, that’s what they call life, apparently.

Today I am waiting.

Because at any given moment, my new BBQ will arrive.

Yesterday, I arrived at work earlier than usual. Next door is a place that sells construction materials, including BBQs.

Since the last BBQ for ex & kids two weeks ago, I have been promising myself that I will get a new one, since the old one is threatening to fall into several rusty pieces.

Pretty much like this one

Pretty much like this one

I have been looking around and decided what I wanted and the price I wanted to pay, having time on my hands and a new deposit in my bank, it seemed like the perfect moment. I did what any red-blooded man would do after much thought. I went in and bought it.

With the promise that it would be delivered today. I’m not too worried. I’m not planning on having a BBQ this weekend. Although, plans could change.

That’s the thing I like about Brazil, promises are not always kept, and plans are flexible beyond belief; certainly beyond anything encountered in the first world. Which all goes to making a stress-free life.

It has taken me more than 20 years to get used to the idea, that things don’t need to be done today, because there’s always amanha (tomorrow). Brazil has this wonderful ‘ish’ factor. 10 o’clockish, tomorrowish. The first world can’t handle the ‘ish’ factor, it would rive them around the bend.

So things happen here, not now; not necessarily when you want them, but soon, at any given moment, maybe.

The rigid timetabling of the first world would send me bananas now.

Must get ready for work. I will be there at 5:30, the students will arrive at 5:30ish.


Quick update:

One of my readers, Sarah, I think, sent me this link after yesterday’s post. It’s not the cartoon I was thinking of, but it certainly conveys the same message…deeprooted1


I meant to, I really did…

coffeephilosophyI had the new post page open nearly all afternoon and had already selected the opening image, but didn’t get round to doing it.

Now I am running on coffee and making this the first post of the day.

I got to the supermarket yesterday and two more bottles of wine fell into the shopping cart. I just don’t understand how that happens.

Lately I have been getting so confused. Life used to be so simple when I had only one pair of shoes. Now I have two. Yes, I bought another pair. In the past I have always bought the next pair when the old pair fell off my feet; I believe in getting that extra mile. But I surpassed myself this time round.

When I had one pair, I always knew where they were; on my feet or on the base of the fan beside my PC when I wore my chinelos (flip flops). If they were on my feet, then my chinelos were waiting in front of my PC chair ready for me to slip into when I came home because I never wear shoes at home.

Now I have two pair and I can never find both of either pair at the same time… so confusing.

My one student today has cancelled. My weekend has started.

coffeesanityI could wash the dishes, I could put some wine in the fridge, I could sweep the yard, I could water my plants, I could take the rubbish out, I could get another coffee, then ponder which of these things I may or may not do. Life is so full of decisions. Decisions cause stress, and stress is the biggest killer; so it’s better not to make decisions, therefore no stress.

I found an apt description of the internet the other day. One that shows that humanity has not changed one iota in the past 4,000 or so years.


Despite our greater levels of technology, it’s true, we still write on walls and worship cats. We just do it faster.

goiabatreeMy goiaba (guava) tree is growing great. Four years and this year I am watching hopefully for flower buds.

Fresh goiaba juice is wonderful. Much better than the chemically standardised crap you buy in boxes in the supermarket.

I read an article sometime ago about how they get orange juice to always taste the same; they pluck it, they squeeze it, they concentrate it, they stuff it with chemicals, they dilute it, they sweeten it  and box it. Then they have the audacity to call it ‘natural’, what a load of bollocks, it’s false advertising. If they do it to oranges, they do it to all fruit.

I stopped buying boxed crap after reading that. I buy real fruit from the sacolão (fruit & vege shop) and do it the hard way, yes, I used a blender and don’t add sugar. More people should be doing this, much healthier, much tastier.

Blogging right along.


Help! I’ve lost my pencil…

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