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Hot Spell

I wish my neighbour hadn't sold his pick up

I wish my neighbour hadn’t sold his pick up

H – O – T

That’s how you spell it.

Yes, our hot spell continues. More than a month without rain and very low humidity. The bushes in the praça are suffering, all doing a serious wilt. I have to water Clorinha’s guava tree each day. Now it has plenty of new shoots.

All my plants get a good water daily too. The two guava trees (one pink and the other white fruit) have heaps of blossoms, so it looks like a bumper crop.

It’s about 40ºC+ (106ºF) at the moment.

Last night was a disaster at work. Three classes and not one student arrived. 4½ hours of waiting.

fridayAll I can say is TGIF, but then I have another screwed up Saturday ahead with classes. I can’t complain because I need them, The factory where we get a lot of students from has issued a directive that all language class contracts are cancelled as from the end of October. They are feeling the economic pinch too. I know that I have lost one student and I’ll find out about the Friday night group tonight.

Not cooking lunch today, it’s too hot.

I’ll cheat and wait for an after work pizza, and let them steam their buns off.

Not surprised. New Zealand got a place on the UN Security Council by sucking up to the Americans and letting them spy on the internet.

I read a shocking story last night. Whisper app is the most dangerous place to be. They are stooges for the American spying apparatus.

Twitter is to begin retweeting tweets to your timeline in case you missed them. They plan to retweet tweets that maybe of interest to you… If they get that as wrong as they get people for me to follow it’s another useless freakin’ exercise.

12 red cards

12 red cards

How to play Argentine football. Twelve red cards in one match. I can’t decide if that’s awesome or abysmal. See the brawl on video for yourself. All I can say is thank heavens they don’t play cricket, they’d be armed with bats as well.

According to a medical charity, so far all the efforts to combat Ebola are having no impact.

I don’t usually drink on work days. But… it’s so hot, a liquid lunch is on the cards. I’ve got six hours to sleep it off.

The botequim is opening, I can hear the sliders going up…

I’m off, it just became beer o’clock!


*Puts pants on*

Emoji – 絵文字

Well, another day, and I learn something new.

Emoji (絵文字 are smileys 🙂

The day is wasted if I don’t learn something new. So I am happy before 9am.

No, this is a plumber's job

No, this is a plumber’s job

My happiness is due to a new Happiness Engineer.

Rachel, who visits this blog often, if not daily (well, the last three posts, she made it here twice) is now a Happiness Engineer, she landed a plum job.

Congratulations, Rachel, as I commented, dream jobs are hard to come by.

Now all she has to do is explain what a Happiness Engineer does, then I will have learned two new things today.

tgif-cat21TGIF! note exclamation mark magically uplifting the tone of my text

TGIF! also magically uplifts one ready for the weekend.

Right now, I need a TGIF coffee.

*heads off to the kitchen*

Got coffee, makes TGIF even better.

Paid the power and ISP bills yesterday, so as long as PC keeps within its vocational boundaries, I’ll be around for the next month.

Mind you, I have to pay the rent yet, but that’s not due until the 15th, after that I might have power and net, but using it from the street. AV = another vagabond.


Mine won’t have the frilly bits

Supermarket again today, the one I went to Wednesday didn’t have agua com gas (sparkling mineral water), and the one I plan to go to today is the only one of four supermarkets that has kidneys. I am planning meal-sized steak ‘n kidney pies for the freezer, oh nom noms.

Two of my last three posts have won/got 15 likes. I’ve never broken that barrier. Come on people, you can do better than that.

I read an article this morning on the Malvinas/Falklands issue. Can’t find it now… but it called the Falklands Malvinas stating that the Malvinas were known in Britain as Falklands. I take issue with that, They are known as the Falklands worldwide, only in Argentina and some Spanish speaking supporters are they known as Malvinas. Come on MSM, get your shit together and get the facts right.

2014-Brazil-World-Cup-theme-wallpaper-downloads-1366x768-01Six days to go! The FIFA World Cup kicks off on the 12th. Who is going to win it? Can Brazil make it to Hexa-Campeão (sixth world champion)?

