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I was about to complain…

Spray on clouds

Spray on clouds

Indeed, I was.

We were promised rain yesterday, didn’t

We were promised rain today, hasn’t.

And just as I was sitting here after Nap-fu practice trying to think of a post title, I hear thunder in the distance

I have already beered today, but I gave up beering in favour of Nap-fu; mainly to escape the nasty Brazilian habit of having a carload of speakers blaring music and the TV in the botequim trying desperately to compete which means that everybody has to shout to have a conversation.

To continue. The day started off very sunny, while I was beering it clouded over and there was a coolish breeze. When I woke from Nap-fu the sun was out in full force, which led to the title.

More thunder… I love it.

Honestly Brazilians are so ignorant at times. Imagine this…

carro com somParked across the road, punching out music like a home theatre on steroids, most of which I can’t stand, while trying to have a ‘quiet’ beer.

There are times when the volume is so high, that I can’t hear the TV inside the house with the doors and windows closed.

Sometimes they have one parked on the corner for one group and one parked in front of my house for another group and the bastards are trying to out do each other.

Honestly, they’re a bloody plague.

At the moment it is quiet, I may well venture along to the botequim and resume my beering and watch the clouds and hope for rain.

Yesterday I mentioned about the baby born in NY early and the horrendous bill they faced. Well, in light of all the publicity the hospital has guaranteed there will be no cost to the couple.  Nothing like the threat of bad publicity to change minds.

Silly Box: Has to go to the French mayor who refused to bury a Roma (gypsy) baby. What an arsehole? He said that burial places were for those who paid taxes.

I read that Jeb Bush is now clearing the way to run for presidency. God help America! It is also rumoured that Jeb has divorced GWB as a brother to distance himself from the opraborium he created.

It was with interest I read that neither the USA nor Israel are signatories to the International Criminal Court, now why doesn’t that surprise me? The two greatest perpetrators of war crimes aren’t in the club.

The, there is the horrific story of a seven-year-old Australian boy who sneaked into a zoo and killed many animals and threw others (among them rare species) into the crocodile pen. What was going through the mind of this critter? Better still, his parents obviously haven’t parented. The zoo is looking to sue the parents for damages. My suggestion is throw the kid into the crocodile pen, then pull him out just seconds before he gets eaten to see what it feels like.

Off to beerificate. No BBQ today, just a light lunch.


Left Until the Last Minute


New liqueur glasses

… again!

It’s just started to rain. Now that in itself is not startling news, but the force of the rain means thunder and lightning soon, and the possibility of the net going down.

So, if I don’t do it now, I may not get it done.

Like my new liqueur glasses?

The other day at the mall, I saw these… marked down from R$19 to R$8; couldn’t resist them. Such an impluse. I bought four.

‘Putin’ things mildly, things regarding Ukraine are getting really screwed up. Of course the whole thing has nothing to do with…

Hey, who turned the lights out?

Hey, who turned the lights out?

And that’s about when the lights went out!

‘I tried to save draft’ when the lights flickered, but no luck.

Changed to text, copied and pasted into a word .doc, just before things went black.

Anyway, let’s move on.

…sovereignty. It’s all to do with oil and gas. That’s why the collective European sphincter is quivering, 70% of Europe’s gas comes through the Ukraine, and they don’t want to rock the boat. You can guarantee that the USA is jumping on the bandwagon because there is oil involved. I don’t know the full story there. But, could the Ukraine become the next Afghanistan?

I’m going to finish here, just in case the ‘lights out’ repeats itself; there is some horrendous sounding thunder out there, which means some wicked lightning is on the away.



Well, we asked for it, and we got it.

At the end of yesterday’s post I mentioned that the sun had gone, well, it had and outside was cooler than inside, so I did the only sensible thing and went to the botequim.

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey

The sky was various shades of grey, probably not fifty, but lots; the wind was moving the trees, the temperature had plummeted. I announced that I had come to view the spectacle and was greeted with derision, that it wouldn’t rain. A mere ten minutes into my first beer and the drops began to spot on the cars. The fregües still weren’t convinced despite the lightning and peals of thunder.

Cloro came in from the praça and settled under a chair. I had my beer, an an icecream and the spots continued; indeed, they got heavier.

At 6:30 I went home to watch my early novela (soap). The wind was beginning to pick up; Cloro followed hastily trying to dodge the raindrops.

7pm, the heavens opened.

For an hour we were treated with rain so heavy that I couldn’t see beyond the fence. Lightning flashes were continuous and the thunder boomed close at hand. Ten minutes saw my yard flooded, the power dipped with a particularly close lightning strike but recovered

We got our rain, oh did we get our rain?

It was lovely and the storm just seemed to heighten our pleasure.

8pm and it was all over, drizzle and the occasional flash of lightning.

The sun came out briefly today while I was at the supermarket and everything was fresh and green again. Now the sky has some clouds, and I heard a distant peal of thunder, we may be in for a repeat performance.

I should go to the botequim. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

Obey the directions

Obey the directions


I’m trying, really trying

I really am.

This is a little beer, I had big boys' beers

This is a little beer, I had big boys’ beers

These things happen on Mondays, not Saturdays.

First the power went out, so I did the only sensible thing; I went to the botequim for a beer.

After the first beer the power was still out, so the only sensible thing to do was have another beer.

At the end of that beer, the power was still out and I needed relief, so off to the toilet; I had forgotten the power was out and it was really dark in there. But no problem, I remembered where I put it and I remembered where the urinal was, so the mission was completed.

The power was still out, so the only sensible thing to do… was have another beer.

The power came on, fortunately about the same time as I finished the third beer.

Home, turned on PC, started no problems. Logged in to net, no problems. Had a nap, no problems. Woke up, and I had been disconnected.

