This is a good guide to simple

We can make our lives complicated, more complicated than is necessary.

I am one for a simple life, no complications.

I firmly believe that if something isn’t broken, then don’t try and fix it.

Some people seem to delight in complicating matters, then when the crap hits the oscillating ventilation device they complain.

I went to the supermarket this morning and was totally frustrated to find that they didn’t have about half of what I wanted. It’s a new supermarket, opened about nine months ago. When it opened it had everything, but slowly over the months the guarantee of finding what I want has lessened. I saw some wonderful filled pies, they were open topped, sort of like little 4″ quiches. The soft pastry would have been destroyed if they had been packed in anything but a polystyrene tray and covered in plastic wrap. There were four different fillings, I just had to have one of each… I felt so guilty when the girl in the deli section wrapped them because I am trying to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging.

But I managed to assuage my guilt over morning coffee…

They were scrumptious!

I should be at work, but my student rang and canceled, demands of the job dictated that he stay on for overtime. So I am comfortably able to get on with my blogging and reading the news; none of which is good.

What’s the matter? Didn’t hurt me!

I watched a film this afternoon. Thor, not good, but not bad; it wiled away the afternoon.

Lixo has just decided he wants a rub. He tells me this by using my left knee as a clawing post, I now have three bloody lines on my knee. He’s quite persuasive, but he’s had his tickle and is now lying on the floor.

That’s about it for today.