OMG, I hate days like this.

It started out as a Wednesday, well, it certainly felt like a Wednesday, the coffee tasted like Wednesday, but then I just woke at 6pm from a late afternoon nap, and now I’m not so sure anymore.

I am drinking my umpteenth coffee for the day, so I’ll come right.

7am, class, 8am, no class.

Bus to town, pay the rent. Had hair cut, well, hair and beard. No. 3 comb all over. Bought a new mouse; necessity, the old one wanted to double click every time I hit the left button. I ended up having to do some things three or four times before it would go right.

New mouse supersensitive, just need to think about moving, and Whhheeeeeeee! Went. And it’s so damned tiny, it’s really dinky; I’m used to a handful, not a Matchbox toy.

Still, it’ll do, it works as long as I can control its errant ways.

I window shopped on the way to get the Kombi home. I love window shopping, all those wonderful things that I could have, if only I had the money.

I came home and did my Wednesday thing on Eco-Crap, the Change the World Wednesday challenge from Reduce Footprints, that always takes two or three coffees.

So, no nostalgia today.