Of course, I am rooting for Brazil. I live here, and NZ was knocked out by Mexico.

Many are hoping for another Spanish win, and there are several other teams that could well make it.

But the political storm here needs a win to pour oil on troubled waters. There are many here in Brazil that are not happy with the cup being held here, and are demanding education, health and public security have the same money spent on them. They are demanding, for example, hospitals of the same standard as the arenas (stadiums).

FIFA is beset with more corruption accusations. It’s time for FIFA to be frozen out and for the world to support a different/new governing body without Seth Blatter and all his cronies. They’ve had their day and screwed up.

Bashar al-Bastard has won a one-sided election and is president of Syria for another seven years. Of course, the elections didn’t include rebel areas, just those that guaranteed the required result.

I wonder whether elections shouldn’t be run by a third party, a neutral country and not by the incumbent government. Maybe in that way countries might get a fairer deal. I haven’t heard of an election in the last forty years that hasn’t been marred by corruption of one sort or another.

I do feel a nap coming on…

But first, I have to clean up Kitty poo under the sink again; discovered when I got my coffee.


Clorinha likes to watch TV.

If she keeps pooping under the sink, I'll turn the TV off

If she keeps pooping under the sink, I’ll turn the TV off




Good Friday = Two Naps

bartjesusYes, for me a good Friday is one when I can justify and squeeze in not one, but two naps.

At 10am I was showered and smelled good. I had decided to go out.

I got to the other side of the park and had a quick chat with a neighbour and it began to rain.

Trip cancelled, home to bed for a nap.

I had planned to go to the plant shop, then the supermarket and the fish market, by the time all that was done there would have been a strong possibility I would have caved into the whim and gone to Brazeiro (BBQ restaurant for lunch).

Now that would have made it a great Friday.

But instead, I had to settle for a good Friday and the last two bread rolls with garlic butter (last Sunday’s leftovers) for breakfast.

Woke, read the news, none of it any good. Posted, read my emails, visited some blogs, then it began to rain… second nap while frozen lump of pork was boiling for lunch.

5pm, pork has boiled, I still haven’t had lunch… However, I am giving the idea a lot of thought. So is my belly.


Are we Doomed?


I have successfully made it through another week, albeit a short one. The arrival of Friday is always a milestone.

Last night was another Dead Cow occasion. Halfway through my lesson last night, I had a stroke of genius and decided that a second Dead Cow event this week wouldn’t go amiss.

They’ve changed presenters a couple of times since this one

The only point that marred the occasion was that they had the TV on a programme called Cidade Alerta (Alert City) requested by the next table before my arrival. It is the pits of a news programme, banality at its worst. Last night their main topic as the Brazilian goalie, Bruno (sadly of Flamengo fame), and the court case surrounding the kidnapping and subsequent murder of his ex-girlfriend over a paternity matter. Now the murder was a couple of years ago, and every so often the news breaks out in spots over it. But, it has reached a jury at last, so the rash of reporting is greater than just an outbreak in spots. Cidade Alerta raves on and on, repeating itself, repeating the same images time and time again ad nauseum for a couple of hours. Boring af!

They finally turned on the other TV to the regular news channel. I requested a move of tables so that I could watch it. No sooner than I was installed at the new table, the other TV was switched over…. Aaarrrggghhhh!

‘Boring af’, have you figured that one out yet?

It’s a Twitter abbreviation.

I have just read an article on BBC News about the future of the English language and it makes me wonder if we are indeed doomed.

Things like IMO, or more formally IMHO, meaning In My (Humble) Opinion, or emoticons, 😉

Is it already too late?

Are these now already an irrevocable part of the English language?

Will they appear in dictionaries?

WTF do you put a yellow ball in the alphabet? (Where, as opposed to What)

As a teacher of advanced English I am not ready for this, although I am guilty of having used them on occasions.

As a result of Twitter and all the other banal forms of social media, are we seeing the destruction of English?

Sitting on a Brazilian bus in Rio de Janeiro, high school kids across the aisle were laughing at a joke and one actually said “LOL” in place of laughing. LOL is now in Portuguese, so it’s not just English that is changing. The ability to communicate is hemorrhaging.

