Just a quick post today, refer to yesterday’s post for the reason why.

I have just returned from the supermarket buying dead animal parts for the BBQ this afternoon.

I find it easier to put a dead cow on the BBQ, the live ones tend to get a bit irritated.

Oh, yes, the title. No, we are not talking about the venerable Chinese gentleman, but rather my underpants. I walked to the supermarket, halfway there it began to drizzle.

By the time I got there, I was feeling uncomfortable, wet too, but uncomfortable in another area.

Now that I am home again, and have explored the reason for my discomfort, I discovered that the gusset in my underpants had decided to part company. So I just spent the best part of an hour walking around the supermarket with my nether parts lower than usual. I felt a bit like Prince Harry showing off the Crown Jewels even though people couldn’t see them.

Now, I am off on an expedition to find the bottom of the kitchen sink. I know roughly where it is and by doing the dishes, I should expose it. Then I have to thaw things, make some garlic butter and marinate the aforementioned dead animal parts. I am not serving bulls testes as I hoped. I did ask at the supermarket butchery department if they had any, boy but did the guy give me a strange look. I wonder why? I had so hoped to make this BBQ memorable for the fregües (regulars) at the botequim.

Full BBQ report tomorrow…