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Still no Pussy

It's this hot

It’s this hot

This morning I checked the trees in the park. During the night I remembered he had got himself stuck up one and spent some hours until I finally hear his cries from the gate. Still no sign, probably just as well, because two days stuck in a tree in this heat he would have dehydrated.

Thank you all who have commented with support, it all helps.

I went to the dentist this morning, I have a massive infection in the gum around the crook tooth. I got an antibiotic and a come back in five days. I took the first pill in the supermarket at the drinking fountain and already the pain has dissipated; I was able to eat lunch.

I just had a wonderful frontal lobe numbing avocado smoothie. I had one yesterday too. Only needs half an avocado. I bought another one today.

Christmas is well over. Nobody even mentions it now Santa Claus is no doubt relaxing somewhere.


It’s nearly 5pm, the sun is getting lower behind the trees, it will be a little cooler, time for beerless o’clock. Can’t mix booze with antibiotics. Thank heaven for 0.0% beer. I got some at the supermarket this morning, it’s like drinking beer when you’re not drinking beer.

They’ve fixed the thumb on the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer (seven days), the poor folk in Novo Friburgo still don’t have houses (two years).

I have forgotten to mention that BBB (Big Brother Brazil) started again this week, so nightly we are bombarded by TV that goes beyond pathetic. Not in my house; I switch off the TV before it starts, stupid bloody programme. Brazilians will flock to watch the banal, but care about what happens in their country, never.



Down in the Dumps

One of the last photos I have

Cloro has disappeared.

I played with him a little in the yard after 11pm on Sunday, came in and went to bed; that was the last I saw of him.

I have been around the streets locally to see if he had been run over or met some other mishap, but no sign.

I remain still hopeful, that he will stroll in and demand breakfast.

I am already feeling the loneliness, the house is empty.

I got an award today. The Shine On award, it involves a meme, but I am not going to do it, I can’t.

I will thank Amanda at Night Owl Kitchen for the honour.

I can’t do justice today.

Remember I wrote about the big storm we had a few nights back and mentioned the continuous lightning, well, some fool was out there counting the flashes, probably the met guy, there were 4,000+ flashes in the whole state of Rio. One of them blew the thumb off the Statue of Christ and damaged another finger. Repairs are being made today.

Fixing the thumb

Fixing the thumb

This shows the banal order of priorities here in Brazil; people who were driven from their condemned homes in storms two years ago, are still waiting for the government to provide replacement housing as promised. A damned statue gets hit by lightning and they can’t repair it fast enough.

My tooth worsened last night, yesterday I had paracetamol for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hope I can last out the day and night, then it’s off to the dentist first thing in the morning.

It’s time for a nap; it takes my mind of the tooth. Then I will make an abacate (avocado) slushie for lunch, it doesn’t involve chewing.



Getting a Head Start Today

Not wanting to take the risk of a pathetic apology at 11pm, I have taken the chance, through a lull in inspiration, to make a morning post.

No BBQ today, meat’s all gone, but there remains much beer at the botequim, which could well be an option later.

pills1Eating my meat yesterday, I happened to chew on the tooth that was seen to last week, and it has given me gripe ever since. A paracetamol twice during the night, one more for breakfast, and I need another now. I am not normally a member of the ‘pop-a-pill’ brigade, but the intense dull throb is unbearable; if someone offered me a cyanide pill at the moment, I would seriously consider it.

I wonder if BBQed pills work?

So, I am going to be a ball of fun for the day; especially if I can’t have a beer because of the damned pills.

The sun is out, it is going to be hotter than yesterday.

I couldn’t believe what I read last night on The Guardian newsUK storms are divine retribution for gay marriage laws, says Ukip councillor. What an idiot! I never thought that a statement like this would be made by an Englishman; Americans yes, I would consider that par for the course, but an Englishman, I am truly dismayed. This councillor should be surgically removed from his post and given a frontal lobotomy with a gay scalpel. Stupid arsehole!

This morning I read another strange idea. ‘Someone has worked out how to charge people for sitting down. Which is to say, a demonstration of capitalism in its purest form’, also on The Guardian news. The coffee and wi-fi are free…

gollumcoffee_1313_77_lHonestly, the world is becoming sadder by the minute.

I will just sit here (free) in my little coffee-sodden world and shake my head in disbelief.


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