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Cold Feet

NZDLYes, I’ve got cold feet.

I forgot to pull the blanket over when I Nap-fued.

It’s nearly 2pm, I have just unNap-fued, I have coffee, so I’m not posting illegally.

Click on the image to verify ———->

My licence determines that I need coffee to do anything rational.

I have managed to d/load two Robin William’s movies and a show called Weapons of Self Destruction, some of which I have watched… but I fell asleep.

speedbumpspillI see that RW was suffering the onset of Parkinson’s Disease. That would be a terrible affliction; I would hate that.

I was once asked that if I had the choice would I prefer Parkinsons or Alzheimers, after a moments thought, I concluded Parkinson’s… better to spill a little beer than forget where I put it.

But, joking aside, I would really hate either.

I just realised that when making my ‘licence’ I should have added Bollocks as a middle name, then my initials would have been ABV (alcohol by volume) 🙂 I may still do that at a later date.

Oh, sometimes we miss so many opportunties in life, some big, some small.

The sun has been out today, ineffectual, but it was there.

I have been hiding under the blankets again today. A lot of my posting was done in the freezing hours of the early morning. Yesterday morning dropped to 11ºC, the coldest of the year.

I am pleased to report, that despite using, my bule (coffeepot) is still bright and shiny.

I am still learning to drive the new ‘post page’, making discoveries all the time. But, I still don’t know what a ‘slug’ is.

The Russians are creating a real problem. The aid convoy was green army trucks newly painted white, and some that have been inspected are nearly empty. Why? What’s Putin up to? Then there’s the fact that a Russian military convoy slipped into Ukraine in the dark on Thursdaynight at an unmanned dirt road entry point. Ukraine destroyed half, and the Russians deny it existed.

Read an interesting historic account of the problems in Iraq, it all stems back to a division of the Middle East by the Brits and French in 1916 with arbitrarily artifical borders of the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement that totally disregarded ethnic divisions. I had read about this before, but last night’s article indicated that the Middle East will not rest until these borders are eradicated.

I have been told that at my age I need glasses…

needglassesI already have them for reading, so I can only assume they mean these.

Cat No. 2 has just arrived and demanding attention.

Time to ‘beep beep boop’.



Some people need these keys

Some people need these keys

Yes, I’m pondering.

Looking at a blank screen.

I just need the ‘coffee key’, although a ‘wine key’ could be a welcome diversion.

I am listening to football in the background. Fluminense is on the way to losing, which means that a Flamengo win in the 6:30 game prematurely gives them the Carioca Championship, two rounds early.

Nothing has happened today. The usual coffees, a nap, late lunch, and I’m here writing another lacklustre post.

Had to laugh over the Ukraine situation. The Russian defence minister said they had nothing to do with causing the Crimea/Ukraine situation. What a load of old bollocks, if Russia had kept out of the Ukraine decision to go EU, instead of filling ex-president Yanukovych’s head with fanciful ideas causing him to do a U-turn, there never would have been a situation.

ZlatoPrazskeBeerYesterday, I drank two bottles of a Czech beer that I had bought at the mall the other day. They were on special, R$9 down from R$19, I just can’t resist a bargain.

Zlato Prazske lager. Nice, better than Brazilian slops, a taste almost reminescent of NZ malt beer.

Fluminense have just equaled; not good. This doesn’t guarantee Flamengo the cup. Still 25 minutes to go….

I have often heard the term the ‘open range’ and always figured it meant out in the country, open fields.

But this has been clarified for me.


Who would have figured the explanation would have been so simple?

Leaving you to ponder that point.





Left Until the Last Minute


New liqueur glasses

… again!

It’s just started to rain. Now that in itself is not startling news, but the force of the rain means thunder and lightning soon, and the possibility of the net going down.

So, if I don’t do it now, I may not get it done.

Like my new liqueur glasses?

The other day at the mall, I saw these… marked down from R$19 to R$8; couldn’t resist them. Such an impluse. I bought four.

‘Putin’ things mildly, things regarding Ukraine are getting really screwed up. Of course the whole thing has nothing to do with…

Hey, who turned the lights out?

Hey, who turned the lights out?

And that’s about when the lights went out!

‘I tried to save draft’ when the lights flickered, but no luck.

Changed to text, copied and pasted into a word .doc, just before things went black.

Anyway, let’s move on.

…sovereignty. It’s all to do with oil and gas. That’s why the collective European sphincter is quivering, 70% of Europe’s gas comes through the Ukraine, and they don’t want to rock the boat. You can guarantee that the USA is jumping on the bandwagon because there is oil involved. I don’t know the full story there. But, could the Ukraine become the next Afghanistan?

I’m going to finish here, just in case the ‘lights out’ repeats itself; there is some horrendous sounding thunder out there, which means some wicked lightning is on the away.


Sleeping Sickness

Tse tse fly one of the top scariest bugs in the world

Tse tse fly one of the top scariest bugs in the world

Honestly, I feel like I have been bitten by a tse tse fly, I just want to sleep.