Black Friday hits Brazil with a vengeance

Another American import is this year intruding into the lives of Brazilians. Black Friday, you know that insanity after Thanksgiving. Last night on TV chain stores, airlines, Chevrolet were all offering Black Friday specials.

Some stores had ‘Red Friday’ or ‘Dark Friday’.

I am suspecting that in an hour I will see the induced madness on the news. The stores were opening at 10pm last night, advertising 26 hours.

And… we don’t even have Thanksgiving!

We don’t need this shit!

Brazilians are already broke, the inadimplência (failing to pay your credit card) is already at record levels, but the government is pushing Brazilians to buy, buy, buy to keep the economy moving.

I finally got my credit card paid off and cancelled it. Credit is a fools game. But on TV, in the shops, all advertising shows the price of buying on credit, the price of the installments with the cash price in little bitty letters, so small that on TV they are unreadable.

Then Brazilians wonder what went wrong when they can’t pay; they treat the installment price as thought it were the cash price.

Lovely sunny day out there, light breeze, inside… wonderful Brazilian coffee and my Rubbish (Lixo, my cat) is asleep on the sofa.

Lessons tonight at 4pm, home at 9pm which is my designated beer o’clock.


I’m Free!

My students just canceled. The weekend has begun.


Everybody knows that TGIF means Thank God It’s Friday, but does it?

Not for sharks it doesn’t.

Juniperus Procubens (Tuia Jacaré)

I have a bonsai tree.

I have never had a bonsai tree before.

I have contemplated being the owner of a bonsai tree, but never went further than thinking about it. Tonight at class my student showed me a bonsai tree.

So cute!

It’s now mine and is sitting in my lounge.

Now I have to learn to care, feed and prune my little pet.

I love plants, and while I am not an admirer of flowery plants, I love greenery. Maybe I am entering a new phase in life, who knows?

Now I have a whole day to do nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s always coffee to be drunk. I have had three mugs already, and I am about to have a fourth. Then, of course, there is blogging. Now most people think that blogging is nothing, so for them I am doing nothing today; but then there are those who think that blogging is generally making some kind of contribution, so for those people, I’ll be sweating my little cotton socks off. I should also consider the dishes, then lunch.

I have a ton of meat left from the BBQ on Wednesday, so seeing as I can’t refreeze it, it has to be used so I will have another BBQ at the botequim about beer o’clock.

Now I have a large ginger feline type creature clawing at my thighs, I am thankful I haven’t removed my jeans yet. Lixo is telling me it’s breakfast time… again. He’s already had his breakfast, but he’s also always ready for a second helping, he is after all a growing boy. His girlfriend has also been around looking for ‘family benefit’; I told her to bugger off and wait until she has a family, not just a belly of paws and claws.

Now, where’s that coffee I was talking about?

It won’t appear magically, I’ll have to go on an expedition to the darkest reaches of my kitchen and make it.

Shocked, Absolutely Shocked!

The week has slid by, and I never even noticed. Didn’t even have time to say TGIF.

Whooooosh! It went.

Now it’s Saturday, I am four days shy of becoming 61. Quite looking forward to that. I have a BBQ planned at the botequim, it’s the rest of the year that bothers me.

It’s been an exciting week; we all had an unexpected glimpse of the Crown Jewels. Personally, I wasn’t impressed. His mother’s bling has much more sparkle. But it made for an exciting little interlude, one of those rare occasions when the press has the chance to make you forget about the things that really count.

Lixo has been sowing his wild oats all week. Now his little girlfriend is visiting him at home and wants ‘family support.’ He is not impressed; he even kicked her off my our his bed this morning. This morning she found his breakfast and he sat there watching her eat it, then looked up at me with a ‘WTF?’ expression on his furry face.

The entrance to Katsuo

I treated myself to sushi on Thursday at Katsuo.

The food was great, a good chance to try out the new gnashers; worked fine except for the lula empanad0 (battered squid ring), that was real crunchy.

I paid the bill and the waiter came and asked if I wanted anything else, another beer perhaps. I asked for a sonrisal (Brazilian alka seltzer), sem colarinho (no head).

