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On Saturday I mentioned that the bar had run out of cold beer because of a late beer delivery. I solved the problem by running beer between my freezer and the bar. Well, not all is well that ends well. On Sunday morning I was greeted by this…

An explosion

An explosion in the freezer

…in the door shelf. What a waste of good beer.

My house smells divine in the evenings as the smell of passion fruit flowers pervades each room. The vines hang over the whole side of the house. Here’s the main door.

The front door

The front door

Yes, I have to duck to get in. But it causes no inconvenience when I consider the fruit that will abound.

A sunny day today, not hot, but sunny.

I have just woken from Nap-fu practice to find Light (the power company) up the pole next to my house. In a panic I raced outside in case they were cutting my power. Panic over, it was the neighbour’s power that they cut.

It is nearly lunch time, out of coffee and can’t be bothered making more. I have just taken some salmon out of the freezer and am going to make sushi for lunch. I don’t have much of the makings, but enough to make simple salmon makimonos.

My first afternoon student has just cancelled, so no classes until 6pm.

A do-nothing machine

A machine for doing nothing

Today is as much of a do-nothing day as yesterday. But I did discover one thing. There is a machine that does nothing. Typical even doing nothing has been mechanised.

Can you believe that?

Now try to figure out how this contaption works. I think I have it.

Silly Box: The gunman who held hostages in the Sydney cafe was on bail, but not on the terror watch list. This is a clear demonstration that all this terror protection is a lot of codswallop.

A superbug has been found to be present in the waters of Guanabara Bay where the 2016 Rio Olympics are to be held. This bug (bacteria) is said to be resistant to most antibiotics. The only means of treatment are to resort to rarely used drugs that cause other problems.

Well, I must go and cook the rice…


A Crime so Heinous


The coffee in my cupboard

I read on a blog today that the blogger had forgotten to buy coffee. How can one do that? To run out of coffee is surely a crime so heinous that it deserves keelhauling, being hung, drawn and quartered, sent to the guillotine then buried up to the neck and stoned.

I am never out of coffee. I have four bags in the cupboard as well as the one I am using.

Monday, so far nothing has gone wrong; apart from the fact that I slept later than usual, so I am late with my posts. But that is not a disaster.

Plants are watered, been for a wander around to the bakery for ciggies… the botequim is out, again. So that constitutes my constitutional for the day.

Sun is out, not a breath of wind, probably going to be hot enough for beer.

My PC went on a go-slow last night. So I had to close down and reset this morning. I must do a Defrag later because something is gumming up the cogs.

Day off. Nothing planned except lunch. I already have the sushi stuff down from the shelf.

Sushi stuff

Sushi stuff

Breasts are multifunctional devices, a great follow up post from Rachel.

The Silly Box: Vietnam has jailed a blogger, again, for criticising the communist government. They’re fools, by taking such action they give the blogger more coverage than if they simply ignored him. They are drawing attention to their own incompetence.

A vice-president of Korean Airlines deserves the Silly Box too. She also happens to be the daughter of the president. She stopped the plane while taxing for take off, return to the terminal to remove a flight steward who had the temerity to serve macadamia nuts in a paper bag to first class passsengers. My opinion is that the spoilt brat executive should have been taken off the flight and spanked thoroughly.

Candy_CrushNow some serious headline news. A British MP was caught playing Candy Crush during a parlimentary meeting.

This is serious. My opinion, any parliamentarian, or elected representative, caught playing such banalities should be sacked forthwith; no second chances, sacked, losing all pensions and priveleges. Because they obviously don’t take their job seriously and don’t deserve it.

A judge has ruled that a young boy can have a blood transfusion despite his Jehovas Witness parents objections. The kid had serious burns and needed a transfusion, but they were just going to standby and watch him die because of some imaginary deity. This is purely parental negligence. In my mind they have forfeit the rights to be parents.

The day is moving along. I should go and move along with it. No flowers today.


Bower Fluds

Little bower fluds

Little bower fluds

You know what a Spoonerism is, right? Then I don’t need to explain the title. The rain has brought new growth, and my passion fruit vines are now sporting bower fluds…

These will grow into the garishly beautiful passion fruit flower. That will take about 6 days.

