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I have weinered the schnitzel

Bordeaux for lunch

Bordeaux for lunch

Yes, today, weinerschnitzel; all crumbed and ready to go. Boiled potatoes and buttered peas and cauliflower cheese on the side. French Bordeaux in the fridge… Oh, I know how to do it on a Sunday.

Another sunny day, not brightly so, but there is sun. The night was bitterly cold and I woke several times, I really need my Nap-fu skills today.

I also really need more coffee… BRB

I have picked the chili peppers from the bush by the kitchen door, enough for a jar full. Later I will wash them and when dry bottle them with olive oil.


1,000 posts

A nice surprise.

My blog Nether Region of the Earth III has reached  1,000 posts. NROTE is my daily general humour blog. Hop across and have a Sunday giggle; and don’t forget the ‘Like’ button, it helps the algorithms spread the word or something.

The new pizza place opened last night. I had their first pizza for dinner last night.

Now I have two leftover half pizzas in the fridge. Guess what’s for dinner tonight?


You all know my penchant for wine, I have found the perfect wine glass…


There, isn’t that a beauty?

I have found a way out of the labyrinth…


Now it’s nap o’clock,




Whining Along

wine-timeSunday, day of relaxation until 4pm, then it’s football.

I have chosen three bottles of wine for today, they may all get opened, although I don’t plan to drink all three (don’t want to add my pickled liver to the menu).

They will be accompanied by an all-day cheese board of Camembert, Brie, local crap, Roquefort, bacon crispies, salami, olives, grapes, Carpaccio rolls filled with asparagus and cream cheese and crackers.

The crackers are whole wheat, so at least that’s healthy. That’s a bit like saying, “I’ll have a giant burger, wings, fries and a diet coke.”

The wines…  a French Blanc de Blancs, a Chilean Merlot Reserve, and a Riesling from the South of Brazil.

The debauchery will start as soon as I have finished blogging, so don’t expect too much more from me today. Although I may wend my way through comments and even answer some.

It won’t really matter what state I’m in for the football (soccer), because the game is between… I don’t know, but the important game (my team Flamengo) was yesterday, Flamengo 2 Madureira 0, which means Flamengo is at the top of the table in the Carioca Championship (Rio state). So the game today is  Fluminense vs Botafogo (I looked it up), while it is considered a classic match, is a matter of interest only.

Sochi is nearly over. I have seen some of the events, the ones that were on the news as being of interest to Brazilians. I have certainly not seen these games as Olympics because of the political implications and the Russian repression of homosexuals. I was also disgusted at the attitude of the Russian deputy prime minister in dismissing the attacks on the Pussy Riot members when they were filmed and I consider a criminal aggression on the part of Cossack security forces. The whole Russian attitude pissed me off and took away any chance of enjoyment or interest.

Mind you, the Russian attitude has been pissing me off for a while now, with their constant vetoing of UN proposals to put an end to the Syrian crisis.

It’s a shame that the games had to be blighted in this manner.

My personal opinion is that games of import (including Formula One, etc) should not be awarded to countries with unhealthy human rights activities. In this I don’t only mean Russia, but China and even the USA with its NSA spying abuses. They are all tarred with the same brush.

I have two more blogs upon which I will caste pearls before the swine, then it’s…



I have a Hankering

Actually, it would be more correct to use the past tense, I had a hankering.

Because I have hankered.

During the week on The Fervent Shaker I saw a recipe called the Agave Kiss and thought “Yum!” I parked a notion in the rear of my mind, ‘should make that’ and I intended to.

On second reading, I discovered that it required Chambord, a raspberry infused brandy.

I had the tequila, I had the Creme de Cacão, I pondered the Chambord problem, I could use Creme de Cassis (blackcurrants), or perhaps Cherry Brandy. I opted for the former for my first effort.

I assembled the ingredients…


The makings

My recipe went like this: Two healthy splashes of Tequila, One healthy splash of Creme de Cacão, an unhealthy splash of Creme de Cassis, a half squeeze of fresh cream, twice (to make up that I didn’t have ‘double’ cream); added ice cubes and shook vigorously.

The result was this…


Not as pinky as the image on Fervent

Not as pinky, but palatable.

The result is that I am quietly sipping the product on my deranged mind as I type. The keys are getting harder to find.

My keyboard looks like this

My keyboard is beginning to look like this

And I am only on my third glass…

I have decided to call it ‘The Blushing Agave’.

The story will not end here. It’s Sunday, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. I am going to repeat the experiment using Cherry Brandy.

Any further reports will be left for tomorrow, when I discover where I left the keyboard.

I hope to be able to focus in a couple of hours, at least sufficiently to see Flamengo’s football (soccer) game at 4pm.

Meanwhile… Yum! Here’s to Sunday!


Sunday Slap-Dash

No burning penises or loose testicles in this post, if that’s what turns you on (must be I got so many likes on the last two posts) then I suggest you desist now before disappointment sets in and becomes a moribund fascination…

Sunday is a day to relax.

Unless of course you are religiously tainted, then its a mad panic to scrub the kids and make them look presentable before heading of to church to be relieved of the horrendous angst accumulated through the week. Then you don’t get a chance to relax


Great Chilean plonk

But on Sunday I have the luxury of relaxing, because I am not so tainted.

