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Where’d my post go?

I have just woken from a wonderful nap, ready to put the finishing touches to a great post, and I find that it is all a dream…

passistas-mirins-desfilam-pela-beija-flor-na-sapucai-2022012-1329725911551_956x500Meanwhile, back in reality.

Today is the first day of Carnaval.

Not the ‘big-people’s’ Carnaval, but the ‘little-people’s’. Tonight Carnaval stars with the mirins parade; the parade of the ‘little-people’. Seventeen Samba Schools will parade the kids through Sapucai, just like the real thing.

But not just here in Rio, all over the country, kids will be wiggling to the sound of samba.

But let’s back up  a little…

Earlier today I had great plans to catch up on yesterday’s PC drama, I planned to post like a crazy man, but I never got there.

The first problem was that I hadn’t realised what a daunting task it is to start XP from scratch, I became quite despondent.

Secondly, there was that wonderful smell of a churrasco (BBQ) wafting through the window, being driven by my wonderful 50cm fan, engulfing me, offering me relief from my despondency.

The only sensible thing to do was to go and investigate.

I put on my shorts, and poked my head out the gate. Sure enough they were having a BBQ at the botequim (bar) next door.

They saw me. Immediately recognising a possible participant; I was summoned… I obeyed the call. I am so weak.

I had planned grilled rump steak for lunch, it was in the fridge marinating, so a BBQ lunch wasn’t far adrift from my plans.

sauza_tequila_silverSo, I BBQed, I ate and I drank until it was my turn at the BBQ. I cooked, I ate and I drank a little more.

My bottle of Tequila made an appearance, along with the traditional lemon (green ones) and salt.

At 2pm, I decided it was time, and went home for a nap, waking at 5pm. My plans of posting like a crazy man followed me to the bar and stayed there.

Yesterday, I mentioned GMO babies, I said it was an American thing, I was wrong, it was British. I don’t feel too bad about accusing the Americans, because, let’s face it, it’s the type of thing Americans would do, but the British beat them to it this time.

I follow a cheese blog. It’s not at all cheesy, actually it is a great blog. But today a flippant remark by the blogger mentioned cheese and Papua New Guinea in the same sentence.

Now that made me wonder…

How do you equate this…


and penis sheaths…


with cheese.

So I googled it and got this…


And got a page full of blank.

Given this information, I assumed correctly that cheese and Papua New Guinea don’t mix.

Moving right along, I must make coffee. My head is still a little woozy from the excesses of earlier.


Lost my Cool

Yes, I finally got hold of my service provider and proceeded to climb down my usually cool ladder into his gall and kicked his nuts around from the inside!

The result is that I am expecting him here 45 minutes ago…

I may not get this post finished until later, if and when he arrives. Because he has to go roofside and play with my antenna. He is convinced it is my antenna and not his modem that is at fault.


This is a jambo tree. I took the photo this morning for a post on Things that Fizz & Stuff. It’s about a fruit, red jambo, that I had never seen, nor in fact known about, before.

Here’s another photo that was on the camera. Bad quality, I haven’t learned to use the zoom yet.


Cloro went insane

With the onset of 38°C+ days we have had an invasion of these critters. They are one insect that while I am not afraid of, I simply loathe the bloody things. Cloro loves them, they provide hours of fun chasing them around the floor. But this one was high on the bedroom wall, well beyond the normal dusting level, therefore well beyond the reach of Cloro. It was so funny watching him prowl back and forth eyes fixed on the intruder trying to fathom a way to get it.

Here’s another photo…

Some of our New Years tipple at the botequim

Some of our New Years tipple at the botequim

That was before I brought out the Tequila, lemon and salt; then this happened…

One of the neighbours shooting Tequila

One of the neighbours shooting Tequila

It is now 62 minutes since I was expecting the service repair…

Do I have to climb down my ladder again?


Totally Screwed!

I have been

I have been

Yup, screwed, totally and unreservedly.

More than 24 hours without reasonable net access.

I am a tad more than miffed.

My levels of tolerance have risen beyond those that one considers reasonable.

For me the (one of the) most important dates of the year, and I had reasonable access between 6am and 8:20 and managed two posts; since then nothing. I can read emails and notifications, but I can’t do a bloody thing about them. I have sort of managed to read the news.

