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Get up and Go!

018a51c4e3402dfd8b77851a41c12bdbWell, my get up and go, got up and went.

The promised rain didn’t last night. I had my last cold shower at 4am and finally managed to sleep three straight hours, until 7am.

I made my penultimate coffee for 2014.

I blogged, as I had aslo blogged at 1am. Got most of my bloogging done.

Watered the plants as they were doing impressive wilt impressions.

I emptied my mailbox, and I was exhausted.

Another day waiting for my phone to beep. It did, my afternoon student just confirming her class.

I wanted to go to the supermarket, read, I had to go to the supermarket; but I didn’t have the energy.

I finally mustered the energy and then waited more than a half hour in the heat for transport. Finally. I went to the gas station to buy cigarettes because our whole neighbourhood is out. More likely they are hoarding old stock to sell at the new price in January… bastards! I needed cash, the Bank 24 Hours was out of money, I’m down to my last R$12.

Supermarket and home.

Hot and sweaty, threw stuff in the freezer and fridge and beat a hasty retreat to the botequim, cold beer and salvation. I also made a couple of ham and lettuce sandwiches so my stomach walls wouldn’t cave in on each other.


So, eventually, I did, I got up and went.

The bull wins in a Mexican bullfight, gored the silly girl that was tormenting it. Serves her right; I love it when the bull wins. Pity it didn’t happen more often.

Stating the obvous, Obama said that Putin wasn’t so bright as Russia heads into recession. Should have let Crimea be Crimea, a part of Ukraine.

Cricket happened in Australia, not much else, and no sign of Tony Idiott.

Tomorrow th last day of the year, BBQ. I got a slab of salmon fillet for the BBQ, and some pork belly and ribs, and some liver.

After BBQ, I have been invited to neighbours for the virada (the turning), and yes another BBQ.

Last night the kitchen was doused in the smell of passion fruit flowers; lots of them yesterday.

My sage plant has nearly reached the top of its stick. A landmark that I have been waiting for.

Ipanema Beach yesterday

Ipanema Beach yesterday

We have had four straight days of 40ºC+ with the thermal sensation getting close to 50. People have been swarming to the beaches to escape the heat. Not me, I swarm to the bar; that way I don’t need to wash the sand from my nether regions. Horrible gritty stuff sand; can cause a nasty rash. I commented yesterday to the fregües (regulars) at the bar that going to the beach and having to return home is a waste of an hours drinking time.

Just imagine that if all those people had spent an hour more drinking beer, Brazil’s economy would be back on track.

Preparations for the world’s largest New Year party. Copacabana Beach, 6½ kms, and 2 million people. Me, I stay away; more than ten people at the bar scares me these days. As i get older, I don’t like crowds so much.

Must go, cold shower required.


Not sure if I want to

Now I'm plucking ideas from the clouds

Now I’m plucking ideas from the clouds

Several times earlier in the day, I made to post here, but thought, no it’s too early.

Now it’s later, and I’m not sure if I want to anymore.

Maybe I should have when I had the impetus, then I wouldn’t be writing this rubbish.

So far the most exciting thing I’ve done is throw out an orange that was trying to be a planet; in that it was growing a host of little furry green colonies all over it.

But then I did go to the supermarket, that sent a brief shiver of excitement up the spine.

I didn’t stay long, it was Wednesday, full of ignorant women hunting the meat bargains. I stayed well away from the butchery as I have passed the evolutionary stage of being a hunter/gatherer and the need to fight for my meat. I threw the basics of what I needed in the shopping cart and ran straight into a brick wall.

checkoutbrickwallOf the 14 checkouts, five were operating. Yes, it was lunch time. Each of the checkouts was knee deep in angry women.

Eventually, I escaped unscathed, although I can’t say the same for my bank card.

Football has started. Argentina vs Germany somewhere, which is a fair indication that it’s beer o’clock.

No classes today, so I will heed the plaintif cries emanating from the botequim.


An orange want to be a planet

An orange wants to be a planet


OMG! It’s 6pm!

I’ve done it before, and apparently, I’ve done it again.

Today started off okay twelve hours ago, that was when evrything went wrong.

Coffee was okay, even the second, then I discovered that I’d forgotten to leave the keys for work at work last night.

Never before was this so applicable

Never before was this so applicable

I began to fret, and after some work here (real work, not blogging) I had to take the keys back before someone (the bossette) discovered that I really was an idiot.

Now, I am ready to resume my responsibility and blog along. There is an internet connection problem and it’s as slow as a wet week  and comes and goes. At the moment, it’s gone again, making my endeavours very painful indeed.

Well, it’s now after 9:00 pm. It’s taken me three hours to get this far. It appears that the connection has settled down.

Okay, on with today’s woes.

Having taken the keys back to work, I was half way to the supermarket, so I walked the rest of the way.