I have blogged today, I have napped today, I have watered the plants today and I have turned the compost over… This is called relaxing.

Having had a replete morning relaxing, I decided on lunch; which one tends to do if one missed breakfast. Well, I had three steaming mugs of coffee.

With my thoughts turned toward lunch, I remembered a recipe I saw yesterday on Kitchen Ventures. I had some of the ingredients, and had to improvise on others.

Prosciutto, for example became bacon.

Asparagus retained its original identity, albeit from a jar.

I didn’t have any wild mushrooms, but they were pretty pissed off by the time I put them in the pan.

Heavy cream became, well, cream.

White wine became a Chilean Cocha y Toro Riesling.

The rest of the ingredients more or less resembled themselves.

The first step in my Seared Prosciiuttoless Asparagus etc… was the wine. The chosen wine needs to breathe. So, open the wine and check; if it’s not breathing, give it mouth to bottle resuscitation.

what i started with

what I started with

I like cooking with wine. As on this occasion, sometimes I even add it to the food.

Once one has ascertained that the wine is, in fact, breathing. One slices good thick rashers off the block of bacon and cooks off to a crisp orangy-goldy colour, which is about the stage before burnt-to-a-crisp.

Take the bacon out and set aside.


Add oniony garlicky mushroomy things to bacon fat with a sprinkle of rosemary.


Stuff in the pan

Cooked off to golden colour, add wine… add a splash more just to be sure.

Reduce… (that does NOT mean tasting it yet!)

While that is reducing, layer the asparagus on the bacon in the tray.

Check that the wine is still alive.

Add pseudo ‘thick cream’, stir, while it thickens a bit, make toast. (Yes, I know this wasn’t in the original recipe!)

Pour sauce over asparagus and bacon, allowing the hot sauce to reheat the bacon and asparagus.


Offending mixture

Divide off about half the offending mixture and serve on hot buttered toast.

It is about this time that the remaining wine, whether breathing or not, should be dispatched humanely and put out of its misery.

That is a slap-dash, because everything is slapped in the pan with a dash of this and a dash of that. You’ll notice that I haven’t included measurements; if you know what you are doing, they’re irrelevant.

Consume ravishingly while watching The Incredibles. I don’t have cable so I had no choice. The wine makes them bearable.

The rest of the day to relax…

Later, much later.

Grammar Police

PunctuationsignI posted about the pronunciation of .gif earlier in the week, Gif or Jif, and I was warned that I could be considered a ‘grammar nazi’, I replied that I prefer ‘grammar police’.

I don’t mind being called grammar police, because grammar and punctuation are important. I’m sure that ‘Grandpa’ (r) would agree.

I have also read that the internet is making people stupid. I don’t agree, I believe that people are using the internet to become stupid; a subtle but distinct difference.

My battered shrimp yesterday was a treat.

Well worth the stupendous cost.

The good news is, I can repeat the exercise today, I only used half the shrimp to make a plateful.

I served it with tartare sauce with added crumbled blue vein cheese and a bottle of Italian San Marino white wine, which was finished off watching the UEFA final football match on TV. There wasn’t enough wine to last the whole match, so there was only one recourse… open another bottle, also Italian, but a crudish cab sav.

The sun is out, the day promises to be warmish-hottish. Unlike yesterday which was cloudy and coolish and rainish. I might give me the incentive needed to finishish the cab sav sitting in the praça in the sunnish and watch the world go by.

I’ll leave you with a thought for Sunday…


Later, I’ll just blog right along.


Water in my Whisky

Ice is bad enough, but water...

I can’t believe that I have, once again, let four days go without a post. Totally irresponsible of me.

Many years ago, when Adam was a cowboy and Moses played full back for the Arabs, I learned an important lesson in life.

The only thing you can add to whisky, is more whisky.

But I must admit that was when I lived in a colder clime; and was taught to me by a Scot.

Now I live in the tropics. Rio de Janeiro and we are in full summer rains here, and I tend to put ice in my whisky for climatic reasons. Charlie would never forgive me. Believe me it is necessary.

I have just watched a football game; Flamengo vs Corinthians – 2-2. Not a great start for the year, but neither is it totally ominous. To celebrate the third anticipated Flamengo goal, which never was, I poured the last of my Christmas whisky. The game finished a draw and the rain started.

I came home in the midst of a torrential downpour. It is still down-pouring, my backyard is already flooded and the accompanying thunder appears closer than ever. It was rushing at a fast hobble from the botequim to my gate that I got water in my whisky. Unforgiveabble.

Now, my lethargy. I have been absent since the 11th. I have been here, I have been blogging. There is no real excuse for not blogging here. It’s just that there hasn’t been a lot to blog about; I know this hasn’t prevented me in the past, but this time it has.

Erick came to stay on Friday, instead of the usual Saturday. So he went home on Saturday leaving me totally perplexed, thinking it was Sunday. Threw my right out of kilter.


There was a clap of thunder over the house, I mean right over the house, it made the tiles rattle.

Sadly, I had written quite a bit more, but on posting the connection was lost, backspace produced a blank screen and I had to reboot, so you get what’s left, because I am not going to try to rewrite what has been lost to the elements.

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