It’s a pity that sushi is so expensive. If it were cheaper, I’d eat it once a week instead of once a month.

Still having our dry spell. Heard last night that Rio has never had such a warm winter, now tell me there aren’t climatic changes. Humidity today expected to be 30%, which is still good reason for beer o’clock later. Too early just now, I haven’t even thought about lunch yet.

Must away, blogging to be done. I’m more than halfway there.


Paraskefreakin’ what?

Image: found on 500px.com

Paraskevidekatriaphobia, is one of the words which talk about fear of Friday the 13th. There are some others, but less impressive, check Wikipedia for more info.

The word “paraskevidekatriaphobia” was devised by Dr. Donald Dossey, who told his patients that “when you learn to pronounce it, you’re cured!”

Not sure what the image has to do with the subject, but it cropped up in Google and I just thought it was awesome.

So does this Friday qualify for a TGIF?

For me, yes. Because it’s the end of the week, tomorrow (should the world continue on it’s present course) will be Saturday.

AAaaaah! Saturday, no classes, I can just blog the day away, oh, and drink coffee. Apart from that I have no other plans, so it should be the beginning of another successful weekend. The weekend should always be a success. If you can’t make the weekend successful when you don’t have to do anything, how the heck can you be successful during the week when you ARE required to do something?

My sink NEVER looks like this

It’s 3pm, I should really be thinking about lunch. Actually, I should be more than just thinking about it, I should be making it. If I was a normal person, I would have washed the dishes already.

I had a strange thought yesterday, after a concerted effort I washed all my dishes, as I realised that the sink and the surrounding area were empty, dirty dish-free, “Wow, the sink does have a bottom!” flashed through my mind. I am trying to put some importance to that idea, and wonder why I should have suddenly thought it.

OMG I couldn’t live in the same house as one where the sink looks like this, even after a party.

Well, now that I have disturbed you all, I’ll blog along…

Oh, the good news is…. *drum roll* There won’t be another Friday 13th for 14 months. Apparently that’s the longest the calendar can go without one.

Claude Bawls

I was too busy blogging and not paying enough attention to the small, but ferocious, feline that shares my abode, hence the title.

…and saw this

After the initial shock of having talons pierce my garments, outer and inner; there followed a howl of pain mixed with threats about the said feline’s immediate future and a short spell of pure agony, then  I looked down…

Why do cats do that?

Friday today… *TGIF moment* Class first thing, student sent me home in a taxi.

Mentally preparing myself for the weekend. Kids are due over tomorrow. Peace and quiet just flew out the window.

Emmylee wants my lap and chatters when I’m at the PC between Ellen playing her games and Erick listening to his music, so the chances of some serious blogging are about ‘zero.’

It’s 4pm. I have just realised I am hungry. Is it too late for lunch?

Later. I’m off to the kitchen.

OMG! It’s Monday

Yes, the bane of the week, as opposed to Thank God it’s Friday.

Nothing can go wrong today, I had double doses on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, surely that is penance enough for whatever crime I committed.

So far the only thing that has gone wrong is my giant radish bush croaked. It got so big and top heavy that the stem cracked. I was hoping to gather seeds from the flowers that grew and use the giant leaves in salads, but alas, it has become compost like that which it grew from. It was a private ceremony, the great plant being cast unceremoniously on the compost heap.

I spent the morning moaning on Eco-Crap, then went outside in the sun and transplanted some chillies, all are thriving despite the heat.  Another 38⁰C (that’s close on 100⁰F) day, the fan is blowing hot air on me. I am sweating at the keyboard. I have drunk gallons of iced goiaba juice (guava). I am biding the time until 5pm when I have to go and give my one lesson for the day.

It looks like we are in for a fierce summer. I had already predicted that this will be worse (hotter) than last when we had four weeks of 40+⁰C (about 106+⁰F) days; and they say there is no such thing as global warming, well bollocks to them. Apparently the thought is that we are heading a for a mini iceage, and while the climate gets hotter in the summer, conversely in the winter it becomes increasingly colder until it overtakes the summer heat.

That’s my thoughts for the day.

I’m off before something can go wrong.


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