I must do the honours here.

I just love mamão

I just love mamão

I have posted on all blogs, mostly satire-type thingies, I have watered the plants, I have replanted a mamão tree (papaya) from an area of risk; you just can’t trust these four-year-old thugs that hang around here, they’ll yank anything out. I washed some dishes, I napped, I washed some more dishes while lunch was cooking and duly devoured.

I just went outside to take a photo of my ‘saved’ mamoeiro (papaya tree), it’s looking a bit sick; maybe I should have left it to the thugs.

Clorinha has discovered the aerial plug for the TV, yesterday and today, she has managed to disconnect it. It’s supposed to screw in, but I can’t screw it in, maybe corrosion.

Easter is passing nicely; hardly know it’s there. Which suits me fine. Shops here have been caught with their pants down stocking up to 20% more than last year… and nobody’s buying. Today they’re full of specials, 50+% discount. Greedy bastards, I hope they get stuck with them.

I discovered yesterday something shocking. I have a mild case of gout, comes and goes. Among the many causes, red meat and beer. I nearly cried. Two of life’s intrinsic pleasures… I’ll suffer!


It’s not fair

In fact, I’m going to suffer right after this post, it will be beer o’clock.

There’s not actually much to write about today. Sunny weather, but coolish. Rain forecast for tomorrow, let’s see if the forecasters can get their shit together this time.

My PC groaned and came to a grinding halt three times yesterday. But I was doing some heavy CorelDraw stuff and my RAM is not big enough. At least it didn’t melt or go into radioactive fallout mode.

Have you ever gone for a nice walk with your dog in the park admiring the trees that line the way?

Have you ever wondered how your dog sees things?


Priorities create differing perspectives.

I’m going out to play.