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A Loathing

Yes, I loathe selfies; hate them with a passion.

Even more so now.

Having had my hair and beard cut that morning, it added a touch of the demented

Having had my hair and beard cut that morning, it added a touch of the deranged

Last night in class we were discussing my new cellphone. I had earlier in the day bought a new SIM card and inserted same. I had verified that the camera now worked, but hadn’t actually taken a photo. My students, an accountant and a logistics supervisor, both of whom should know better, convinced me that traditionally, one takes a selfie to prove the camera works.

I took a selfie.

True to form, it made me look like a criminal, to make matters worse, I had chosen to wear an orange T-shirt which only served to highlight my potential criminality.

All this merely confirms my loathing.

Never again.

Late start today. 12:45 and I’ve just finished a bacon and egg breakfast.

It began raining last night, and is forecast to  continue until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Just had a double power surge and had to restart PC. These are Monday things, not for a Friday. I was lucky, autosave saved what I had so far. I so loathe it when I lose writing.

I was up during the night, yes, playing with my cellphone. Give a kid a new toy and…

I had removed the SIM card to download the criminal photo, and the battery fell out, so I had to reset everything again.

This is now my wallpaper.

Suits the 'fire orange' them of my cellphone

Suits the ‘fire orange’ them of my cellphone

My late start was due to the rain and very cool temps. It’s not underwear weather. I am in T-shirt and brushed cotton pants to stave off the cold.

Clorinha took one look at me an wondered why I had so much fur on, then went back to sleep on the sofa.

The plant I posted yesterday is apparently a Beefsteak (Perilla frutescens) plant, thank you to MWPG identifying it for me.

fartA suggestion in comments, that in order to combat global  flatulence, we should cull humans. I quite agree, there are far too many of us.

I didn’t actually get to the supermarket yesterday. The ATM had remembered how to money, so I paid the rent, by that time I was close to lunch in both space and time. Snap decision…

Caught the restaurant out falsifying food. They had sole fillets listed on the buffet… yum. When I cut into the first one it was pink inside. Sole doesn’t have colour. They were passing off panga (R$9/kg) as sole (R$28/kg). The manager wasn’t aware and gave the kitchen a bollocking for putting the restaurant at risk of a heavy fine. Our consumer protection, ProCon, just love to dish out R$10,000 fines for this type of infraction. The manager thanked me for the information, but he didn’t go as far as offering a free lunch.

Also, I loathe panga. Panga is a Vietnamese export. Raised in the Mekong River Delta which is the sewer of South East Asia and they fill it with hormones to grow quicker.


No, I was practising my Nap-fu

After which I went home to practice my Nap-fu.

Big steel birds seem to be falling out of the sky somewhat regularly, shot down, hi-jacked, sand storm have taken their toll in recent months.

Israel is on the path to succeeding in their planned genocide of the Palestinians. I hope that if and when the last Palestinian falls that the UN, Britain and the USA are taken to book for giving Palestine to the Israelis in the first place. They started it. It has become obviously aware that Israel will not stop until Gaza is gone.

I have a heap of posting to do today, so I should really blog along.

I will leave you all with my loathings for the day and go and make more coffee.




Teasing Me Again

Just a tease

Just a tease

While we have the heat wave, I have looked forward to some refreshing rain.

The last four days around 2pm we get clouds, some of them are even grey, but they are just teasing us, they go away again.

We were warned last week that the temps would remain high until the 15th. Last night they did a report on TV that said maybe until the end of the month, like the heat wave in 2001; or even later. The this afternoon the weather reporter said the 20th. Quite frankly, I don’t think they know. Meanwhile we suffer; this is the fourth day of 43ºC.

I hope you enjoyed my ‘quickie’ post at 2am this morning. Later when I got up at gentleman’s hours, I read some more of my previous posts. There are a lot there worth reading.

YTcopyrightI even opened my music page and had a trip down memory lane, but I was disappointed to find that many video clips had disappeared for copyright reasons and stuff.

I will have to do a clean up there, and that is going to be a real bitch of a job.

Monday things: I opened a new bag of sugar this morning for my coffee; it was bloody full of ants. So now I have to scoop out ants from my coffee before drinking.

sukhoi_su_27I once had a Warrant Officer who after going to Farnborough Air Show many years ago said to me “That communism maybe a flawed social doctrine, but they build shit hot planes.” He was of course referring to the Russians and an aerial display of the latest Sukhoi fighter of the time.

I must admit, that it looks like one awesome plane.

MdsarchesVietnam is on the way downhill, McDonald’s opened their first outlet (I refuse to call them restaurants) in Hanoi last week. The nasty creep of capitalism. Of course the franchise is owned by the prime minister’s son-in-law, now why doesn’t that surprise me?

The Japanese have upset New Zealand. One of their whaling fleet entered EEZ waters and refused to leave. It has caused a bit of a political row. The Japanese whaling is against international law; they say it is for research. Bollocks! You don’t need 1,ooo whales each year for research, it’s commercial whaling in another guise. The Japanese are defying an international moratorium on whaling, and they should be brought to heel.

Damn, it’s so hot, the only sensible thing to do, is have another nap to escape the heat.


Remember this:

“GOD created the world, everything else is made in China.”


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