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Needs Ketchup

ItaliansTasteAwfulReported that now Suarez is complaining that Italian  players should be sent on to the pitch with ketchup sachets to improve their flavour.

The whole world is clamouring about the Suarez bite, except Uruguay.

Lugano, the captain commented, “What incident?” Even José Mujica, Uruguay’s president, came out in support.

He should have a colar fitted by the vet

He should have a collar fitted by the vet

Uruguay is in denial. But then they would have to be.

If Suarez is banned, the team will be on the bus home after their next game, he’s the only real footballer they’ve got.

If Suarez ever gets to play football again, he should be taken to the vets and have a collar fitted.


I have just read the news that he is banned for four months, that’s good, but it also shows how pathetic and toothless FIFA is. He shouldn’t be allowed near a football stadium for life; he might develop a taste for fans.

Sunny still day out there, coolish; ideal for watching football.

I’m not actually a football fanatic, but once every four years, I become an enthusiast and make the right noises at the botequim during games. As for being a hooligan, I manage to demolish two bottles of beer per game, I’m told that this level of hooliganism is acceptable.

I have posted, I have napped, the shelf under the kitchen sink is still a vague thought somewhere in the back of my mind. My next plan is to put on my shorts and water the plants; I have to put on my shorts because five of them are outside the gate and I don’t want to startle shock the natives neighbours.

Lunch was simple egg and parsley and tomato and parsley sandwiches.

I should be thinking about the supermarket, once again my fridge is almost devoid of food. I could survive until tomorrow though.

WHO is getting concerned about Ebola, so far 600 infections with 400 deaths. At the moment it is isolated in West Africa with little international travel involved, but how long before it shows up in a major travel hub, then it’s a world problem.

Renaming the UK in the event of Scotland’s independence, some have suggested “Former UK”  Snappier perhaps, but as writers have pointed out, the abbreviation – fUK – is somewhat unfortunate.  – BBCNews

fUKed is more like it.

Five minutes to kick off, Germany vs USA, I’m rooting for Germany. The supermarket idea is now officially on hold.


The Biter Bit

I have a half hour before the kickoff between Argentina and Nigeria at 1pm.

There is no doubt that Suarez applied his infamous bite - Mage: BBCNews

There is no doubt that Suarez applied his infamous bite – Image: BBCNews

The title, of course, refers to Suarez’ bite of the Italian. I don’t follow European football and I was unaware that this is not the first time, nor the second time that he has committed this despicable act, but the THIRD! Leaving me even more shocked. The first offence he was banned for six games, the second, ten games. This time she should be banned from the sport for LIFE!

I saw the footage during the game, the video leaves no doubt that he did it regardless of his claims that he was ‘shouldered’ by the Italian is bullshit; it was nothing of the sort. And history tells us that he did indeed bite him, as he has committed an impressively nefarious list of infractions including unsportsmanship, handing the ball, racial abuse, as well as the two previous bites; all of which have lead to sanctions.

We don’t need animals like this in sport!

FIFA is investigating…. there’s NOTHING to investigate!

The biter bit title comes from a high school English class. I can’t remember the context, I believe something to do with poetry, but it was so appropriate.

Today is a holiday here in Rio because of the game at Maracanã, I had a morning planned.

Make fresh coffee

Bacon & Eggs for breakfast

Bog and shower

Replace the shelf under the kitchen sink

So far, I have made the coffee and had a bog…

You can see that I have taken the route of least resistance, although the bog… No, I’ll spare you the details.

The shelf under the kitchen sink remains, disintegrating, under the sink.

Bacon & Eggs are now planned for lunch along with a weinerschnitzel steak.

An eternity waiting

An eternity waiting

My PC was sluggish, it was taking forever for anything to happen, although in reality the time could’ve been measured in seconds. When you’re at the keyboard, that’s an eternity.

Even FireFox was having hiccoughs.

Not surprising, it’s been on 24/7 for the last 12 days.

So, I shut everything down, and rebooted.

I searched for a reboot funny/humour image without success, and apparently there is nothing funny about having to reboot your PC.

The US has upset Kim Jong-un. He’s threatening war over a movie portrayal of him. Geez, he’s a dork!

Nice day out there, already passed kick off, and Messi has already scored.