Good move? No bad move. I had forgotten that today was Wednesday. Supermarkets have their meat specials on Wednesdays; oh poo! The place was packed with dedicated shoppers. Navigating was nigh on impossible, but I managed and eventually got to the checkout. All the checkouts had long lines. I got into one. Two laden trolleys in front; then when the next woman began putting her shopping on the checkout, she pulled two more laden trolleys that were on the side into line; she had three trolleys and she seemed to take a sadistic delight in being as slow as possible.

The next guy was mercifully quick, then my turn.

Finally I got home; three hours later.

End of the story… oh no.

They has just fired up the BBQ at the botequim.

When one is invited to participate, it’s rather churlish to refuse. I hurriedly put away my shopping, grabbed some smoked sausage and Coalho cheese kebabs to add to the offerings and went next door.

That’s where I spent the next three hours and three beers.

End of the story… oh no.

Had to have a nap, and that’s where I spent the next three hours.

A coffee, and that’s where I came in at the top of the post. I have been M.I.A. Not a blog post done for the day.

Talk about a day wasted. Mind you, I could have wasted it watching football, but there were no games today. Nor tomorrow, I wonder how I can waste the day tomorrow?

So it is with heavy heart that I will blog along.



Making the Right Choices

This is not going to be one of those ‘How to…’ posts. But rather about me. Today, I made several choices.

No contest

No contest

One was forced on me Clorinha chose that I should get up at 7am and get her breakfast. I duly did because it was senseless trying to go back to sleep.

Then, I chose coffee, a good choice in the morning; choosing a second and a third cup are also good choices.

Armed with the coffee of my choice I proceeded to post on my blogs. I got them all done by 9am.

Then I chose to go to the supermarket, which I chose not to do yesterday; and on the way go to the parafusos (screws) shop. Of course, as soon as I opened the gate, it began to rain. That’s not a choice, but Murphy’s Law.

By the time I got to the main drag it was still  spitting. I made another choice, flag the first taxi that passed. I did and arrived at the supermarket dry.

Kiwi Liqueur

Kiwi Liqueur

The next choice was another ‘no contest’. Head for the water aisle followed by the wine aisle. I chose two wines, a bottle of Kiwi liqueur and a bottle of Creme de Cacao. Good choices.

Three were drinks that I haven’t previously tried, so I will have some fun.

I also bought some groceries, not much, because that supermarket is expensive, but they have a good range of meat, cheese and drinks.

I found a packet of dried jasmine. A long time ago I used to make jasmine and apple tea, very soothing.

Having made my purchases, I left R$222 ($100 +/-) poorer.

I never got to the screw shop. That has been put off until Monday, maybe.

So by 11am I was back home, shopping put away, I lunched with a snack and went to practice my Nap-fu.

So we have a cold wintery day here with spots of rain. I chose to spend the rest of the day at home.

All good choices.

I see our ex-crack footballer (soccer player) Ronaldo is in strife again. He finished up in a ‘motel‘ (this is not the western style motel which is a pousada) with three transvestites. This is not the first time this has happened, poor Ronaldo has difficulty in deciding on gender and it always ends up in problems.

Warning! This bit has a gory photo.

I posted on Bullfighting the other day in a post Bulls 3 – Matadors 0. It was a case where three matadors (bullfighters) got gored in Madrid this week and caused the cancellation of the event; they’d run out of matadors.

This is called bravery, I call it cruel and stupid

This is called sport, I call it cruel and stupid

I am against bull fights, have you ever seen how the animals suffer, it’s quite ghastly. So when I saw another headline yesterday “How Dangerous is Bull Fighting?” I spilt most of my coffee and sprayed the rest over the screen – for the bulls it’s generally very dangerous.

So I was pleased that they won the day last week.

USA, take note! This week Iran executed a fraudulent banker. When are you going to start? The economy won’t begin to repair itself until you do. China has done the same and Vietnam. There was an English king, who in about 1400s summoned all the rogue bankers on Christmas Day and cut off their right hands and castrated them. But the American government is owned by those who should be punished so it’ll never happen.

British politicians are still banking on fracking as the answer to their need for fossil fuels. A recent survey showed nearly 80% were against the new laws which will allow fracking on private property without permission. To me it seems that any government who implements this law is committing political suicide. For me, I would wage war if some company was to attempt to drill under my house. I’d shoot the first bastard that tried.


Achmed the Dead Terrorist

OMG, now I’ll be labelled a domestic terrorist!

BTW, if you haven’t seen Achmed the Dead Terrorist, look it up on YouTube, it’s funny.

Well, the evening has worn on, I feel like some cheese…





Caught Short

afoulbachfrogfart-coming-russian-rouletteBelly improving. Better than yesterday.

No longer playing Russian Roulette and can fart with confidence.

Although my trip to the supermarket was an adventure. Half way down the second aisle and I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the cashier.