Why bower fluds? Well, when I am talking to myself, I often come out with Spoonerisms. They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness; I disagree. Sometimes it’s the only way I can have a sensible conversation…. It’s when I answer myself that I start to worry just a little.

Still cool today, the sun did make a brave effort to shine earlier, but failed miserably as the sky clouded over again. I do hope we get more rain to reinforce the weekend.

My new passport is winging its way on the final leg. I am tracking it via the internet, it has left Madrid and I think the next stop is Rio; that flight I think is about eleven hours. I think it should be here about midnight for delivery tomorrow.

That is one chapter nearly finished. Now I have other hurdles to face. Let’s see what the future holds.

Cucumber, chopped parsley and lemon zest

Cucumber, chopped parsley and lemon zest

My sushi adventure on Saturday was wonderful. I do love making it, and feel it is quite an achievement to have discovered how. I had planned to take photos of the process, but ended up with just one; having made the green fillings.

By then I was in full flight and didn’t stop until the tray was at the bar. By tht time it was too late… gone.

One novelty that I hadn’t tried before was the inside-out makimonos. With the rice on the outside covered in black and white sesame seeds. It wasn’t as difficult as I had previously thought.

I do feel that I must tender my apologies for the two crappy posts over the weekend, but I was having so much fun out there in the 3D world, that my 2D adventures seemed to slide over to the backburner. One must make hay while the sun shines.

My clock has stopped again. I have been running on 3:30am since I woke this morning. These cheap wall clocks chew through the batteries faster than Brazilians in a bar chew through sushi. But not to worry, in a few hours it’ll be right again…

American police have shot and killed a twelve year old boy playing with a replica pistol. The kid was in a park brandishing the toy around, the despatcher didn’t pass on the fact that the person who reported it doubted it was a real gun, the kid didn’t obey the police to put his hands up. A witness has said that at no time did the kid threaten the police nor point the gun in their direction. So who was right and who was wrong? To me the parents are at fault for failing to educate their son.

So far this morning, I have successfully burnt the two slices of pizza that I had planned as a brunch snack, not totally beyond recognition, but I will have crunchy pizza. That was a direct result of spending more time in front of the keyboard than in the kitchen where I should have been. Oh the sacrifices I make to write a better post.

Time for crunchy pizza followed by some Nap-fu practice.



Yes, I am busy sushificating. So the chances of getting something meaningtful as a post comes from the realms of obscurity.

I.E. Bugger all!

I am waiting for the rice to cool.

So I have a few moments before panic-mode.

Principally, it is my lunch, but I am always prepared to share.

Seven hours later…

Bottled again.

The sushi was well recieved, people kept buying me beer

Then I opened a bottle of Sake…

The end.

Later, um, er, tomorrow.


betweenSat&SunWith my screwed up Saturdays, Sunday doesn’t really feel like Sunday anymore.

If the powers that be can stuff around with daylight saving, surely they could invent a new weekend day.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would approve.

Laundry lady came, babbled a lot and went.

While ignoring the banal banter I managed to post, and here I am at the end of the day. It’s only 5pm, but I consider that a Sunday the day ends here.

It’s election day, so no football.

On a Sunday there is nothing but crap on TV from midday until 9pm. then there’s a current affairs programme that sometimes too can be crap, although not always. Sometimes it exposes the nefarious goings ons of politicians, government or criminals… there I go, repeating myself again.

I love the opening of this programme.

Quite ethereal.

I made a huge tray of sushi today and took it to the botequim. I’m getting quite proficient now and it only took me an hour and a half from washing the rice to eating with my first beer. A half dozen of the fregües (regulars) like it and participate and the tray didn’t last long.

So that was my contribution for the day.

I came back home for Nap-fu practice, which I might add was successful.

In my despising daylight savings, it appears that I am not alone. The Russians tried DST as a permanent fixture. But this weekend they are returning to ‘normal’ time for the last time. No more DST.

As there is nothing on TV, and the botequim crowd are people I don’t know, I may see if I can rest, although guilty feelings about the dishes may reign supreme.

Meanwhile, think about that extra day… what would we call a new day between Saturday and Sunday?


