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cokeban99% of the ills of the world would never have arisen if we had remained dendrophilous.

If we had remained in the trees, we would never have had Coca Cola, nor taxes.

Just think… Imagine…

No wars, bonking when the urge comes over us, picking ticks off the wife.

There would be no blogs… HORROR!

What would I do?

Sitting in a tree scratching ones nuts, is hardly a substitute.


He’s a bigger cat now

Cloro has discovered how to turn the printer on. Now that he’s a bigger cat his weight is sufficient to turn the printer on. It’s fun. At first he was stunned by the noise of the printer gearing up, the whirrs, thuds and clicks, but the flashing green lights soon overcame the fear as he batted and pawed at the LCD.

The weather forecast has been right for the last three days, rain. It is right today as well, rain, but not so much as the last three days. Still it makes for comfortable sleeping at night, which can be a hot sweaty affair even without sex.

My plans for Saturday amounted to doing nothing, as predicted, I was successful. I hadn’t finished, so I continued on Sunday.

Here’s something to think about…

You Used To Not Exist

baby-in-a-wombYou used to not exist.

Then you were a baby.

Look at that belly button.

What a funny thing that is.

Soon, you will no longer exist again.

So where will you go?

Well… wait a second…

Where did you start?

Could it be you were always here?

I sincerely don’t see how it cannot.

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”

Source: The Truth You Always Knew

Wow, that’s deep.


Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Little Black Bastard sort of like this

Little Black Bastard sort of like this

Well, so the Big Bang lyrics go…

I don’t know about the butterfly, didn’t see one. But I saw the bee and certainly felt it when the little bastard stung me under the forearm at work. It wasn’t a regular honeybee type bee it was a little black bastard, in more senses than one.

Boy, he may have been small, but did he ever pack a punch.

The sting remained behind, and when I asked the secretary if she had a box cutter or something sharp that I could scrape the sting out with, she burst into action. I must go to the medical section, big factory, has medical section.

She hurried me off so fast that I felt I should have had a red flashing light on my walking stick and be going “Daah – daah – daah -daah” along the way looking like a proper Norman berk.

On arrival at the medical section, nice nurse, many questions. Was I allergic to bee stings, and the like as we went into the dispensary. I told her that I had worked a long time in the Pantanal, getting stung by bees, bitten by ticks and shaking scorpions out of your boots in the morning were daily occupational hazards.

Then she did exactly what one shouldn’t do with a bee stinger, with a piece of gauze soaked in alcohol she pinched it between two fingers and removed it; you do that and you risk squeezing more venom into the wound. The stinger should be scraped out from under to avoid that. Happened so fast I didn’t have time to object.

aspidermanbandaidMy thoughts of ‘nice nurse’ changed to ‘stupid bitch.’

Honestly, the more I see of people the more I like dogs…

And she didn’t even have a Spiderman band-aid to put on it. Mind you, it could have been worse, she might have had Hello Kitty ones.

Well, that was my excitement for the day and not even a band-aid to show for it.

*Thinks* Did anything else happen yesterday, apart from leaving the BBQ dishes to soak…


Today’s excitement began with coffee, toasted garlic rolls left over from BBQ and the BBQ dishes. I have posted about crumpet and Easter eggs on Fizz and Eco-Crap blogs.

Wow! I lead such an exciting life.



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