My kitchen doesn’t quite look like this, but you get the idea

I was sort of hoping that with the end of the world being imminent, that I would be saved from the drudgery of doing the dishes.

I woke up this morning and the bloody things are still there.

I could, of course, be washing them now instead of writing a post, but the idea is somewhat less appealing.

More coffee wouldn’t go amiss, but then I’d have to stare down the dishes.

Why is life so complicated?confused

I had a bad dream last night. It wasn’t a nightmare, but I was transported back to being about 11.

I had to suffer the indignity of going to a therapist. It wasn’t because of anything I did, or a court order; nothing more nefarious than the fact that I talked fast. She was actually a speech therapist.

Stupid woman had me enunciating my vowels with a wide open round mouth, reading texts, practicing… It was all rather pointless, and eventually my mother desisted as I showed no signs of slowing down my speech.

Nobody even thought that the reason I talked fast was because I tried to keep up with my thinking, and the brain works faster than the mouth. This reasoning came to me later in life and has since been supported by reading on the subject.

Now as a language teacher, I do slow my speech down for my students because they’d never keep up with my normal pattern of speech. In fact some Brazilian English teachers have problems.

To expand on the theme, I ask, are therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists really necessary?

I mean, I know they are in certain types of institution; but I feel that that’s where they belong. Not let loose on society at large.

Basically in my day, one never heard of a psychologist, let alone have them in schools, etc.

Now they are a dime a dozen. How much good do they do? In my opinion, not much. They seem to me to create problems, where in my day you got a clip around the ear and told to deal with it. Now you are a victim, with the associated lowering of ones self esteem. If you look at it bluntly, the role of a psychologist is to make you dependent and thereby a source of income; it has nothing to do with making you ‘better.’ They prescribe antidepressant drugs that can make you suicidal or turn you into a murderous beast. The difference between murder and suicide is merely, who is the target.

Really, the world would be a better place if all these specialists crawled back into their holes.

Having vented my spleen, I find the dishes are still wanting…

I think I’ll go to the supermarket!