I should have seen the doctor

I should have seen the doctor, Doctor Indulgence

I managed to pass last night’s class okay with my dignity intact.

I am still on water… Tried dry toast last night, tasted bloody awful. I went to buy some milk of magnesia last night… but they’d moved the bloody pharmacy!

Dodgy belly is better today, frequency and severity of cramps diminishing, by tomorrow, I should be right again.

I tried to film Clorinha last night, she was having a bedlam moment. After a minute of mainly empty frame, I gave up. She’s fast and I was exhausted trying to keep up with her.

atrillnotePlain disgusting. The world is due to have its first trillionaire within 25 years. When he gets there, half should be confiscated and redistributed to health, wealth or eduction programmes for the poor. I find it deplorable that ONE person should have this much wealth.

I was hungry, so a made noodles, you know the packet type with flavour sachet. I added some chopped parsley to make it look interesting. You remember the horrid toast from last night, made great croutons. Now, let’s see how that sits…

I am continually reminded that time is marching on. I used to be an avid letter writer, having had many penpals when I was younger, Then you see something like this…