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My Train of Thought

trainofthought1It’s true, it’s Sunday, I have had one coffee, but it’s just not enough.

Rained overnight, not a lot, but enough to wet the ground. Remains overcast and cool, not good BBQ weather.

It was hard yesterday, the neighbours had a BBQ out in the sun; all that lovely beef, and here’s me on a beefless week. But there was plenty of pork and chicken too, so I was not deprived.

Today is the last day of my first beefless week, given that all the beef in the house (bought before this week) is in the freezer, it should be successful.

I shot a small video yesterday, actually there were three pieces, but Movie Maker wouldn’t let me splice them together.

There you have it, a brief glimpse of a Brazilian neighbourhood BBQ.

Must blog along, this is only my third post of the day, five to go, including a Sunday Travel Tales here.


Mondays….. pfffff!

I hate Mondays, something always happens. Even if it doesn’t, it lies in wait to ambush you on Tuesday; which is totally unfair.

Yesterday, I had the day planned. Up earlyish, chemist for some Enos, hair & beard cut (weather is getting hot, so I’m getting sweaty under here) and supermarket.

Result, up late, no Enos, no hair cut, no supermarket. It was only then I realised that it was Monday.

During the course of Sunday, I had several trains of thought about posting. Of course, Sunday is Travel post day. Now they have gone; the trains that is, the demons are still there.

Curious saying that, “train of thought” have you ever wondered what that would look like? I hadn’t until I saw this…

Makes me wonder that I didn’t have a headache with several trains of thought yesterday; would have been like Waterloo Station.

I love the visuals that are possible in life.

The English language, so rich, diverse and confusing. See my recent post on Tomus Arcanum to understand why.

I have two hours until class. Lunch is upper most on my mind, but blogging takes precedence.

I managed to defrost the fridge this morning, so the day hasn’t been a total waste.


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