I’m off to cook breakfast lunch.



No Guarantee

None at all.

If I don’t post now, it won’t get done later!

Yesterday, was a rather ignoble start to the World Cup; the first goal of the cup and it was a contra (own-goal) by Marcelo putting the Croats in the lead until Neymar pulled them out of the shit.

Minimal contatc it may have been, butFred was clearly pulled backward preventing a possible goal

Minimal contact it may have been, but Fred was clearly pulled backward preventing a possible goal

Oh, and aren’t the Croats kicking up a din about the penalty.

I saw the game, I saw the penalty, I am a football layman, and even I could see that it was a penalty.

Maybe the Croats should embrace their threat and go home.

However, this is not a football blog.

I was pleased with the result 3-1.

The opening ceremony was rather grand.


The 'live ball' and dancers during the opening ceremony

The ‘live ball’ and dancers during the opening ceremony

I loved those trees.

There are three games today. The first just a little more than an hour away. Guess where I’ll ne? (no prizes)

That’s why I must make the most of this hour, dishes, lunch and wrap up here for the day.

Headline news: Harrison Ford breaks his ankle. Everybody needs to know this! Once again, the mainstream media are failing to report real news.

Oh, and Obama is in excellent health; that’s so nice. Nobody reports my annual check in the news, I am stunned.

Jamaica is thinking to relax marijuana laws, another country, Mauritania, was thinking of the same thing last week. These thoughts, along with Uruguay’s example of decriminalisation will not please the USA, except California and Colorado. Just goes to show that the ‘drug war’ is all but lost. Personally, I think it’s great that people are starting to wake up, and I have never used the stuff.

Well, lunch is next on the agenda, looks like the dishes won’t be.

Already had my nap.






friday13Friday 13th is supposed to be ominous for some reason.

The fear of Friday the 13th has been called friggatriskaidekaphobia (Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom “Friday” is named in English and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of the number thirteen) – Wikipedia

For me it is just another day. I can’t recall that anything dastardly has ever occurred to me on that day and date. Apart from the fact that my last bottle of fizz ran out this morning, so I am fizzless.

Cool and cloudy today; no rain.

Headlines in the papers this morning, Prince Harry reaches the south pole, who cares.

Much more interesting reading about the swathe of executions this week. The Japanese have been at it, although clandestinely, Bangladesh has had one, and North Korea, Kim Jong-un got rid of an uncle. No doubt other less notable heads rolled as well. We are so civilised.

Interesting reading the United Nations reaction to Uruguay’s legalisation of marijuana, they say it’s illegal. Since when has the UN been able to tell a country that its law is illegal? Obviously the UN is siding with the US on this.

I had half planned to have a nap after this post. My last for the day, but my email box keeps filling up and I feel behooved to reply or visit other blogs. I’m not complaining, I love comments and emails, but why does it all have to happen at once and just when I had planned a nap.

Do you think this has any surreptitious dastardly thing to do with the date?

*Looks over shoulder*


All Fizzed Out

My liver would look as though it had been pan fried

My liver would look as though it had been pan fried

After writing about my lack of fizz yesterday, it’s Thursday and I have just put the last bottle of sparkling mineral water in the fridge, which means I have drunk nine litres since Monday.

I’m so glad it’s not alcoholic, because I’d be giving my liver a real bashing.

About the photo two posts back of me doing ‘Santa’ in front of the BBQ, I don’t ‘do’ Santa, the ‘Ho ho hos’ are beer induced.


OMG, now what?

The one time in my life that I played Santa was at my son’s kindergarten. One of the kids toward the end of the ordeal looked me straight in the eye and “You’re Brett’s dad!”.

Never again.

The floods I mentioned yesterday, have been catastrophic.


Image – ArarunaOnline

My ex rang me earlier to tell me that the street she lived in in Austin (a sub-suburb of Rio interior) has been badly flooded and many houses destroyed  or badly flooded destroying everything.

Neighbours that I knew in the area are homeless.

This photo gives you an idea of the severity of the floods in the region.

Uruguay has legalised marijuana. The first country in the world to show some sense. The war against drugs is not winnable, other methods need to be looked at for a solution. My opinion is that drug addiction should be treated like alcoholism, it’s a sickness, you shouldn’t be jailed for being sick.

