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To Sir With Love

Yes, I had my 'To Sir with Love' moment

Yes, I had my ‘To Sir with Love’ moment

I am irked by a news item this morning. Calling teachers Sir and Miss ‘depressing and sexist’ on BBC News.

What a load of bullshit!

Admittedly, Sir and Miss are not equivalents, but would you rather have your students calling you ‘Madam’? The correct equivalent of Miss is Master, which is no longer used, it died a natural death about 50 years ago.

In NZ schools, we referred to our teachers as Mr X, Mrs X or Miss X. So the Sir/Miss issue seems to be more English.

Giving your teacher a title is a sign of respect, there is nothing depressing or sexist about it.

When I taught in a Peruvian Catholic college in Cuzco, I had a title, one that I was duly proud of.

Teacher in Spanish is Profesor, with the stress on the last syllable, so you got profeSOR. But I was never called Profesor, I was called Proffy. Profesor was used respectfully for most teachers, particularly the nuns, whereas Proffy was used for liked teachers. Yes, even Grade 3B (the worst behaved class in the school) called me Proffy.


Grade 3B parading ready for sports day

When I left the school, due to a change in policy which ousted non-accredited teachers, these ‘bad’ girls lined the path to the school gates as a guard of honour and cried as I left that last day.

I don’t care if they called me Proffy, Sir or even Miss, I was proud of those girls; none of the other teachers in the college could say that, they were ‘bad!’ I still get teary-eyed when I remember this.

‘degrading and sexist’ what a load of bullshit! Another example of PC (political correctness) gone mad. Things like this get right up my nose!

Now back to today.

I have to pay the rent today. I will probably time it so that I have lunch in town.

Remember my problem yesterday (well, most days actually) with the dishes? I did them, all. And this morning the kitchen sink looks as though I had never been near it. Dishes are the bane of mankind.

All that pondering yesterday, I ended up with crumbed sole fillets pan fried. They were a delicious!

I belong here, I'm an English text book

I belong here, I’m an English text book

Last night Clorinha wasn’t well. I went to bed early and nature called equally early, 1am. Clorinha had been a little sick on the kitchen floor, I cleaned it up. Then, I discovered the main act on the carpet in the living room, I cleaned that up. She was definitely out of sorts, because she accepted hugs and pets without biting, she even purred. Finally sleeping on my our her bed because it had the warm.

I stayed up and posted on some blogs. Later she mewed plaintively from the living room, I got her to the dirt box in time for another little chuck chunder. After that she was asleep on the bed again. 3:30am I finally went back to bed, and she was so lovey dovey and finally bit me… she was coming right.

My little girl becomes a football (soccer) star:

Watch out Cristiano Ronaldo!

Taken in the carport yesterday morning.

While talking about football, only 30 days left to the opening game of the World Cup.

And they discover…


I should blog along.


Every House Should Have One

anupsidedownpotplantYes, an essential item that we were lacking in our (Cloro & Me) house was an pot plant upside down in the bedroom doorway.

We now have one.

Cloro brought it in from outside, batted it around the kitchen, and it ended up in the middle of the bedroom doorway, where it remains.

I, like a fool, have stepped over it numerous times instead of picking it up and returning it to the outside where it belongs. But, I feel that would be demeaning the feline effort.

Cool, windy and rainy, that’s our weather. Nothing more to do apart from stay inside and blog.

I have an urge.

I painted some years ago and sold

I painted some years ago and sold

It has been niggling at me for more than a week. I want to paint again. But, I don’t have any paints, brushes or other paraphernalia; I’ll have to buy some in the coming week.

I haven’t painted for some years, but I feel I must.

It is said that if one has an itch, it should be scratched.

I read on BBC News that the US standing could be affected by the shutdown. I was under the impression that the US standing had already been affected by numerous actions in the past, so a little more damage won’t hurt.

Sour cream & onion

Sour cream & onion

I have never eaten Pringles before.

I always considered them to be an extravagance, totally unnecessary and expensive.