Strung Out to Dry

I feel like this poor sodding octopus

I feel like this poor sodding octopus

That’s how I feel.

Bloody Daylight Savings Time started here in Brazil last night.

The wall clock says 9:30, the PC clock says 10:30…. My cellphone has decided not to change, see, it hates DST too.

The laundry lady has been and gone, the house is quiet again. No nonsensical chatter.

The living room carpet is also strung out to dry. It’s going to be hot again today, so it should dry quickly.

I am deciding whether to make sushi, or fire up the BBQ. Either way, I’ve not taken anything out of the freezer yet.

You all know that I try to learn something every day. That’s my credo in life.

Yesterday, I learned something new; and I’m not sure I wanted to know this.

Paris got a new sculpture, a sex toy.


The sculptor claims it’s a Christmas Tree

Now, I don’t know much about sex toys. After 50+ years of a satisfactory sex life… and thirteen kids, I have never needed to resort to sex toys. Quite frankly this scares me. I mean I am not a prude by any means, and I have an active over-active imagination. But if this is a sex toy, then there are only two places it could possibly go.

My question is, why?

Apparently, some Parisians weren’t happy with it, and it has been vandalise and deflated.

Further in the news, and less raunchy. There is a competition to name the landing site for the comet probe. My suggestion is ‘X’. That maks the spot, no need for a competition.

The pope is ahead of his time. The bishops squashed his ideas of gays and remarried divorsees being recgonised by the church. I seem to remember that his original edict was for bishops to listen to their flock; obviously some didn’t. They’re nothing but doddery old wankers and need to be chucked out. The people need to give these old farts a shock, and all who are affected should denounce their faith.

certifiedoldfartIf I had hair, it would be curling, for the second time just now. I googled ‘Paris sex toy’ to get the above image; then I googled ‘old fart’ to get an image for the above paragraph about the bishops. Well, you try googling those phrases with the Family Filter off, it’ll make your hair curl too. I have the Family Filter off to give me more results, often mistakenly omitted by it.

Talk about Sex Education 101…

Ebola, is much more widespread than being reported. A report from Liberia says that deaths are much higher than official figures.

Try these quotes: “Stock markets across the world are starting to crack.” “Last night Europe was heavily in the red,” “stocks have tumbled over 1,000 points through today” “brace for a correction” “panic on Wall Street” “global investors may see the writing on the wall” “If Ebola cannot be contained, then people will likely opt to stay home this year instead of joining massive crowds in closed quarters during key shopping days like Black Friday.” “Obama Administration may have just triggered the next big crash” And they’re all from one article. Now tell me, where is this wonderful recovery that is on every politicians lips?

parentaladvisoryThe world is well on course for wrack and ruin.

My inspiration does not runneth over.

The botequim is open. It’s beer o’clock, I shall go and have one to determine whether I will have sushi or BBQ. If they’re having BBQ, then I’ll have sushi.

All set for further debauchery.

Aren’t Sundays wonderful?


The Art of Doing Nothing

busy-doing-nothingIt’s Sunday.

I’m busy.

I’ve blogged my little cotton socks off already. The damned laundry lady arrived early; 6:40am, I hadn’t even coffeed.

In the words of Queen Elizabeth II… “We are not amused!”

However, one must continue in the face of adversity. I have now coffeed… four times and feel somewhat ready to face the day.

The laundry lady has gone. *Breathes huge sigh of relief*

Dilemma, doing nothing is so tiring, because you can’t stop to rest.

They say that it is impossible to ‘do’ nothing.

nothingimpossibleNot true, even if you are watching the veges grow, or paint dry…

IMG_1295The next thing on my agenda today is Nap-fu practice.

karmaI will consider which Karma to enjoy with lunch.

As I am thinking of sushi, there’s a good chance it will be sake. Because I have to open a bottle to mix a little with the rice.

Last night I made some gari (pickled ginger). It’s in the fridge pickling.

I was interested in the current economic recovery bullshit. An article yesterday made the observation that the current slump is the worst since 1860. So where does that leave the ‘recovery’? Any suggestion that the economic situation is recovering is a myth.

