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And the rain came down

Yes, it’s started to rain heavily here.

Affecting the football transmission, the picture is all snowy.

No thunder and lightning so, hopefully there will be no net interruption as I am writing this during lulls in the game.

Not a good day for Spain, the current World Cup champions, they have just been eliminated by Chile. Australia gave Holland a fright today, 2-3.

Now Brazil’s fortunes rest on the game in progress; Croatia vs Cameroon. A Croat win is an advantage to Brazil, but if Cameroon win, then Brazil has to beat them in their last game.

wastedbeerGame over, rain stopped, blogging right along…

Fukushima has hit another stumbling block. The plans to build an ice wall to contain contaminated water is failing, because they can’t get the temperature low enough. This story is over yet.

Ebola is still on the increase.

Worst news yet. Germany’s beer is under threat from fracking.

I’m a mit, but I convert to a roll.

Yes, I discovered that there are various ways to wipe your bum. I had no idea. Take a look at this, what are you?


Well, I never.

It’s bed time.





Not until we’re in bed, then touching is compulsory.

Clorinha is a biter. Try and pet her around the house and 90% of the time you get bitten.

Once I’m in bed, she jumps up, jumps across me and boomps me in the face. Pets accepted. She boomps me, she smooches she kneads me with her little claws and purrs like crazy; but only in bed.

kittencellphoneWeird cat.

More toilet paper in the kitty litter… A conundrum. I hope she never figures out how to use my cellphone. She’ll be ringing “I can haz cheeseburger!”

Hype. Lots of fireworks in the area. Brazil is playing Mexico today at 4pm.

Belgium is playing Algeria at the moment, another ho-hum game, so I am here.

China executed 13 Uighur terrorists yesterday, complaining about terrorism. China doesn’t seem to realise that it is the terrorist. If China hadn’t invaded the Uighur lands, the Uighurs would be living peacefully together. It’s the same with Tibet, China is the invader and the terrorist. But the world sits quietly back and watches.

Visited a blog yesterday as a result of a Like on one of mine. The text was exaggerated, obviously designed for small devices. I tried to read it to be fair, but it was so uncomfortable, that I gave up despite the interesting subject.

Lunch has been had. I have tried to nap without success. That’s why I got up and made lunch.

I got up at 8:46am, which left me puzzled, because after posting on most blogs and umpteen coffees, I lay down to have a nap… at 8:46am.

After a few moments deliberation taken to examine this anomaly, I checked the PC clock, it was in fact 11:30.

I won! Momentarily. I tickled Clorinha under the chin for a few moments without being savaged; then she jumped on the printer and exacted retribution on my big toe. Oh, well.

Try and do that nap-thing again.


It’s a Worry

Maybe I should install one of these

Maybe I should install one of these

I don’t often get worried on a Saturday morning, but when one wakes to find toilet paper in the kitty litter, it certainly makes one wonder.

Firstly, where did she get it?

Secondly, and probably most important, has she figured out how to wipe her bum?

And people wonder why I need coffee in the mornings.

8am and all’s well. Second coffee of the day, dishes still in the sink, haven’t given a though as to lunch, the sun is shining and my snivelly nose is clearing up. Yes, Yesterday my nose was running a marathon and my throat was sore, Got that from watching the opening match of the World Cup in the fresh evening air the night before.

I'm not planning a lot today

I’m not planning a lot today

There are four matches today, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 10pm. I will probably watch three.

Australia spent the first half chasing round after Chile, totally out classed. The second half they were much better, and it was only bad luck that they didn’t trounce Chile. There were four or five honest attempts at goal, only to suffer off-sides and goal posts. 3-1 was the result.

I must hit the supermarket today before football, the fridge isn’t quite empty, but there is a lot of empty space that could accommodate food. Maybe I’ll just fill it with beer.

Yesterday, cooking lunch, the chips stopped fizzing in the deepfry, and checking the oven, it too had gone out. I surmised correctly that the gas had run out. It always does that when I am cooking. Luckily, I had a spare gas bottle, a quick change and all was well. That was about the worst thing that happened on my Friday, 13th. So I was let off lightly.


I have reached Inspiration Point, or at least the lack of it.

I shall blog along.




“I have found it!” Cried Archimedes… on discovering that a body has volume.

Now volume isn’t exactly what I found, in fact, it is probably the antithesis of volume.

Cloro was on the printer this morning preening himself ‘down there’ while I had coffee. It’s a pretty normal Caturday morning thing. When he stopped, which drew my attention; he was staring at his penis which had made an appearance. Deciding it needed washing, he proceeded.

Cloro is definitely a boy Rag Doll pussy! The mystery has been solved.

I wish I could do that…

ferrariBut then I saw this which indicates that I am of an age at which I would have in all probability stopped, which is why I get so much enjoyment from doing a BBQ, I still get to burn the meat.

I’ll get a chance to do that tomorrow. Meat is in the fridge, cheap but palatable wine for the ex is also in the fridge along with the makings of a salad or two.

I have spent the morning cleaning the yard; a task that I have been threatening to do for ages. The result is I’m shagged! But I feel good after my excesses, moving the old stoves around, sweeping and stuff. Cloro was amused, he had fun chasing the debris flying around and is now asleep on the printer, equally shagged.

Last night I repaired the BBQ which was broken when my neighbour moved it some months ago. I had to repair it because I discovered the the BBQ from the botequim is in use tomorrow. They are also having a birthday BBQ and music.

This morning I confused him. I cleaned his corner of the kitchen, not that he’s a messy pussy, but it does get muddled. Inadvertently I swapped the milk dish with the water dish. He sat there and looked from one to the other, then at me; another wish-I-had-the-camera moment.

Not this Chavez, although Venezuela could not be worse off he was president

Not this Chavez, although Venezuela could not be worse off he was president

I read yesterday that Venezuela is short of many basic items. The question being asked was why in a rich country was this so?

The crisis began years ago with Chavez, then the people stupidly voted in his nominated successor against the rules of the constitution and the situation worsened, to the point that the stupid Maduro had to import a half million toilet rolls because the Venezuelans couldn’t wipe their bums.

The Venezuelans only have themselves to blame.

Things were bad under Chavez and they couldn’t get rid of him, now under Maduro things are worse. Communism is a plot, it doesn’t work. ‘All animals are equal, some are more equal than others’ – Animal Farm. I bet Maduro’s household didn’t have a shortage of toilet paper, nor coffee, nor sugar, nor milk…

So much for being a rich country.

It is time I had lunch, by which time it will magically become beer o’clock.


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