I was up and down all night, and although I have been up and blogged, and had a nap I feel as though I just want to sleep again.

Tse tse fly, ugly little mutha…

Fortunately, I don’t think we have them in Brazil.

I am still no further ahead trying to identify the strange white bugs from yesterday’s post. By searching ‘strange white bug’ in google, I found this, but it’s only a flicker image.


Mealybug or mealybug destroyer? A few of the ferns at the conservatory had these cute, yet totally alien, strange white bugs.

If so, a little more research and I think it may be some kind of Flatidae nymph, although the fluffy version seems more photogenic, or more common. They’re certainly as numerous as the Flatide nypmph.

It could even be a Cryptolaemus montrouzieri or the mealybug destroyer.

Here’s shot that I took this morning.

Could it be?

Could it be?

There are really thousands of them crawling around the benches, ground and trees.


Quite a mystery.

Today is cool and overcast, drops of rain when I went out to take photos. This cooler weather is so much more relaxing than the hot spell we had a few weeks ago.

OscarsThe Oscars are over, thank heavens for that. Too much pomp and ceremony in my opinion. All those ‘wear-them-once’ dresses, what a waste.

It’s all a case of who’s wearing what. There is more time devoted to the fashions that the actual ceremony.

Who gives a shit? Maybe it’s just sour grapes on my part, none of those creations would fit me.

As for 43 million Americans watching… it shows how much they care about the real news.

Putin has called the Ukraine an unconstitutional coup. If it was the other way round and favoured Russia he’d be saying it was justified. What a two-faced wanker?

My blogging is just about done for the day, I have one more to go: Eco-Crap. Haven’t yet decided what to do there. Waiting for some inspirational idea to come flying through the window.





Back to Normal

normalLOL, define ‘normal’

What I mean is that it is about that time when I would normally offer you some of the juicy tidbits of the day here in Brazil.

Please don’t infer by the title that I am in any way ‘normal’, I will hotly refute it. I tried it once, it was boring, so I became a blogger.

After my early, bloody early start for the day, I did eventually enter ‘sleep mode’ again, only to be woken at 4am by my neighbour retrieving his car from my garage. Back to sleep mode.

A paella should look like this, mine didn't

A paella should look like this, mine didn’t

I woke later than normal.

Blogged a little.

Decided that I should try again to pay the rent.

Went to a restaurant for lunch and had a wonderful paella; and beer. Mine didn’t look exactly like that, the mussels were out of the shell, as were the shrimps, and it was more soupish; but drain off the excess juice and it was okay over rice.

The cool has gone, the hot is back. Not quite as hot as the past weeks, yet. But we have been promised increasing temps until Sunday.

whats-appI see Google has bought WhatsApp. I have no idea of WhatsApp is, but apparently it is the world’s most popular app.

How on earth did I ever get by without it?

One of the attractions of WhatsApp is that it doesn’t have advertising… didn’t have advertising.

That’ll change.

Not everybody appreciates art.

Hot in the news is the cleaner at an exhibition in southern Italy, cleaned. As a result, part of the exhibition that was made of cardboard and on the floored got ‘cleaned’ and ended up being taken away by the local rubbish truck.

The Ukraine president has realised he’s in a no-win situation and has made an agreement with the protesters to hold elections this year.  I now wonder if/when Venezuela’s ‘president’ (in quotes because he was never legally elected) will come to the same conclusion, or is he still delusional?

I mentioned sockpuppets the other day. Andrew commented how bad Shari Lewis was, and I realised that I have spent a lifetime pushing this memory to the back of my mind, only to find I have failed.

So I am going to ruin the day for those of you who have similarly spent a lifetime trying to forget…

Actually, it’s quite funny until the singing.


Dirty, Filthy, Evil Little Buggers

And inadvertantly, I killed them.

Horrible little buggers

Horrible little buggers

Well, I saw one on the side of the kitchen cupboards as I left the shower, and gave it a shot of bug spray.

Then on my next visit to the shower, there were nine of them throwing themselves around in their death throes.

I couldn’t believe it! Nine bloody cockroaches in the house. Obviously they had nested in the space under the kitchen cupboards, and by squirting one, I got the lot. I resprayed this morning, and their were no more fatalities, so hopefully I have got rid of them.

My cellphone’s winking at me. Time to put it on the charger. I am terrible for forgetting to do that. Done.

coconutsHorrified to read that Australia is culling sharks.

I believe more people are killed in Australia from falling coconuts, but you don’t see them rushing to cull coconut trees…

Russia is warning the US not to meddle in the affairs of Ukraine… Puzzling, because it was Russia meddling in Ukraine affairs in the first place that caused the problem. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Shopping this morning, bought the essentials, three bottles of good wine, a couple of bottles black grunge (stout) and some fancy cheeses. Everything else was too expensive. I got some meat, bread and oranges too. Paid the bills, on the due date. The lotéirica (betting shop) was packed, always is when I leave it to the last minute.

Nearly time to look like a teacher again.


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