Hong Kong’s leader CY Leung is a cowardly wanker feathering his own nest with China’s communist regime because he’s too scared to think for himself. Bloody wimp!

Why does China continue with this ideology? It is well proven and documented that communism doesn’t work. Why did Russia chuck it out? This is where Putin is a political Neanderthal, he dreams of a renewed communist Russia. He’s another wanker.

Ever noticed that in general, the world is governed by wankers?

Ebola, the first tests on the Guinean proved negative, second test today to confirm that result. Okay, that’s a sigh of relief. But lat night a politician announced that the chances of Ebola reaching Brazil is negligible; I call bullshit on that. A second case in America, one of the health workers caring for the Texas guy who died, has now tested positive. The snowball has started rolling.

I mentioned the other day about gun control… Check the video that I posted on Tomus Arcanum today. It’s got a lot of ‘fowl’ language, so if naughty words curl your hair, don’t click on the link. But I think it’s hilarious and says a lot about attitudes.

Yesterday reached 39ºC, that’s about 100ºF+. My plants didn’t wilt, because I watered them and sacrificed my cooked breakfast which I had at 4pm with beer at the botequim. That’s what I love about my life, flexibilty, nothing is rigid, plans can be changed.

Last night at 10pm I felt peckish (NO! I’m not pregnant), so I got a pastel (a fried filled pastry); calabresa (smoked sausage) & onion… I farted all night. It was enough to keep anyone awake.

I think the plants deserve another drink before Nap-fu, although I don’t think the day will be as hot as yesterday; I’m not taking chances.



Remember what I said about flexibility?

Well, while I was watering the plants outside my gate the botequim was setting up the BBQ… well, there’s only one thing to do. Put the Nap-fu on hold and have BBQ for breakfast… 🙂

Life is wonderful.

One coffee, two coffees, BLOG!

Brain food

Brain food

Welcome to another screwed up Saturday.

Up at 5:40am.

Too scared to go back to sleep in case I sleep in. Posting almost completed. Need that third coffee.

I have breakfast planned. Today, I have managed to get my posts up, and all going well, I will have a good fry-up for breakfast. Black pudding, eggs, refried potatoes and stewed tomatoes. Nothing like gourmet debauchery to start the weekend.

I am planning a sushi marathon for tomorrow… or Monday; depends. Monday is a partial public holiday; Dia do comercio, all commerce workers have the day off. It has already led to my pm students fleeing the city to take advantage of the long weekend. Teachers are not included, we have our own day. My morning students are army, they’re not commerce.

Hopefully, I will be able to clear my mailbox before work. So if your comment hasn’t been replied to or your blog visited yet, there is still hope.

Since my flurry of activity yesterday, not a lot has happened… I went to work last night. I came home and went to bed.

I may/may not have an afternoon class. There is a new studentette joining the class today with zero knowledge of English, as the class in in its fourth week, I may have to give her a catch up class after class;depends how astute she is.

I’ll have to water the plants before work. Today is expected to be hotter than yesterday; reaching 38ºC, that’s getting close to 100ºF. They will really be doing a serious wilt by the time I get home if I don’t.

*Looking around the room for inspiration*

It doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

Money will be worth less than your trash

Money will be worth less than your trash

Globally shares are taking a dive for the third straight day. Has the great economic correction begun? The world has been living on credit for the last 30 years. Credit does not stimulate the economy, and there needs to be a correction.

Looks like Britain is getting ready to recognise the State of Palestine. That’ll get right up the noses of Israel.

The first screenings for Ebola begin in the USA. So much for Obama’s statement a few weeks back that Ebola won’t get to America.

“Welcome to exile”, is how South Koreans are greeting friends on a Russian chat after the president threatened to prosecute users of the Korean version who insult her. The Russian network has had 1.5 million S. Korean users sign up in the last week after users lost confidence in the homegrown service.

The world is on course for Amagedon.

Meanwhile, if I don’t move my butt, I’ll be heading for my own personal Amagedon.

Time to do things before work.


I Feel a Bit of a Dill

A dill...

A dill…

A couple of comments yesterday feel that I should do nothing more often.

I would like to. Doing nothing is so relaxing, but I feel that it could be come a permanent affliction.

