Hump Day MemeBut it doesn’t really count for me, because I am into my second week without classes.

Tomorrow is Labor Day.

The only thing that will move here in Brazil will be the right hand; raising glasses and stoking the BBQ.

I said that somewhere on one of my blogs already… can’t remember which one. So if you’ve read it before I apologise, if you haven’t, have a giggle.

There’s not actually a lot to write about, because I haven’t done anything. I haven’t even been to the supermarket.

I did get all rash and weed the front of the kerb, it was getting a bit long and hairy looking. So now it is clean and bald, just like me. I was absolutely stuffed after and had a second bottle of beer resting at the botequim until my heart settled back into its usual lazy rhythm. I get these bursts of energy from time to time, not so sure its good for one of my age.

I scored! No, I wasn’t playing football, and I didn’t find a strange lady’s shoes under my bed; I’m not that lucky. Someone had thrown a good TV stand out in the rubbish. It was missing a top, I had the perfect piece of wood at home. Now I don’t have to make a table for my laptop as I planned from an old PC case. Clorinha loves it, it’s got shelves to play on.

Queijo coalho on the grill

Queijo coalho on the grill

It’s 9:30pm and there is football on at 10:00, so you can guess where I’ll be. I might open a beer and grill some cheese.

I have three kebabs of queijo coalho (I can’t translate that really, the cheese bit okay, but the ‘coalho‘ is a type of cheese made in the northeast of Brazil). You can grill it, or BBQ it and it doesn’t melt and run everywhere. Served with a sprinkle of oregano or molho de alho (garlic sauce) it goes very well with beer. It will also, in all probability, make me burp and fart all night. Clorinha is in for a treat.

Recently, I have bought a couple of lots of frozen linguado (sole/halibut) fillets. I haven’t been entirely happy that it is, in fact sole/halibut. Certainly not what I was used to in NZ. The fish was soft and spongy, not at all like sole fillets. I even had the sneaky suspicion that it  was panga renamed.


Nice pinky lemon sole fillets

But this fish was called Linguado do Pacifico (Pacific sole) and it was white bland and tasteless.

A bit of research and I found it is yellowfin sole caught and processed by a Chinese company who also export polaca do alsaca and merluza do pacifico to Brazil. Both of which I consider ‘rubbish fish’.

They’ve even managed to screw up the world of fish.

So, I am back to making a special trip to the fish market at São Bras; no more supermarket fish for me.