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Hole in the Wall

Brick-Wall-550x355There’s a hole in the wall, I can see some inspiration.

Given that its Monday, so far all has gone well.

Remember that trip to the supermarket that I was promising myself that I would do Friday, then Saturday…. and Sunday; well, I finally did it this morning. Got lots of meat, now I have to have a BBQ to justify it. My plans to go to the supermarket was mainly that milk was on special Fri, Sat & Sun. I was pleasantly suprised they hadn’t changed the price tags, it was still R$1.99 a litre, normal price last week was R$3,29, so that made me a happy camper.

There’s not actually a lot going on that I can write about, inspiration or not.

For those who feel their alcohol consumption is somewhat excessive and want to drink in moderation, I think I have found the answer….


There, isn’t that just wonderful? <—– Rhetorical question.

France is in the spotlight this week. First it all but damaged the Iran talks, but in the end it was Iran who backed out. Second they are trying to eradicate prostitution by fining the clients. Talk about pushing shit up hill with a rake. If you want to eradicate prostitution the answer is simple, ban marriage; as long as we have marriage, we’ll have prostitutes. Idiots!

Personally, I don’t care. Not because I am no longer married, but I find the whole aspect of paying for sex abhorrent. I did have sex with a prostitute on several occasions a few years ago, but we were friends and drinking buddies; no cash changed hands. If I had to pay for sex, I honestly don’t think I could get ‘it’ up.

I read about a strange phenomenon yesterday. Kissing my teeth, How the hell do you kiss your teeth? I simply had to click and have a look. I still don’t fully understand it, but the act is associated with showing contempt. It originates with African and Caribbean cultures, and is so serious that doing it in front of  police could get you arrested. You can read about on The Guardian.

You see, you can learn something everyday. There is no point in life when learning stops.

Now it’s getting on in the afternoon and I have to go teaching, English, not about kissing ones teeth.



Another Monday

There, it’s official!

It’s Monday, stamped and sealed to prove it.

20 minutes later

Monday has officially started. My afternoon student just canceled.

Another slapdash lunch. I decided to defrost the fridge in preparation for my supermarket foray tomorrow. So what was in the fridge went into the pan. Big fish fillet, two smoked hamburger patties, two franks, a real bachelor lunch. Opened my customary bottle of Chateau de Tap to wash it all down.

Still getting used to my ‘new’ teeth. They do make eating more comfortable. Discovered the secret of getting them in; place roughly in the mouth and bite, they just slip into place. Getting them out is a little more detailed. Life is a learning circle.

Lixo has been busy. There’ a little girl kitty over the back fence and she’s in season. My big fat ginger tomcat has been crying like a baby  for the last two nights. Today, he is exhausted; must be very tiring making little kitties. He’s catnapped all morning

I think, I will have a nap too, but not for the same reasons… pity.

Everybody needs something to believe in, so, I believe I will have a nap.

That will compensate for being at the keyboard at 4am.  I have only one more post to write and that is on Fizz, I haven’t decided what I will write yet, I am waiting for inspiration to leap up and strike me.


You Can’t Disturb Me!

See, I’m already disturbed.

Today is Saturday, it must be, because every calendar I have read today tells me it is.

The sun is shining, it has the prospects of being a beautiful day with the promise of 30°C (about 86°F), which means great beer drinking weather.

Yesterday I had my partial plate fitted, it’s not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. It still isn’t supporting the wiggly tooth, that comes next Friday, but it has filled in a couple of gaps and makes eating a little easier.

I brought new socks yesterday too; real socks, not the stupid little socks I got by mistake.

I have decided the world is a circus…

Because it’s full of freakin’ clowns. The latest clowns to enter the arena are the Russians with their stupidity over Pussy Riot and banning Gay Pride parades for 100 years. Then there’s the American clowns, Swedish clowns and the British clowns doing their slapstick routine over Julian Assange’s asylum. The Israeli clowns are ready to blow the lid off the Middle East abetted by the American clowns. The Australian clowns have shot themselves in the foot over the colour of the ‘plain packs’ for cigarettes, they chose the most masculine colour around, olive green; nothing exudes masculinity like military association. The Iranian clowns entered the stage telling the world to sod off with their humanitarian earthquake aid, then back peddled. The American clowns are sulking, because their new toy didn’t work… again.

Yes, the world is a circus. A sorry sad state of affairs, it’s no wonder that I am disturbed already.

Anyway, on with the business of being Saturday.


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