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Yes, I did it again

Started the BBQ at midday.

Finnished the BBQ at 4pm, when we had a rain storm. Also, I had run out of meat.

For those of you who are curious, here is a better shot of ‘seu Oliveira’ along with some pork belly cripsing.

seu Oliveira....

seu Oliveira….

Check yesterday’s post if you are in the dark.

Today is Monday, no meat, no BBQ.

Still doing the weekend dishes.

But I did have a lunchtime beer, followed by Nap-fu. Which is when it started to pitter-patter with rain, now it is persisting down. The rain was expected, as we had watched the heavy clouds come over while having our beer. It was clearly a case of when, not would it.

I have spent the day with my ear glued to the phone, as I had done all day Friday, no phone call from lawyer. So I can only assume that tomorrow will not happen. Am I reprieved?

Silly Box: Today, the Guardian proved itself absolutely useless. I had complained in previous posts that they had changed the format of their ‘Environment’ page, which has stopped me from using it as a principal source of such news. Today they have changed the ‘news’ front page to the same useless jumbled format. I have deleted it from my pages to visit as totally useless as a reference source.

Why must people fix things that aren’t broken?

The Pope has upset the Curia (cardinals administration) in his annual address to cardinals. Accusing them of self-centred infighting and being power hungry to the detriment of the church. While I criticised him for kow towing to China when he refused the Dali Lama an audience, he is generally good for the church; literally a breath of fresh air.

A town in Argentina becomes the first in the country to ban beauty queen competitions in its traditional festivities, arguing they are sexist. Good going.

Australia’s Tony Idiott is back in the news. Quote: “The problem isn’t that Tony Abbott’s stuck in the past, it’s that he wants the rest of Australia to go back there and keep him company in a world where men do the big jobs and women do the ironing,” – BBCNews

Shopping via the internet has become the thing to do. It seems as though its not without problems as several big food companies in Britain have experienced IT problems, and promises that Christmas shopping will be delivered… after Christmas. That’s just lovely if you were expecting to make Christmas dinner for the family.

It’s now after 4pm, the rain has stopped, it is cooler now. I should go and take advantage, because it is still hot in the house, I am sitting under the fan on full.


A Great Mystery

carelessmatchThis is so true.

One careless match and you can raze an entire forest,

But you just try to light a BBQ, one match, no way.

My method is okay. I usually use a small plastic cup (recycled from the botequim, of course), half fill with alcohol and pile charcoal on top. Or, if there’s no alcohol, I use torn cardboard from an old carton, this can take a little longer and requires some puff. The end result is always okay.

Hot day. Watered plants, Coffeed me. Nap-fued. The rest of the day to do nothing, and I shall do it very well. I am after all, well qualified in nothing.

An afternoon at the botequim is high on the cards.

My recent posts have attracted lots of Likes, two of them setting a new record of 24 each. Now I’m aiming for 25…

I’m a bit miffed. I regularly read The Guardian news. Yesterday, I clicked on their environment page and… WTF? They’ve changed it. It used to be a nice orderly list of articles to read, now it’s a splash page with lots of photos spread across the screen. No order now, you don’t know where to look, have to hunt and study looking for something of interest. I gave up. Why do they ‘fix’ things that don’t need fixing?

The Silly Box: A hotel in Blackpool ‘fined’ a couple £100 for a negative review on Trip Advisor. They simply deducted the fine from their credit card. Bloody cheek. I can see there’s going to be a fight over this. Apparently, they warm people in their booking agreement about this and consider they have the right. These insidious practices need to be stamped out; boycott the bastards.

Update on that. The fine has been scrapped… haha, obviously they figured the fine was going to give them the worst kind of publicity, much worse than a negative review.

British chicken

British chicken

More than half (59%) of British chicken has been found to be contaminated with camphylobacter. The worst thing about it is there are no hard and fast rules about this. One supermarket chain still sold the stuff to the public after they had been advised of the contamination. No laws broken.

Feminism is in danger of becoming toxic, read the headline. Well, I have always considered it toxic. While I have no problem in equal rights for women, I do object to the highly militant practices of the ism, and having it shoved down my throat. And, if I object, I am labelled a mysogynist.

Some exciting news. Netflix will be in Australia and NZ next year. People are fools. Why do they support these monopolies? The whole world has gone crazy. Why do you need to see a film the moment it is released? Generally people piss me off. I wouldn’t pay a company like Netflix. I just wait until the film is downloadable and do so.

Brazil won their freindly game against Austria yesterday, 3-2. I didn’t think I’d see the game because of class, then one student cancelled, then another, then the last… Opened  a bottle of beer and saw the whole game. Some things work out well.

A ton of bad attitude

A ton of bad attitude

A zookeeper in England has discovered you shouldn’t piss of a rhino. He was found by collegues with serious body injuries in the rhino enclosure.

There’s no way in hell I’d get into a rhino enclosure, at least not together with the rhino.

Well, that about wraps it up.

Now I get a phone call and have to go to town. Poo! There goes my nothing.


A Quantum Moment

A moment before a disaster

A moment before a disaster

A quantum moment is a moment of change or the moment before a disaster.

For example, this could be a quantum moment… ah, the disaster option.

An example of a change is like when I am my normal mundane self, then the cats from next door get in the yard and attack Clorinha; whereupon I become some sort of feverish demented devil who seriously wants to maim cats. Nobody, but nobody harms my baby.

I have been trying to further said kitten’s movie star career.

Last night, I tried to film said errant kitten, she simply moves too fast; no idea of poise and dignity.

The moment before she appears outside, she attacked my ankles.

I have no idea of her whereabouts, she could be in the paper bag in the middle of the living room floor, she could be behind my painting project hiding from the neighbour’s cat; I just had a quantum moment…

Found her! Asleep behind my pillow.

After two BBQ days in a row, the air was somewhat fartiferious in my office/bedroom. Clorinha wisely chose to sleep on the sofa.

Here in Brazil, Volkswagon has too models (well, they have more, but for this story) the Fox and the Gol… A quiet moment in the botequim yesterday, a lull in the conversation, and one of the fregües (regulars) commented that a dog with some German shepherd features that had wandered across the veranda looked like a fox… I replied, “Nah,” and everyone present expected one of my matter-of-fact answers, “It’s not a Fox, it’s a Gol.” There was a moments silence as it sunk in before beer was being spilled.

I have these moments; quantum moments.

I am miffed. The Guardian newspaper has changed the look/style of their page, before it was an easy to read three column, down one, up the other and back down again. Now the articles are bigger and spread across the whole screen; absolutely horrid. Before a simple flick of the wheel, and you had several new articles to read, whereas now, you are back-peddling like a madman simply to read the next article. Not at all happy.

Fancy bottles too

Fancy bottles too

Brahma, my beer, has been advertising Brahma Selecão Especial beer produced for the World Cup on TV, but nobody knows where to buy it. They’ve also brought out another fancy bottle that looks like an aluminium can, but at R$45 for five bottles they can keep it.

I’ll be doing a post about that on Fizz on Friday for ‘What beer be this?’


Nkandla, a national shame

South Africa are going to the polls next week, I think it is.

There is a big hue and cry over the incumbent Zuma spending millions of public money renovating his private residence.

I sincerely hope that any new government seize the residence and use it as the official residence for all future presidents, thereby justifying some of the money spent. It is really a bone of contention as people without water and power live just a stone’s throw beyond the security fence.

That’s about it for today, I will return to the tedium… and have a nap.





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