However, I noted that the average crisps weighed about 40gms, then I noted that Pringles had 139gms, which made them no more expensive that ordinary crisps, 4XR$2 was roughly 1xR$7 – 160gms @R$8 compared with 140gms@R$7.

When I noticed that they were on sale at the supermarket, I decided to try them. Nom noms. A little cream cheese plastered on the side made them all the more delicious. The packaging can also be repurposed with my coming return to painting. Lids for mixing paint, tubes for brushes and palette knives. Win, win!

China has 2,000,000 employees monitoring the web. That’s ridiculous. Just goes to show how paranoid they are that their communist regime is close to falling.

In Rio we have had a rising rate of protests. The latest group are teachers who have been on strike since August. The city council has just passed a law giving 6% of the teachers wonderful benefits. 6% is the number of 40 hour/week teachers, the rest are part time. The council have pushed ahead this legislation despite the teachers protesting. Obviously if the teachers are protesting then there is something wrong with the new law that ignores benefits for 94% of teachers. Politicians are so damned blind. If you’re doing something right, then there are no protests, obviously they are doing something wrong.

The world would be so much better of without politicians.

I had resurrected pizza for brunch, I am contemplating lunch by which time it should be beer o’clock.

The pot plant is still in the doorway…


It’s Gone!

Something like this

Something like this

Yes, all that hard work , a brief glimpse of the bottom of the kitchen sink, and it’s gone.

This morning I woke, took one look at yesterday’s dishes, made my coffee and fled from the scene of the crime.

Raining hard again today, Threw all my plans right out the window. Although there is a pause right now (just as I started a post…. shit happens) I could make a dash to pay the bills, but that means gulping down good coffee, putting my pants on, and deserting this post. I’ll have to think about that.

Yesterday I read an article in the news that teachers are the most valued in China, even NZ only gets 10th place but above the USA, Canada and England; Brazil didn’t even get on the short list.

It made me think, when I was at school, I didn’t understand why; teachers were a necessary evil and school a great place to eat lunch. I didn’t really like school, it was a place that you had to go five days a week; so, begrudgingly, I went. I question now, did I actually learn anything? Probably, but most of my learning in core subjects came from my home activities; I read a lot. Something that most kids don’t do today, unless it’s involved with FaceBook, or chatroom-type things.

Take English, I hated English. English as a subject made me hate it even more. I could speak English well, my vocabulary was better than most of my peers. I also wrote well and used punctuation correctly. English at high school was a tedious bore. I couldn’t see the point. As for the mechanics/grammar of the language, I had no more idea of grammar until I was 50+ when I had to learn it to teach the language in Peru around 2001. That opened my eyes and I now, 10+ years later, see my language as a passion, I understand it; better than most teachers and I have never been to university.

Maths was a little different, algebra was handy when I began using Excel, and other snippets have been useful throughout my computer dealings.

Science, was cool, but I learned more at home than I did at school. In chemistry in particular I was streets ahead of my classmates.

I was more interested in dinosaurs, lycanthropy (generated by Bram Stoker’s Dracula), astronomy, palaeontology, archaeology, and flying saucers and life elsewhere(through Eric von Daniken’s books).

Encyclopaedia_BritannicaI also had hobbies, I collected stamps and coins, both create a keen sense of the world. Aviation was also eagerly investigated and through it and my collections I learned history. Geography was always a top subject. My parents also sought to expand our horizons, we had a 1963 set of Britannica Encyclopedia at home, it was a Christmas present; the same year as I read the entire Bible and discarded it as rubbish at the age of 12.

I never understood the necessity of school. I just knew that my mother was happy to see the end of us for the day as we filed out the door.

Now, looking back, the most important thing about school is never taught. That is the reason why we have school, probably considered too philosophical for kids.

The rain is still holding off, so I am off to pay the bills.


Lunch before Posting

This is a good back burner

This is a good back burner

I have been telling myself that for 2½ hours, but it has yet to sink in.

Bloggers often lose sight of priorities, superfluous things like eating tend to get put on the back burner.

