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Dripping Pussy

closedmind(2)It seems that we don’t understand, a daily pee on the plastic, results in a dripping pussy as she is plonked unceremoniously in the dirt box leaving a trail of drips that have to be cleaned up.

It’s rather frustrating, hence I am not thinking straight.

Lunch was great, mince on toast, again, this time with reheated roast potatoes and pickled beetroot. Drinking fresh orange juice.

I did it gain. I watched football last night with wine and cheese. Oh, I hate myself! No, I don’t. I got bored with the game, after watching world class football Brazil vs Portugal the night before, the game last night lacked class, I went to bed before half time.

You guys get over there and see how funny we can be!

You guys get over there and see how funny we can be!

My new blog Some Animals are Crackers is not progressing as I hoped. It was a slow start, then seemed to pick up for a week, then slumped to several days with no visits at all.

Now if you guys, both of you,  really loved me you’d be clicking on the link to rectify the situation.

Maybe animals just aren’t funny any more…

One class today at 5:30 then it’s weekend. Tomorrow I have to trek to Barra to get my pay, that’s a day wasted only compensated by a sushi lunch.

The Americans haven’t admitted that they spied on Brazil, the president or Petrobras, but have said it is cause for concern. The bloody hypocritical bastards. Yesterday was the deadline for a response.

Reading the news (not mainstream, they will feed you shit), the USA was already unpopular, but since these spying scandals, Syria and associated problems, they have truly become the pariahs of the world. The USA has become about as popular as a pork chop in a synagogue, and believe me, that’s not very popular.

I read this on a blog meme:

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Cider! Oh, wait… non-alcoholic… er, gin? I’m not very good at this.

Tickled my fancy.

Last up today Cloro in another film, Cloro and the Big Stick, enjoy


Variety is the Spice of Life

Not always true. The spice I used was curry.

Lunch yesterday was Chicken Slops, lunch today was Chicken Slops and Cheese. Now there’s variety for you.

Chicken Slops is a quick and easy meal to prepare, just 10 minutes.

chiken meatGet a big pot, slop in some dripping (This week I used lard, because it’s a beefless week), slop in some diced chicken, slop in some curry, slop in some sliced mushrooms, stir and cook. Slop in some flour, slop in some vege stock, stir and cook until sloppy.

While was slopping, I boiled some potatoes and mashed them.

Lunch was ready.

Today, it was left over slops and fried potato; the secret was slop in some cheese to add variety. Even quicker than yesterday.

cranky-early-morning-1I didn’t sleep well last night. No reason, it was just a night of ups and downs, roll this way and that.

I woke up feeling terrible.

If I had looked like the kid, I would have been great, but I was crankier.

Just woke from an after-lunch nap, and I feel like that again.

If I had hair, it would be classed as a bad-hair day.

Another of my prophecies has come true. I predicted Morsi’s downfall before he was elected; the moment that I knew he was of ‘The Brotherhood’. Too many non-Muslims in Egypt to tolerate his ideals.

The cold snap has finished, but last night I had my tracksuit pants and long sleeved skivvy on. Today has been cool and sunny.

There’s not much going on at the moment, hence not a lot to tell you. That’s why I didn’t post yesterday, not a lot happened then either.

So, I will wish my American visitors a Happy Independence Day and toddle off.


Listening for the rumble…

Must go to store and buy new calendar

Well, yesterday I had hoped for a ripple, and today the day, not even a rumble.

Have we been duped again?

Here in Brazil it’s nearly 11am, which means it’s 2am on the 22nd in New Zealand, and I have scanned the news and apparently New Zealand is still there, and Google Earth shows no gaping hole where Australia should be.

Oh well, all that hype for nothing. I guess I will have to pay for the beer after all. I was informed yesterday by a realiable source, that should the world end and we all finish up on the other side that there the beer was free… sounded a bit like heaven to me.

As I said, it is 11am here, already the day is hot, the fan is blowing hot air, Lixo is looking for a cold place to cat nap, I even let my coffee get cold so I would break out in a sweat drinking it.

Looks like the USA is about to meet the ‘fiscal cliff’. The Republicans have withdrawn their Plan B and there is nothing else on the table that would appease the Obama admin, and there is unlikely to be within the next ten days.

I rather hope that the moment arrives, because it’s about the only thing that shows promise of a solution to the greed of the 1%, the bankers and Wall Street. Of course, it will have serious ramifications for the rest of the world, but given the current climate, I think it is necessary to bring the world back to some form of sanity because anything suggested by the government would take eons to reduce the debt and reduce spending. It might just bring America to heel with regard to military spending. No money, can’t fight wars and kill innocents. The whole system has become one massive failure.

Maybe that’s what the Mayans were on about…

Ah, a rumble!

Is it happening?

But alas no, it was just the truck delivering beer to the botequim next door. At least there will be beer this weekend.


A Fine Friday

Fine, because it’s not only the end of the week, but it is warm and the sun is out, although clouding a bit as I tap away here.

Fine because I have successfully made my first porn intimate close look at nature movie.

Fine because the Palestinians have won part of their fight.

Fine because I have just had a large pork chop and guava juice for lunch.

First, my movie…

A bezerra (big black bee) pollinating a passion fruit flower in my yard. These bees are necessary because of their size, as they are getting the nectar, the pollen brushes off on their backs, and hence taken to the next flower where their backs rub against the stamen and deposits the pollen.

https://i2.wp.com/3.bp.blogspot.com/-qzViblqUgfQ/Ti1sS8dM9nI/AAAAAAAAAHA/0qEXgTwEzRk/s1600/palestine-flag-tshirt.jpgNext, I am so glade that the bid by Palestine has succeeded in the UN.

