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It could happen today

Weatherwise, it could happen today. There were clouds in the sky at 8am and the day started distinctly cooler, although has since heated up, but not to yesterday’s level.

The clouds have remained a little.

Last night the forecast gave us hope, predicting rain for Sunday and lower temps. We so need this.

The weekend has started, five days of R & R, well it will be the first R, but the second R remains in doubt, my pay still hasn’t been paid, but I am hopeful that my neighbour will pay me the three past rentals for my garage tonight, he promised last night.

Representative imgage. If they served me beer with that head, I'd have a coronary!

Representative imgage. If they served me beer with that head, I’d have a coronary!

I still haven’t got to the supermarket, too hot; so it looks like my lunch will be a repeat of yesterday’s cheeseboard and beer. I did go out for pizza and beer last night after class, so I am not starving. I won’t fade away just yet… there’s too much of me.

Something is rumbling under the planet. Another volcano has erupted, this time on the island of Java, the most populous, in Indonesia.

The east coast of USA is getting a double dose of extreme cold, and Britain is suffering more flooding. The extremes of cold in the north, and our opposite extremes in the south are making for dismal reading in the news.

At the end of March we are heading into spring in the north and autumn in the southern hemisphere. It all makes me wonder what we’ll be in for when winter arrives here.

Hora de verão (daylight savings, summer time) finish for us tomorrow night. The world can return to normal. I hate this chopping and changing. Just leave the time alone. One thing is that it will be cooler for me to walk to work an hour later, I will have more shade.

I am still avoiding any news of the Winter Olympics. Hooray for me!

Venezuelans are waking up a little. People are tired of rising inflation and basic needs product shortages. Chavez little social experiment is finally coming unstuck, and Maduro can’t fix it; blaming all the countries problems on the opposition instead of looking in the mirror. There’s going to be a very bloody revolution there shortly.

The spectre of the BP oil spill continues. Now we are talking Atlantic and yellow tuna, whose breeding grounds are the Gulf of Mexico, are having heart problems caused by the chemicals used to control the oil spill. Man just can’t leave well enough alone, we are hell bent on destroying the planet.

Soon, I should get ready to go and pay the rent. While I’m out, I will consider dinner somewhere air conditioned with beer.


A Storm in a Cup of Claret

I see there’s a ‘storm in a tea cup’, or rather a cup of Claret. It has been called into question in England whether the judiciary should imbibe during the lunch break.

A long tradition of Claret with lunch for some judges in the Old Bailey.

And why not?

They have two hours. I am not afraid to have a beer with lunch, although it is frowned on. Admittedly, some would abuse the privilege and should be chastised in the event it affects one’s performance, such as a judge falling asleep on the bench in the afternoon.

For me it is a personal choice. If I were operating a machine in a factory, then I would be foolish to consider a lunchtime tipple.

It is interesting to note that while looking for an image to accompany this post, I discovered that there was a Saint Antoni Maria Claret, Brazil even has a Lieutenant Colonel Claret somewhere in the armed forces, a claret gnat fishing fly, Ray Ban Claret rimmed sunglasses, and my favourite…

(2009) Triumph Bonneville T100 – Claret aluminium silver right angle – Image: Triumph ©

Venezuela’s Chavez has built a monument to house the remains of Simón Bolivar; as some pundits have pointed out it looks more like a skateboarding ramp and is a monument to Chavez rather than the hero now entombed there.

It tried to rain, but barely managed to wet the ground. Now the sun is out.

My kitchen is in a state of shock, I washed the dishes.

Have the rest of the day to myself, only a lesson at 5:30pm and then it will be beer o’clock.

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