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This is not a face palm


Merely thinking

I haven’t interacted with another member of the species yet today, therefore nothing warrants a face palm.

I am merely thinking.

After some years of Twitting, I finally got 1,000 twits to follow me. Actually, it rather fluid, 999, then 1,000, a boost to 1,002, dropped back to 1,000 thereby threatening my record. It may well be to no avail, I read the other day that Twitter is going to become more FaceBook-like, if that happens… I’m gone!

Yesterday was Sunday, sunny and sodden. I managed to drown a friend’s cellphone when I accidentally kicked the plastic bar table and knocked his energetic drink over it.


How much ‘chasing’ was involved?

US police detain giant tortoise after brief chase captures the imagination, doesn’t it?

I mean the tortoise was hardly galloping along, now was it?

Or was this really a case of how inept are the LA police?

On what charges was he detained on?

Really, this is headline news.

One thing that has been successfully achieved with Israel’s invasion of Gaza, is the lowering of Israel’s global credibility. All I read about the conflict tells me that governments everywhere have condemned the slaughter, even the USA.

The world is NOT amused. Sympathy for the Palestinians is at an all time high.

Good work Benny!

Image: BBC

Now, it is with some amusement that I read about a Brussel sprout being pushed up a mountain.

This really is headline news.

Never before has some stooped so low in the realms of stupidity as to push a Brussel sprout up a mountain with his nose!

Of course, it had to be an Englishman.

One of my achievements during the weekend was to take a serious photo with my cellphone. Only because I had left the camera at home.

Our hill

Our hill, taken from the veranda of the botequim

We have a hill in our neighbourhood, that tells the weather better than the forecasters.

The rule is simple, if the top of the hill has cloud, it’s going to rain, or is raining; no cloud, no rain.

It’s a bit like the famous weather stone, ‘if the rock is wet, it’s raining.’

You can tell by the blurry nature of the photo that the cellphone will never become my primary photographic device.

It’s a few minutes shy of midday. Today should have been a supermarket day, or not. I chose the second option. I won’t die of starvation, I have hotdogs and cheese. I could have had fish, if I had remembered to take it out of the freezer.

There was a query in yesterday’s comments about how my coffeepot worked, here my reply for the edification of others who had perhaps wondered. “it’s just a cloth filter, the hard part is lifting the kettle and pouring the water into it. You see there is an element of manual labour involved, that’s why it’s not popular in the First World, but it does make shit hot coffee.”

The latest in technology…

Bacon Chips

Bacon Chips

With that, I’ll blog along.


Not Eremophobic

There, bet that’s got you running to the Great God Google…

Each team are carried in the manner they deserve

I had this picture sent to me by a Vasco fan, of course, I am a Flamengo supporter.

From top left, clockwise – Vasco, Botafogo, Fluminense and Flamengo.

My only retort was that ‘boiolas‘ (gays) need buses, real men use trucks! While that may have been stereotyping and running the risk of offending a minority, here in Brazil such things are understood, implicitly. There was no returning comment….

Ganhei! (I win!).

Monday again. This is the start of a poor week. Actually two. I have two students less this fortnight while they are in the US for a course. Only one of them knows for certain he is returning to lessons after the trip. So, not many classes., four in fact.

I was up early, 5am; then I was down again, then up again and down again. Now I am up again. It’s been a very up and down type of day.

Israeli Heron Drone

I have, in my moments of lucidity, written/posted on each of my blogs; which has been a rarity of late. Maxine on Monday is always a giggle, then I wrote about the Train that’s not in the clouds, Vietnamese coffee – no that’s not an oxymoron (and a draft for a post tomorrow). I had a good Monday Moaning and wrote a post which will probably get the Israeli’s sending a drone to exterminate me; Shit Happens.

Sometimes things really get up my nose and are more irritating than nose-hairs.

I have also had lunch, fed the cat, done the dishes and…. yes, and….

I was thinking about eremophobia yesterday. I did it in style, with a beer looking out over the park. Loneliness, for sixty years I have had mother, it’s always been comforting. I have never been alone before; mother was always there. Not here in Brazil, but there, at home. After the phone call last Saturday, it may not be for much longer. As the elder in the family, with whom I have little contact, we have never been a close unit, I will be alone for the first time in my life. Not sure how I will handle that.

Still working on the details.

I am a hermit by nature. I have always been a loner. All my sports were individual things, shooting I excelled at, the others were amusements. I traveled alone, I would have hated to have a travel partner to consult, as I tend to make radical and sudden changes to itineraries and plans.

I have now lived alone for four years since I separated from Shirley. I don’t feel alone, I’ve got my PC, all my friends are in there… well, most of them, I have a few in the botequim (neighbourhood bar) next door as well, and some at work. I don’t feel lonely, Lixo P. Cat sees to that; an ankle rub here, a meow there, a bite of the big toe at 3am.

This is new for me, intro-reflection.

Time for my lesson. *Presses ‘pause’ button on thinking*


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