No, I haven’t started drinking yet, I have lessons to perform.

I use the verb perform here because to be a good teacher you need to be an actor; actors perform.

If you do not act well in class, the students get bored, whereas if you perform well, they stay alert thinking, “What’s the fool going to do next?”

clownsrednoseThey always think ‘fool’, because sometimes the actor must be a bit of a clown as well; not too much, just enough to spice up the atmosphere a bit.

*looks for red nose*

With these images in mind, you have the ideal teacher.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes, lunch, it’s a beefless week, so the option is pork because the chicken is frozen. Must remember to unfreeze the chicken for tomorrow.

Now that I have narrowed down the option to pork, the thing is what to do with it. At the moment it is pretending to be a great thick leg chop, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay a great thick leg chop. While I am a chef, I have a tendency to wield a cruel knife… I will bone it, and make thin pork strips in a gravy-type sauce. Yes, that sounds good.

Did you know that King Richard III had roundworm? I didn’t until it became HEADLINES in the British press. Quite frankly, that’s hardly headline news. The world will not end because we didn’t know, whereas it might end if we have WW III, now that is headline news. Poor old dead Dicky’s roundworms are a page filler.

McCain was caught playing a game on his phone by a Washington Post photographer – BBC News

Politicians have got a new disease, it’s called ADHD. The British peruse lunch wine lists on their SmartPhones, McCain plays poker, and there are more reports. All this is going on while they are supposed to be politicking, saving the planet, stopping starting wars, putting rogue bankers in prison (like that’ll ever happen?). There they sit earning getting their millions by screwing us stupid, and they are more interested in the lunch wine, or can pull this bluff off?

IMHO, any politician caught playing games rather than running destroying the country should be introduced personally to the pillory, and left there for a week on the first offense and introduced to Madam Guillotine on the second. No ifs, ands or buts, your butt is on the line… not online.


The pillory should be brought back for errant politicians



Plato, we wasn’t silly

I read a post about Plato’s Cave this morning. Honestly, I had never heard of Plato’s Cave. I didn’t even know he had one. Of course, this sent me running to Wikipedia. I now understand a little of the theory, and know that I have been freed from my chains.

How to get rid of divorce. Good idea, it’s a simple solution. Make marriage licenses valid for one year, with an annual renewal. The government charges for the renewal just like your dog license, fishing license, etc. That’s how stupid governments are, they can’t even steal raise money on the obvious. Maybe the world economy could be in a better state, and courts freed up from granting divorces where the only people that win are the attorneys.

Well, that’s my lot for the day, now it’s lunch time.



thinking-please-be-patient-thecuriousbrain.com_Well, I’m up, I have had coffee, I’m at the keyboard… what more do you want?

I have just rung the chemists, they deliver… and am waiting for my Tonto pills to arrive.

My net is slower than a wet week this morning; but then of course it’s Monday, what else can you expect?

This post will leave me one short of a blogload, but then it’s Shit Happens on the blog of the same name. The last few weeks my posting there has been a bit slack, actually, it would be more accurate to say non-existent with the exception of Satireday posts… and guess what? My visitor numbers have gone up. Go figure! The blog appears more popular when I stop posting, there’s some screwy here.

I didn’t update you on my diced-chicken-something recipe from a couple of days ago. It became a sweet ‘n’ sour chicken with the stir-fry-something included. One pot slap dash, less dishes. I didn’t have any pineapple for the traditional sweet ‘n’ sour, so I diced up an orange, just as good. Necessity being the mother of invention applies in the kitchen too.

I_Am_The_Teacher_funny_education_photographsI hope those pills arrive soon. I should detonterise myself before class, most unseemly to have the teacher collapse on the floor in an anamorphic heap in midst stream.

One thing I have learned that teaching requires a modicum of grace and elegance; falling in a heap during class does not fall into either of those categories and does nothing for ones credibility.

One must remain aplomb and retain ones decorum.

Pills are here, gotta pop one and see if they work.

More coffee needed, than it’s nap time.


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