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An Idyllic Thursday

Still got some snivels, but beginning to fire on all cylinders.

We have had a week of high temps (35°C+), it seems like we have jumped right from winter to summer and not worried about the spring this year. Although, we are under dire threat of a weather change during the day. At the moment it is bright and sunny and a short walk to the shop for bread raised a sweat.

It’s like a Friday, my morning students cancelled, my afternoon student cancelled and I sit here with the prospect of posting on all blogs under the cool breeze of my fan.

Boa do Samba

Tomorrow is Friday, a holiday. Brazilians love their holidays. So what is the 12th October? Dia de São Cosme e Saõ Damião, or better known as Dia das crianças (Children’s Day). Kids roam the streets in search of sweets and small toys. Raimundo has organised AMBEV (The big South American bottling giant) to sponsor music in the praça from noon until 10pm, so it should be somewhat gala-like; and noisy.

The AMBEV van comes along, parks in front of the bar, they open the doors, extend the stage and away they go.

So there will be no peace tomorrow. I may even escape and dine out for a bit of peace and quiet, because the level of the music is such that I can’t even hear my TV.

The rest of the weekend should proceed pretty much like normal.

It’s not Spring Yet

At least, not for another two days.

But the temperature here is 40°C (that’s about 106°F for our American cousins who haven’t shifted into the 21st century with the rest of us), It was 37 yesterday, and I melted, today I feel like a batter pudding, dropped into smoking hot fat and returned to the oven on the highest temperature.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have class at 5:30pm, I would have deemed it to be beer o’clock already. There is still hope that the phone call will come…

Talk about global warming; it’s warmed more than my glo bals I tell you.

Even Lixo is exhausted. Even though he finds solace on the slate floor which is measurably cooler. I am tempted to lie on the floor with him, but it’s difficult to see the keyboard.

I have drunk so much water today, I am in fear of drowning.

Last summer was intolerably hot after a hot spring, this year it looks set to repeat.

The Australians surprised me. Damned sight more conservative than I thought; they have voted against gay marriages. After all they have the largest gay Mardi Gras parade in the world, I would have thought it to be a foregone conclusion. Then you only have to look at their parliament from the prime ministress down and you’d understand.

I have decided that Mitt Romney is the most dangerous man in the world after his most recent gaffes about 47% of Americans are lazy and will only vote for Obama, then he gets stuck into the Palestinians saying they don’t want peace, that they are determined to eliminate Israel, but he forgot to mention that Israel has the same agenda for the Palestinians, the Palestinians are not happy chappies. The Muslims are all up in arms over some film and busy turning the world further against them than it is already.

But one piece of good news, according to the Borowitz Report (link, don’t be lazy google it) Romney is having his mouth wired shut until after the elections.

Then there was the case of the little old ladies who found a frog in a bag of Tesco’s spinach; apparently one of them was a vege or vegan, and the idea didn’t go down well at all, in fact it all came up.

It’s so nice to see the world is a happy place.

Blogging right along.


OMG! It’s Monday

Yes, the bane of the week, as opposed to Thank God it’s Friday.

Nothing can go wrong today, I had double doses on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, surely that is penance enough for whatever crime I committed.

So far the only thing that has gone wrong is my giant radish bush croaked. It got so big and top heavy that the stem cracked. I was hoping to gather seeds from the flowers that grew and use the giant leaves in salads, but alas, it has become compost like that which it grew from. It was a private ceremony, the great plant being cast unceremoniously on the compost heap.

I spent the morning moaning on Eco-Crap, then went outside in the sun and transplanted some chillies, all are thriving despite the heat.  Another 38⁰C (that’s close on 100⁰F) day, the fan is blowing hot air on me. I am sweating at the keyboard. I have drunk gallons of iced goiaba juice (guava). I am biding the time until 5pm when I have to go and give my one lesson for the day.

It looks like we are in for a fierce summer. I had already predicted that this will be worse (hotter) than last when we had four weeks of 40+⁰C (about 106+⁰F) days; and they say there is no such thing as global warming, well bollocks to them. Apparently the thought is that we are heading a for a mini iceage, and while the climate gets hotter in the summer, conversely in the winter it becomes increasingly colder until it overtakes the summer heat.

That’s my thoughts for the day.

I’m off before something can go wrong.


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