I reversed gear, a perfect three point turn and made a mad dash in the direction of the sanitarios, realising that I would have to pass the cashiers with unpaid goods I grabbed a security type “Look after this!” and hobbled off without waiting for an answer. I made it in time. Returned to the still stunned security guy, thanked him and explained. I’m sure he has had more weird requests.

Whipped back into the ‘drinks’ aisle and selected a bottle of wine. Whizzed through the rest buying hardly anything. Got to the deli and they finally had lard after an absence of three months; didn’t need any, bought 2kg at the other supermarket last week. The milk that was advertised on special was conspicuous by its absence. No Brie, no Camembert, bought a Brazilian cheese with holes. No ham, just presunto apresentado (shit ham pieces pressed together to make a block). I want real ham with the fat on it.

Coffee was too expensive, wait for a special. No Açucar Naturale (raw sugar), I found myself muttering… they couldn’t cause a f**k up in a brothel.

Frete (private car used like a taxi at supermarkets) home. Stacked my shopping away, fed Clorinha, had a nap and here I am.

blank-mindMind goes blank….

While I was waiting for my mind to unblank, I went to get some water and discovered that it’s dark. I had turned the light in my room on earlier and hadn’t noticed that nighttime was encroaching.

Earlier in the day, I came across an excellent post on Organic, Green and True about White vs Brown Rice, good stuff. It prompted me to try some. 20+ metres of shelving with white rice, nine lonely packets of brown rice. White rice currently runs about R$3.20/kg – organic brown rice R$7.95! I bought a pack to try, it’s a good thing my rice usage isn’t like a real Brazilian. I am, of course, expecting miracles for this princely sum, small things like age reversal, hair, new teeth, no wrinkles… I mean there should be some outward signs that the stuff is healthy for you.

An interesting kerfuffle in Britain. What should be judged as good English. The new exam includes texts from some guy testifying about drugs in parliament, Tweets and some FaceBook. The old English private school brigade are up in arms over this and say it is demeaning the language.

Grammar_Police_by_RysisNow while I am an English teacher and a fully paid up member of the grammar police. I am in favour of the language evolving.

Today’s kids need to be prepared for today’s language, not stuck in the realms of some idealistic fuddy duddy who has lost track of what the world is about classing it as rubbish and being only worried about his tenure on the planet, or more likely, parliament. While many see BBC English as being desirable, the kids of today are slipping away, they are making their own future. LOL, WTF and OMG are tomorrow’s English; whether we older folks like it or not, and the kids need to know what they mean.

Time for dinner.




Caught Short

The first puddle

I did a puddle

I did a puddle

Maybe Clorinha was caught short, or had a temporary lapse of memory, or maybe the dirt box was simply too far from the bedroom.

A small puddle appeared this morning, at least it was accessible to be cleaned up.

So far she’s been pretty good, the sand in the dirt box gets shifted around regularly, so I must assume that she’s using it.

Maybe I’ll have to up her morning coffee… 🙂

Major disaster


The last great MS product

XP support finishes today!

Further proof that MicroSoft is a fool.

The report that I read states that 20-25% of users are still using XP. I refute that figure, 100% of the people that I know are still using it. They have refused 7, 8 & 8.1 categorically. Two that I know bought new 8.1 PCs recently, and immediately reformatted the drives and loaded XP. I think MS’s figures are pie in the sky, wishful thinking to justify the decision to stop support. Here is Brazil there are PC stores that will do that for you, so there IS a need.

From my point of view, the fiasco with Windows Vista, destroyed my confidence in any newer MS product and until they come to their senses and restore XP, I will continue to look at avenues to rid my life of MS products.

15_captain_america_600I see headline news that Captain America has broken records.

Not in this house he hasn’t.

I wouldn’t walk across the street to see it, even if it was free.

Further proof that the world needs to get a life.

These films are a waste of time and space; and the media needs to show real news.

Turns out that the train driver that crashed in New York was found to have “severe obstructive sleep apnoea”. I understand that’s a chronic dropping off to sleep anywhere, anytime… How the hell did he pass a medical to drive a damned train?

Britain: A secret sensitive document from Michael Grove has surfaced. One which outlines the limiting the fallout of  failures in his precious academy school system; it’s too embarrassing. Quite frankly, Grove is too embarrassing and should be sacked for trying to hide the truth from the public. MPs are supposed to be protecting the people, not covering up personal embarrassments. He has clearly demonstrated that he is not competent to be a politician.

I really wonder that the world is full of these wankers. Mind you, the fault is basically ours… we put them there.

No classes on this fine sunny day. A trip to the supermarket has been mooted. Clorinha is asleep on the arm of the sofa. The world is as it should be, at least in this household. Lunch will depend on what I find at the supermarket, no plans there yet.



I have no idea!