The USA and Israel are not happy chappies, because it means that Israel has lost its ability to bully the Palestinians.

As for the cowardly 41 nations who abstained from the vote, well enough said.

Israeli and US spokesmen have declared that this is the wrong way, that only through negotiations can the Palestinians achieve their goal. Hell, they have been negotiating for 65 flammin’ years and nothing, but nothing has been achieved; in fact, the lot for the Palestinians has worsened. Now Israel is saying they will build more settlements on the West Bank( ie in Palestine), just who are the aggressors?

This is not my political blog, but personally I am pleased that they have succeeded.

It’s almost time for work, so later.

A Storm in a Cup of Claret

I see there’s a ‘storm in a tea cup’, or rather a cup of Claret. It has been called into question in England whether the judiciary should imbibe during the lunch break.

A long tradition of Claret with lunch for some judges in the Old Bailey.

And why not?

They have two hours. I am not afraid to have a beer with lunch, although it is frowned on. Admittedly, some would abuse the privilege and should be chastised in the event it affects one’s performance, such as a judge falling asleep on the bench in the afternoon.

For me it is a personal choice. If I were operating a machine in a factory, then I would be foolish to consider a lunchtime tipple.

It is interesting to note that while looking for an image to accompany this post, I discovered that there was a Saint Antoni Maria Claret, Brazil even has a Lieutenant Colonel Claret somewhere in the armed forces, a claret gnat fishing fly, Ray Ban Claret rimmed sunglasses, and my favourite…

(2009) Triumph Bonneville T100 – Claret aluminium silver right angle – Image: Triumph ©

Venezuela’s Chavez has built a monument to house the remains of Simón Bolivar; as some pundits have pointed out it looks more like a skateboarding ramp and is a monument to Chavez rather than the hero now entombed there.

It tried to rain, but barely managed to wet the ground. Now the sun is out.

My kitchen is in a state of shock, I washed the dishes.

Have the rest of the day to myself, only a lesson at 5:30pm and then it will be beer o’clock.


I am totally numb after last night, so totally, that I have switched off.

It has nothing to do with the three gin & tonics I had yesterday afternoon, nor the beers that followed.

We had music in the praça last night, lots and lots of very loud music.

The botequim had the Boa da Samba van again; I wrote about this on my recent post An Idyllic Thursday. Normally when this van comes along, I escape for more peaceful climes, like a good restaurant, but last night I was skint. This public holiday lark plays havoc with ones finances, hence the skintedness.

So, I figured, it wouldn’t hurt to spend one night listening to the music. It started around 6pm, I couldn’t hear the TV, I couldn’t hear my mother on the phone, the bass reverberated through the house; by 7pm I had a thumping headache. I tried going for a walk to sit on the other side of the park, that was no relief, so back home. All the windows were shut, Lixo was confused because even his ‘cat-window’ was closed. By 9:30, I was praying (remember I am an atheist) the music would stop at 10pm as programmed and that they wouldn’t do encore after encore.

10:03pm, peace and quiet. It was so quiet you could hear the silence.

NOT this Axe

During the week, I saw an interesting Tweet regarding the masculine deodorant Axe by a girl. “The only way you’ll conquer a girl with Axe, would be to spray it in her eyes to incapacitate her!” I don’t use Axe, it is beyond my price range, but it made me wonder if that was really the case for a lot of perfumes.

Quite frankly, I hate perfumes and makeup, and high heels and breast implants, and sexy lingerie and body piercings; in fact there’s not much about the world of female fashions that I do like. I like my women to be natural, nude is far more sexy than lace.

Last week I also saw an interesting ad on TV, shampoo that has caffeine… Now what would I want shampoo with caffeine for (apart from the fact that I’m bald)? You’d lie in bed trying to get to sleep and you can’t because your hair wants to get up and play! Stupid pratts!

They really do produce some useless shit.

Two days until the US elections. I am waiting to see how stupid Americans really are.

You have a choice between Obama, who has destroyed all meaning of the Constitution; and Romney who has back peddled so many times that he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

In my opinion, if you vote for the Democraps or the Repugnicans, you’re a fool. There are other options for intelligent people.

Sigh! But we all know what is going to happen.

I’ll be back later with a Travel post, this post was actually meant for yesterday but with the thunderous music last night that just wasn’t possible.


Yes, well…

what can one say? It’s Saturday.

Higgs Boson Event – Wikipedia

The world is in a mess. Heat wave in US, floods in UK and Russia, violent elections in Libya and messy ones in Mexico, Higgs Boson has been discovered and nobody really knows what that means, Syria is in a turmoil and shelling Lebanon, the US have determined that mermaids don’t exist, some famous person has separated from some other famous person, Israel is threatening to bomb Iran… again, the British are hot on Barclay’s  banking scandal and promising accountability, the Americans don’t know what accountability is and Stephen Hawking is having his brain read.

What does that all mean for you and me?

Today was sunny and we had a nice BBQ.

Complacency worries me.

I changed my coffee. I have always drunk Pilão, but recently the price went above R$7/500gm, so I resorted to one of my two secondary preferences, Bom Dia Extra Forte, and now that is approaching R$7, so last week I brought Pimpinela which is a brand drunk by many Brazilians, it was still below the R$6 mark, but the stuff is bloody horrible. Won’t be buying that again.

This post started out on Saturday, but Saturday has crept along and it is now Sunday. As predicted the weather changed overnight and it is raining, which is not good BBQ weather.

Lixo has just come in, soggy cat. He got caught in the downpour, and he expects me to stroke him until he gets dry. Happiness is NOT a wet pussy. He’s got the snots now and gone off for breakfast.

I haven’t really considered blogging yet, still on that first coffee waiting for inspiration to strike; it hasn’t struck yet.


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