Britain is looking at changing their law to make it easier to criminilise ‘Legal Highs’, synthetic drugs. Stupid bastards, legal highs only exist because you’ve made everything else illegal. Once you make these illegal, they will make more synthetic drugs that’ll kill even more people. Wake up and smell the coffee, you’re all arse-about-face.

likeable-blog-1000-2xI got a badge from WordPress, 1,ooo Likes on my Things that Fizz & Stuff blog, cool.

I have just discovered via The Guardian, that the Russian Winter Olympics being held in Sochi are being questioned. Sochi is sub-tropical.

I thought they were ‘Winter Games’…

Yet, here you see a lovely beach scene on the Black Sea.


Doesn’t look very much like Winter Olympic weather to me.

Just enough time to squeeze in a nap before class.


Just a bit of waffle

uruguay-map-2Uruguay said: Let’s legalise cannabis…

The pope said: Don’t legalise cannabis. Because he was told to say that.

The UN has said: It is concerned by the approval by Uruguayan MPs of a bill which would legalise marijuana. Because it would be a dangerous precedent in proving that the USA was wrong… again.

The italics are my views.

“Now we come to an unassuming man, a humble man, one José Mujica, he is the president of Uruguay. José Mujica is the antithesis of nearly every president in the world, he is the president that we all deserve instead of the arrogant power hungry bastards that we are saddled with. Previous post on The World’s Poorest President”The Pot Pot Rots today’s post on Tomus Arcanum

If the bill gets through the Uruguayan Senate, which it stands a good chance of doing, Uruguay will become the first country in the world to fully decriminalise cannabis. This shows the wisdom of the world’s poorest most unpretentious president when compared to the bombastic bastards we have elected in the west.

I know this is not a political blog, but I am overjoyed that Uruguay has shown it is not afraid of the bullies.

Like José Mujica, I have never used the stuff, but also like him, I see the damage that criminalisation has done to our world; more damage than if it was never criminalised.

It’s time for work. Happy reading.



Coffee sacred morning timeLife is full of little rituals.

We don’t usually recognise them as rituals, rather just the things we do and when and how we do them.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s getting out of bed or brushing your teeth, there’s a certain way you do it; that’s a ritual in as much a ritual as a Catholic who fingers their rosary without thinking.

My morning ritual, for it was a ritual, as sacred as the coffee that accompanied it, was to sit at my kitchen table with a view of the street, with coffee and the Press opened to the crossword page.

Coffee must be drunk, and the cryptic crossword completed before anything else happened that day.

Alas, I am in Brazil, I only get the Press cryptic crossword once a week on the net. Oh how I miss my little ritual. I have better coffee now, but I miss the newspaper. Brazilian newspapers just don’t do it, and their crosswords are pathetic.

2552The fickle consumer. That’s me. For years I have stuck to Pilão coffee because I considered it the best, but it went over the R$5 limit for 500gms (1lb) some years back and since I have diversified my tastes to whichever is on special; that could be any of three different brands. The other week, Pimpinela was on special, so I got a couple of sacks. It had been recommended to me. The result is that because of their pricing structure, Pilão has lost the custom of a fickle consumer who found a better coffee.

Businesses really are stupid.

There’s not really a lot to say today, other than it’s sunny and mild; it won’t last, another cold front has crossed the Uruguay border in the south and should be here by the weekend. Pyjama weather.

Yesterday, I was changing out of my pyjamas to go to work when the student rang and cancelled, I changed back into my pyjamas and continued blogging.

So far today, I have blogged. I have managed to avoid the steely eyes of the dishes in the sink. I have lunched, I have napped and watered the plants. The highlight of the day was squeezing fresh orange juice, so yummy.

stoppedmedsvoices1I saw this yesterday, and made a meme thingy for it.

I don’t take Prozac, but I can imagine it.

To me the message is, leave the meds, be yourself; stop trying to be normal, it’s boring.



Beef, Beer & Bunny Food

Even work doesn't interfere with Hump Day

Even work doesn’t interfere with Hump Day

Hump Day, what better way to get over the hump than with a big juicy steak, grilled mushrooms, salad and beer for lunch?