While it is nice for a change, I do like to be doing something.

I did something today. So it wasn’t a nothing day. I only hope that it doesn’t impair the quality of my post.

It’s another incredibly hot dry day. Knowing that this was to be the case, I watered the plants before they had a chance to wilt.

Then I went to town.

The first thing I bought was a small rosemary seedling. So now I have parsley, sage rosemary and thyme. Love that song.

Then it was off to the ‘sushi’ shop. It’s not actually a sushi shop, but has bulk foods and healthy crap. I got some seaweed, some seasoning, white pepper, sushi rice, and I was taken with a bottle of oyster sauce. I have no idea what it is, or what it tastes like yet, but I’ll experiment. Next I found myself in the street where I was told there was a butchery that sold chorizo (black pudding), I got a kilo (couple of punds). Then I went hunting for a chopping board, I found some, boy they were expensive, R$30 odd. Gave them a miss and bought a new steall serving tray at R$13. Weighed down with my goodies, I went and paid the rent. The morning was wearing on, and at 11am I got a van home.

Unpacked and examined my purchases and had a Nap-fu practice.

Woke at the appointed hour and made lunch. Black pudding, boiled potatoes and cauliflower au gratin. Took that to the botequim to have with a beer and watch the news.

Two hours later, I needed to revisit my Nap-fu exercises, from which I have just woken.

1984Yesterday I read about dystopia. I had heard the word before, but never really knew what it meant. In particular it was in reference to George Orwell’s 1984, the book, and made the comment that such things never happen because they are implausible. How blind can a person be? We are in the middle of 1984 now! Not only that, we have gone beyond the horrors written about by Orwell, and are well on the way to a nuclear war.

I shudder to think about what will happen in the next few years in the Middle East.

Ebola, today in the news Ebola is now in Brazil. A traveller from Guinea arrived in September; 21 days later he was interned yesterday as a suspected Ebola carrier. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but he is in isolation in Rio and tests are being done. The 78 people that he has had contact with are also under observation. While he has some of the symptoms, but not all, they’re taking no chances. It is spreading. The death rate has now passed 4,000. Britain is furthering the implementation of screening.

The government in Hong Kong called off talks due today, igniting the protests again as thousands take to the streets in peaceful action. The movement has definitely not run out of steam, and the deputy leader has no idea what sh’es doing.

Horrified to read that some schools are removing swings from children’s playgrounds because they are dangerous and can lead to insurance claims. The problem lies with children entering the arc of the swing and being knocked over. Sure there is a danger there. But parents, teachers and caregivers need ot teach the kids how to avoid injury. Hell, if we remove everything that presents a mild threat, we will have kids growing up without a sense of reality. When I was a kid, a bloody knee, a broken collarbone or a bruise was treated the Medal of Honour.

Now I must behave like a teacher.



I had to have another go while I had plenty of rice left over.

My lunch yesterday.

Lunch at the botequim

Lunch at the botequim

To sit on the veranda at the botequim, sushi with beer. Wonderful way to do it. It was so yummy.

Cool day, it’s trying to rain. I hope it holds off until I get to work in an hour.

Is this a wlid flower, or is it just angry?

Is this a wlid flower, or is it just angry?

Reading a post yesterday and it was about wild flowers. It made me think, just what is a wild flower? What would make a flower wild?

My mind wandered, and I came up with this daisy.

Remarkable event; I did the dishes, then I cooked lunch. You’d never think I went near the sink this morning.

Nothing much doing. I’ve been a bit slack today. Currently enjoying a late afternoon coffee.

North Korea has reported that its illustrious leader is sick; doesn’t say what with, but it has caused him to miss some official engagements. With any luck he won’t recover, one more despot less.

An American worker fired from his job beheaded a colleague and wounded another. Yes, he is a Muslim and had recently tried to convert his colleagues to Islam.

Ah, the pitter patter of raindrops on the carport…

China has uncovered $10bn in fake trading, thet’ll dent their wallet.



Weird, cricketers played a game on top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; making it the highest game of cricket in the world at 5,730 metres (about 18,800ft). Clouds stopped play.

Daft buggers.

Now the internet is playing up, downloads so slow. So it’s time to say…


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