Tried connecting, tried again, and again the little vela (candle = activity light in PC) flickered, then unflickered, then flickered again, and… this was getting boring. Looked out the window. Sky across the park looked sort of like this:


Which explained the ominous rumbling that was getting closer. Thunder, so I started writing this post between flickrs and unflickers, now it seems to be flickering okay.

When I left the botequim, the day was scorching hot, so hot it made me sweat just lifting the glass; and now an hour + later, thunder.

Me thinks we are in for rain.

Last night was a bit limp. Yes, we had free beer, but the food amounted to snacks. I had saved myself all day for dinner, and they served snacks. Not amused. Didn’t win the tablet, but I got a T-shirt as a booby prize. A T-shirt with the company logo, no less.

So as the first wave of leavers got up to leave, I did too, smiling politely; and went off to the sushi restaurant for a real dinner.

Murky green, caldo looks a bit grotty, but tastes great

Murky green, caldo looks a bit grotty, but tastes great

Got the bus home okay, got off at the wrong stop; three stops too early. Dying of thirst, wasabi does that, found a cafe open with fresh caldo de cana (sugar cane juice).

One of my ex-students was there with wife and daughters, the younger of whom pointed out that I had dribbled soya sauce all down my front…

How embarrassing! I had walked through the posh mall, caught the bus, walked through the bus station, totally unaware.

After that encounter I walked home totally conscious of the brown stain down my front.

Slept terribly, up on an hourly basis with thirst.

Which basically brings me here, all blogs posted, and I have successfully told my tale of woe. Even if I did manage to post one post on the wrong blog.


Another Scorcher

It’s so hot that I burnt my fingers on the brass padlock that secure the gate when I went out for the rubbish.

I quickly retreated indoors again after watering the plants who were all doing a wilt impression.

Back again, had a cold shower and a quick nap under the fan.

I have just been outside to see if there are any new flowers on the passion fruit vine, I had thought of making a better video clip of the bees.

A glance to the north on hearing a peel of thunder and the sky is dark and the wind is blowing this way. There are more peels of thunder as I am writing.

I see that Chavez has gone back to Cuba for another cancer op. I am convinced he was never really clear as he claimed, but was able long enough to get elected and if the worst came to the worst his party would be in power. He has named the vice-President as his successor, but the Venezuelan Constitution state that another election must ne weld within a month, so he may get screwed yet.

China has been named as the worst offender for the world’s illegal logging, now that doesn’t surprise me.

HSBC was fined $1.9bn for money laundering… petty cash. Why were the laundered funds confiscated, that would have hurt them.

Israel’s being the ultimate bastard again, this time raiding Palestinian NGOs.

And, I plan to cook a leg of ham for Christmas, more on that later.

Not a whole leg, but it should look something like this.

Now I am late for work…



I haven’t decided on a title yet. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I haven’t decided on that yet, either.

Had a little snigger yesterday when I read that basically 3D films started with Avatar and stopped there. Subsequent films have been flops. Shit like 3D doesn’t interest me one iota and I had predicted it as a fad. Oh dear.

Maybe that’s just more proof that I’m a boring old fart.

The world is so interested in advances and progress. It’s a very selfish attitude.

It’s like the brand names, Nike, Addidas, Rolex, Wrangler, Gucci, etc; I don’t give a damn. I have never owned any of these, I have no hankering to own any of these things, I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone else wants to own any of these things. It’s all status, who needs it?

Waste of time, money, energy and resources and one day we’ll all regret this selfishness. That day is coming very soon. I wonder at how many 99% Greeks are buying these things? This financial failure thing is going to effect us all one day very, very soon.

Lethargy, no I haven’t felt lethargic, I have been busy. Apathy, no not hit by apathy not feeling at all apthetic. Procrastination, no I haven’t procrastinated. I simply have been busy. I have been watching the series Ancient Aliens. That’s why I have posted the first of the series above. Very interesting. It is something that I have been interested in since I read von Danniken’s Chariots of the Gods when I was about 13/14. Which even at that age made me see the sense in his logic. It was logic that seemed far more logical than anything I had seen in the Bible, even though much of it was from the Bible.

But of course, I was too young to make an informed decision. The law says that; I cannot make an informed decision until I am 16, or in some cases 18.

What a crock of shit.

I cannot drink beer until I am 18, I cannot vote until I am 18, I cannot get married until I am 16. I cannot have sex until I am 16, I cannot smoke until I am 18, I cannot drive a car until I am 18.

In South America, it is even worse. 18 for everything, even criminal responsibility. The Latin American view is that you are still a child until your 18th birthday. Example; 1 17 year old pulls a gun and commits an armed robbery killing someone…. “Oh dear, he’s just a child, he didn’t know what he was doing!” They smack him on the hand give him three years in a children’s home from which he can escape at any time. Adn they often do, and go and do the same thing again.

Crock of shit!

There, got that off my chest.

I had three very geriatric looking tomatoes in my vege bowl. This morning I took the wizened tomatoes, chopped them roughly, added to a pot with a splash of water, spronkled salt and pepper on them and let them stew. Wonderful breast, stewed tomatoes on toast.

The week has been hot again. Not as hot as the previous two weeks, nothing over the 40ºC mark, but thankfully, while it begun as a hot one today, it has clouded over and we expect a thunderstorm this afternoon. So I will look forward to that, refreshing. I love thunder and lightning. But it is a worry, because sometimes my wi-fi connection goes down, then it’s beer o’clock. So every cloud (even thunder clouds) has a silver lining.

Enough waffle for now.


I’m off to watch the next Ancient Alien video.

Thunder in the distance, even before I managed to post this…

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