Unless you are an elephant, of course, there are better ways.

This morning while making coffee, I filled the sugar jar, then I filled the salt jar… guess what I put in my first coffee of the day?

A nasty shock for Hump Day.

The rest of the week is downhill, weekend starts on Friday at 10am for me. No complaints here.

A Church warden

A Church warden

Something that I have failed to mention about me here. I smoke a pipe from time to time. A frequent commenter on one of my blogs mentioned smoking a pipe as a relaxation and I admitted that I had neglected to mention my pipe-smoking habit which is one I started at the age of seventeen when I was the proud possessor of a Churchwarden pipe. The pipe I use today is much more conventional and less ostentatious. But to sit at the botequim with a beer, charging my pipe and chug away while watching the world go by on a Sunday afternoon is just so relaxing.

My student just rang, he wants to swap hours with the next student so he gets to watch the Brazil vs Uruguay game in the semi-final. I plan to see most of the game at a bar near the course. I’ll miss the last 15 minutes and extra time and/or penalties if there is a draw. Of course it would have been nice if he cancelled… then I would have seen the whole game, like last week.

This game won’t be an easy one, Uruguay has a strong attack, but Brazil could be compensated in that they have a weak defense. I am picking 2-1 to Brazil.

Sunny day here, not hot, pleasant after a string of cool days, but I fear the sour weather that is in São Paulo will arrive here overnight and make a wet day tomorrow.

Must go and give bones to the neighbour’s dog, and blog right along.



Chewing Nuts


I need a keyboard with one of these

OMG, here we are, its nearly a quarter to Wednesday!

I have been MIA since Sunday. Good intentions, but they never manifested.

As I have warned you, expect this intermittent, erratic posting while I am on split days for work. It’s the proverbial pain-in-the-butt.

Tomorrow Brazil vs Urugay in the semi final of the Confederations Cup… and I have class. It’s enough to make a grown man weep.

I am rattling this off before flying off to work.

Lunch was great, boiled spuds and mince. Haven’t had that for so long. Peppery potatoes with oodles of butter. Not good for the health, but great for the soul. It is one of my childhood foods, the mere smell of white pepper on the steaming potatoes is enough to transport me back to mother’s kitchen.

one-real-coin-thumb19645582On Monday night, after work, I was at the botequim for a whistle-wetter, when one of the local scallywags asked more for R$1.

I fished around in my pocket, declaring I didn’t have one; and I pulled out a R$2 note and gave it to him. Then I made him stop in his tracks when I asked him for change… I love teasing them.  The grin I got was worth R$2.

The kids know I am an old softy, despite being known as the neighbourhood velho caduco (grouchy old man).

Time to fly…


Forgot to mention, they were cashew nuts…

BRrrrr! With a capital BR

winedownDamn, it was cold this morning!

It’s not often that one wakes in Rio de Janeiro, beach capital of the world, and shivers as one gets out from under the covers. In fact, it’s not often that one even uses covers.

My feet froze as I had my morning pee, and froze some more as I made my morning coffee. While that was brewing I had to hunt around in my drawers to find an old tracksuit pants to wear.

No classes today, no classes tomorrow, so it’s weekend! Time to wind/e down.

magic door

Magic door

While I was in Barra on Tuesday to visit the magic door, I visited my favourite shop. Lidador is a wonderful place, full of imported wine and foodstuffs. It’s where I get my Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce and Coleman’s mustard powder from. Although, they were out of Lea & Perrins.


Didn’t want to waste the trip, so I had a good browse. Last time I saw they had a wine from New Zealand that was well under the apparently statutory price of R$100. I had though of getting a bottle, but they had both (only had two) been sold.

During my browsing I spied a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Uruguay. I had never seen a wine from Uruguay before. Flashing lights and warning bells went off in my head and the bottle somehow made its way to the counter, jumped into a bag and the girl was asking for R$35. In a trance I paid.


The bottle on the left now sits in my wine rack awaiting a ‘suitable’ occasion. I’m sure I’ll find one, soon.

3pm, and the sun has been out all day, but not warming appreciably. I am still in my tracksuit pants and my arms are close to being goosey.

I have my pork chop marinating and waiting to be grilled, so I guess I should do the honours.


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