Hot enough to do this…

No idea how hot it is, but I have just come home from the supermarket and paying bills and I expected to see sights like this one along the road.

It is certainly hotter than yesterday by several degrees.

I got two slices of bread out to make a ham sandwich, by the time it was ready, the bread was almost toast.

The supermarket had no sparkling mineral water, no natural sugar, and several other items I wanted were missing. So now it means another trip to another supermarket; that pisses me off.

Yummy coffee liqueur

Yummy coffee liqueur

I did however plan to and subsequently bought a bottle of Tia Maria. It had been on my supermarket bucket list for some time.

Icecream with Tia Maria for dessert tonight.

The Christmas spirit has hit me. I bough a panetone (Brazilian Christmas cake). Some of the prices were heathenish, but I found one at an acceptable price.

Reading a post this morning. It was a meme-type-thingy, one of the questions was about favourite album.

I have one. Moody Blues; In Search of the Lost Chord.

And I am going to bore you with a couple of tracks.

First, Departure/Ride my See-Saw



Okay, you got three, I can’t count…


Satireday on Labyrinth

My favourite place in the supermarket…


I spend more time browsing here, than in the rest of the shop.

Just for your information…

I use charcoal, gas doesn't do it for me

I use charcoal, gas doesn’t do it for me

It’s Sunday!

Sunday is a day of leisure, I have posted on all blogs and I am about to leisure.

Leisuring involves charcoal, meat and beer.

Being as some people think of Sunday as the day of the Lord, I will not mention the ‘P’ word, nor the ‘T’ word out of deference.

Basically, I am using yesterday’s leftovers, except the beer, that will be fresh.

I must go for some therapy first, a trip to the supermarket is in order. I have been promising that to myself since Friday.

I see the USA and Israel have not paid their UNESCO dues and have been suspended. All because the organisation recognised Palestine. Fine, F*&k off then! We don’t need your shit! In fact, we’re better off without you.

In relation to the above, I apologise to the nice Americans out there, I do recognise that not all Americans are tarred with the same brush as your politicians. Politicians (world, not just US) should be made a notifiable disease and duly quarantined. The world would be a better place.

The laundry lady is nearly done, must change. They don’t like old men in their underpants wandering through the supermarket; it scares the bakery girls.


Oh, it’s finally happened. The worries over the possible extinction of African lions have been solved.

Tourists are now only treated to coin operated models on safari.


No! And don’t ask me what he was doing in the original photo; I don’t want to even think about that! All I know is that I wouldn’t do it.

Well, Bugger Me!

That was used as an expletive, it was not an invitation!


Loteríca blindada – Armoured glass, these places get robbed regularly

Today it was raining heavily until about half an hour ago, then some respite. I decided that I should race hobble around to the Lotérica (TAB with lotto, no horses) and pay the bills. But, I procrastinated, then changed clothes and made to leave; poked my head out the door, and it was raining again… Bugger me!

So, I have changed my plans, I’ll call a taxi and go to the supermarket, which has a Lotérica next door. I have to pay the bills today, the power bill came yesterday with an expiry date tomorrow… It’s all part of the plan, hoping that many people won’t make the deadline and be lumbered with interest and a fine on next month’s bill. Great way to bleed the people.

If I go tomorrow, the queues will be huge because Brazilians always wait until the last minute, so I have to go today if I want to remain sane.



Humpday - One should never miss an opportunity

Humpday – One should never miss an opportunity

Humpday proved fatal, or at least nearly so.

The queue at the lotérica was long. Nearly an hour long.

The supermarket was expensive, and didn’t have a lot of what I wanted.

3:30 came around, headache, but went to class in the rain anyway. Got wet. Student didn’t arrive, another cancelled; I was cold and wet with a headache, I cancelled the last class and went home. I couldn’t face a two hour wait. I felt like the cat on the bottom… totally taken advantage off.

Amaretto del orso

Amaretto del orso

Whenever I go to this particular supermarket, I always take advantage of they liqueur & wine aisle. This week I bought a bottle of Amaretto del orso, that helped bump the price up a little, as did the three bottles of wine.

But I don’t mind paying, it’s all therapy, and cheaper than a therapist.

I bought some boring food as well, to help the self-esteem of my refrigerator, it was feeling empty.

Cloro is bored today, it’s raining and she cant’ go out and play. So far she has almost been successful in putting me flat on my face, she has tried digging up the carpet, shredded some papers for class, retrieved last night’s cockroach for come more fun and wondering where her meat is (the supermarket didn’t have minced beef).

She has this delightful habit of sleeping on the printer at my side. When I lie on the bed to take a nap, she wakes up, jumps from the printer to the bed to go to sleep too. It’s a bit like the old story – ‘wake up, it’s time to take your sleeping pills.’

So now I will toddle off and post some more. Still four blogs to go.



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