The patience required to get this post, piecemeal though it is, ready has grossly surpassed my normal limits.

I spend the afternoon in despair, also at the botequim where I entertained the fregües (regulars) with whisky, Drambuie and  Tequila, all of which left me three sheets in the wind.

Nap needed.

Now, I find that I have some access o the net and am jumping, ney, leapingatthe chance to wish you all a

Happy New Year 2014

The graphic that I had planned will not upload, gives you an idea of the problems I am facing.

Yay, made it, finally

Yay, made it, finally

The rain has started. It has been threatening for three days, and now it is pissing persisting down with thunder and lightning.


I am receiving notifications of comments okay, just the replying is erratic.

Hopefully, when I press the ‘post’ button, something will happen.

Until next year.

Lagging Behind

Remember when we used to use these?

Remember when we used to use these?

Yes, that’s me today. It’s got to the stage where I have 25 minutes before getting ready to look like a teacher.

As for the rest of the day, nothing happened.

I tidied up the yard some more, yanked out the tomato plant added it to the compost heap. Didn’t need to water the plants, Mother Nature is taking care of that and will be until tomorrow. I went to the supermarket; disaster.

I took R$200 and spent R$343… sometimes things just look so yummy, too good to miss. Good thing I had my debit card with me. Sorted the compras (shopping), put the bottle of tequila in pride of place and reorganised my little wine rack to take a couple more bottles.

Lunch was not so glorious today, a slab of pastry with cheese and various cold meats with green pepper as a garnish; sort of a poor man’s pizza. Not healthy, but fast.

I have plastic bags strew all over the house.

Cloro has discovered a new way of having fun. Out the window pull a plastic bag from the bag on the old fridge in the garage, tug it through the window bars and play with it. When we get bored with that one, we go out and get another one “Whee, this is fun!”

Last night my PC croaked, finally after an hour of coaxing, inveigling, talking about its pedigree , idle threats, discussing what it would look like after it had passed through the window bars and words that shouldn’t be used in front of ladies, it coughed, spluttered and produced the familiar XP screen.

Well, that was a lovely litre of fresh orange juice and sparkling mineral water (heaps better than Fanta) so refreshing,  I should find an image to go with the post and then be off.


Meanwhile, I’ll entertain you with Cloro’s latest film release…

Hung Won-on


Maybe it needs to be screwed in a little more securely

Not to be confused with  a North Korean…

Yes, I did. Hence the brain is not functioning well at the moment. Mind you, it is better than it was at 1am, 3am, 5am and 7.

Not only the head, but also the nether region, I had a beaut dose of diarrhea. I won’t present the full details in order to protect your sensibilities.

It all started as a shopping trip. I had planned to wander around a few shops and make a couple of purchases; things that I had seen Easter weekend. After the first mega-store, Superlar (Super home), my left leg was beginning to ache, so clutching my bag of booty I hobbled off to the only place that I knew of that had seats, beer and food; in that order. One must have one’s priorities right.

Yes, I went to Brazeiro, where I could find the four main essentials, BBQ, salad bar, beer and a nice environment.

stacarolinavistañaNext time, I must take my camera, there are no images of the Brazeiro that I go to on google.

After two beers and a lot to eat, I decided that I would get a bottle of wine, dry white. I do like my wine and this Vistaña from Santa Carolina winery in the Central Valley, Chile was just what the doctor ordered.

I spent the rest of the afternoon quaffing my chilled wine and nibbling on cheese bits.

So far, all was well.

I got a taxi home and saw friends at the botequim next door. One doesn’t want to appear churlish and ignore one’s friends especially on a Saturday afternoon.

It was soon after my arrival that Lincoln, one of the afore mentioned friends, produced a bottle of José Cuervo Tequila… It was about the same time that things began not to go so well and time moved on until I realised that I was chapado (more than a little under the weather).

It was news time, and I thought that retreat was the better part of valour. I went home.

There you have it, a perfect way to waste a Saturday.

I rarely get beyond happy, sometimes a little tiddly, I have even been known to waddle with a starboard list on the way home, but I never get drunk, that was until last night…

Yes, I hung one on…


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