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The old stuff was good

The old stuff was good

With the move these days towards food additives and poisons like HFCS, sodas have become one of the denizens of modern living and obesity. I cannot name any soda today that is what they used to be.

One of my past favourites was Fanta, but today I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

I have said before that I don’t allow soda in the house, but have instead turned to sparkling mineral water, or tap water.

But I have a favourite drink; homemade fanta. It’s Fanta-Stic.

Freshly squeezed orange juice (two or three oranges), with sparkling mineral water and half a dozen ice cubes. I dilute it 5:1, but you may prefer 2 0r 3:1. If you want to give your kids a healthy alternative to commercial soda, try this one. I have just drunk a litre (almost a quart).

Blogged today, went to town, did some shopping, had far too much at a restaurant, and returned home for a well deserved nap. Highlight of the day, I bought a new trash can for the kitchen, doesn’t that turn your nobs?

If only kids could be as happy with something so simple.


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I have been feeling much better, slowly over the last week since the wamblecroft has departed. I am pleased to report that my bowel movements roughly equal the intake of food as they used to. It was worrying at first, more was going in than departing and I couldn’t figure out where it was going. I mean, it had to go somewhere, didn’t it?

Now I guess you’re wondering… WTF is wamblecroft? Old English term for indigestion, think collywobbles, although collywobbles more refers to fear, fear of being wamblecroft.

Yesterday, one of the things I did at beer o’clock was to wander along to the botequim for a beer. Surprisingly between the opening of the bottle and supping the last drop the weather had gone from sunny to rain. Yes, that quickly. It was sunny when I sat down, and then it began to blow, then cloud over, then spots of rain.

In fact it has just done the same now. Before I started this post it was sunny. I wandered outside and pondered the idea of going for a beer. But feelings of guilt ruled and I thought it better to write my final post of the day, now there is rain dripping off the garage roof. This is fairly typical of Rio de Janeiro in November; the summer rains in the late afternoon.

I see the French still don’t get it, they’re going to fine the clients of the prostitutes rather than the prostitutes. I doesn’t matter who they fine, prostitution will be alive and well until they ban marriage; as long as we have marriage, we’ll have prostitution. Doesn’t anybody think any more? It’s obvious that politicians don’t!

khat03Britain has the same myopic view over khat. KhatCatha edulis is a plant eaten/chewed principally by Yemenis and Somalis. It is addictive and mildly narcotic.

Most of Europe have banned the stuff, and now Britain is looking at making it a Class-C drug.

Haven’t the stupid bastards learned anything from making cannabis illegal. More than eighty years, and there is more cannabis being smoked than ever. By classifying khat as a drug, they’ll only exacerbate the use. Talk about screwing things up…

Another ranty post. Yesterday a comment congratulated me on my ranty posts. Thank you.



Water in my Whisky

Ice is bad enough, but water...

I can’t believe that I have, once again, let four days go without a post. Totally irresponsible of me.

Many years ago, when Adam was a cowboy and Moses played full back for the Arabs, I learned an important lesson in life.

The only thing you can add to whisky, is more whisky.

But I must admit that was when I lived in a colder clime; and was taught to me by a Scot.

Now I live in the tropics. Rio de Janeiro and we are in full summer rains here, and I tend to put ice in my whisky for climatic reasons. Charlie would never forgive me. Believe me it is necessary.

I have just watched a football game; Flamengo vs Corinthians – 2-2. Not a great start for the year, but neither is it totally ominous. To celebrate the third anticipated Flamengo goal, which never was, I poured the last of my Christmas whisky. The game finished a draw and the rain started.

I came home in the midst of a torrential downpour. It is still down-pouring, my backyard is already flooded and the accompanying thunder appears closer than ever. It was rushing at a fast hobble from the botequim to my gate that I got water in my whisky. Unforgiveabble.

Now, my lethargy. I have been absent since the 11th. I have been here, I have been blogging. There is no real excuse for not blogging here. It’s just that there hasn’t been a lot to blog about; I know this hasn’t prevented me in the past, but this time it has.

Erick came to stay on Friday, instead of the usual Saturday. So he went home on Saturday leaving me totally perplexed, thinking it was Sunday. Threw my right out of kilter.


There was a clap of thunder over the house, I mean right over the house, it made the tiles rattle.

Sadly, I had written quite a bit more, but on posting the connection was lost, backspace produced a blank screen and I had to reboot, so you get what’s left, because I am not going to try to rewrite what has been lost to the elements.

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