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A brass monkey

A brass monkey and balls

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not bathing because it’s Saturday, I do bath on other days too.

Actually, I shower.

But the last two days being ball-freezing cold, I have neglected my bodily needs.

Clorinha doesn’t seem to mind.

Being purred to sleep each night is wonderful. She’s up/down onto the bed as soon as I am. The up/down depends whether she leaps from the floor or the window.

A solid boomp in the face, she snuggles under my chin, pushes her nose into my armpit, not a place where I’d put my nose voluntarily, and purrs me to sleep.

Now the brass monkey above, is not the same brass monkey that I used in my reference to ‘cold’. Although, it is often mistakenly so.

Also a brass monkey

Also a brass monkey

The saying comes from an old naval term; a brass square used to hold cannonballs on a ships decks.

Once the weather got cold enough, the brass plate would shrink and dislodge the cannonballs.

See, nothing to do with testicles at all.



This is also a Brass Monkey

Another brass monkey

Another brass monkey

Dark rum, vodka and 4x the amount of fresh orange juice.

I fully suspect that this might knock one’s testicles off; or at least severely batter them about a bit.

The world is just full of brass monkeys.

The Sun is out, still cool, but after 48 hours the rain has stopped.

Today is Brazil vs Holland to see who is the third place getter in this infernal World Cup.

Both countries, Argentina and Germany believe they have the advantage for tomorrow’s final.

One has a pope, the other has an ex-pope.


Battle of the Popes

Really, it’s out of FIFA’s hands right now.

Loftier decisions are being made.

Read an interesting irritating article yesterday. British parents have been prosecuted for taking their kids on holiday to Australia for three weeks during term time.

The law, once again, proves to be an ass. It also shows how woefully inadequate and screwed up our education systems are.

Those kids would have learned more in three weeks travelling than they would have learned in the same period in school.  I say that with some authority, having declared that since I have been travelling throughout South America, my education has been completed; actually, it is an ongoing process.

Well, the sunny day was short-lived, it’s raining again. I wonder if Clorinha has the sense to come in out of the rain today?

Speaking of cats, I am going for a trip down memory lane.

Yesterday I found two photos long forgottten archived of Ellen Suelen, my step daughter, when she was seven.

The subject was the birth of Hello Kitty’s first litter of kittens. The place, on the mat under my bed. Five tiny damp furry balls were produced witnessed by Ellen, who took an immense interest in the proceedings.

Ellen immersed in the procedings

Ellen immersed in the goings on under my bed

Ellen dutifully informed us of every bloody detail, much like  a football commentator, lurid in every aspect.

As the proceedings came to a close, Ellen rolled over and looked up at me

As the proceedings came to a close, kittens all safely latched to a teat, Ellen rolled over and looked up at me

“I’m not having kids!”

“Why?” I asked innocently. Unaware that I was about to wear the brunt of a seven-year-old’s logic.

“Too messy!”

With that little anecdote, today’s postings come to a close.

My dishes sneered at me again while making coffee, so I will nap to get over that, much cheaper than therapy.

Oh, lunch, weinerschnitzel and bruschetta.

I had planned on a bacon & egg breakfast, but as it’s 11:40, it doesn’t seem right any more.

Clorinha is safely out of the rain and asleep on the sofa.



I should, but I don’t want to

I should go to class today, but I don’t want to. I am lacking the impetus, and if I can get my student on the phone, I won’t. It’s too hot.

I have just come back from the supermarket. On a hot day that’s tiring. I had to go, I have been meaning to go since Saturday, but put it off to Sunday, then Monday I was determined and I had my PC drama, so that scotched that idea. Tuesday wasn’t a goer, because I had an earlier class than normal.

It's green

It’s green

I don’t normally drink vodka, but today I saw an apple flavoured one, R$6, so I thought why not? Let’s do something daring.

An American couple have unearthed a hoard of 1,427 gold coins in mint condition buried under a tree. It’s estimated that the value is over $10m.

I must start looking at trees a little closer for a rusty tin.

The pope is worried over the violence in Venezuela, what about the Venezuelans? He suggested dialogue… LOL, that’s a laugh. Dialogue is useful when you are dealing with intelligent people, not psychotic despots; they prefer monolgue. Interesting to note that a party loyal has now criticised Maduro and the violence he has created.

A group of Brazilians afiliated to Anonymous have threatened to disrupt official websites for the FIFA World Cup as an extension of the protests over the government’s extravagant spending on the cup.

Can’t raise my student on the phone, looks like I’ll have to put my big-boy pants on and go.



bottle-yaziYazi is the name on the bottom of my coffee mug.

Led me to explore, it has connections with calligraphy, it’s a game, it’s a Canadian art gallery and it’s a ginger flavoured vodka.

For me it holds bliss in the morning.

Hot, damned hot today, cracking 38°C (100°F) for the first time since winter.

Went into town and paid the rent, and I was soon looking for a cool place. Air conditioned, ice cold beer and BBQ, just what the doctor ordered.

I got home just before 2pm, then my student rang… “Where are you?” I had forgotten completely. A quick hobble was in order getting to the course in record time sweating profusely.

Managed to give a successful lesson.

Back home for a nap.

In the last minutes of sun, I took Cloro to the botequim (pub) for the first time. He nervously explored everything, skittish when cars went past, but he generally made himself at home.

Every time I upload a video with Cloro’s name, stupid YouTube wants me to add the tag +Chlorine; Cloro is chlorine in English, my kitty is not a chemical element.


Lactobacilious Lokos

Bols Yoghurt

Bols Yoghurt

As near as I can figure Lactobacillus Lokos is yoghurt with vodka…

You know the old story you used to tell kids, they even sung about it, “A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down!” Well, I guess this is the adult option.

Bols even have a bottled version…

Lactobacillus is lactic acid bacteria, we need it in our diet, if we need it, it must be healthy, we must drink more…

I like that rationale.

Lactobacillus is just one of the many live organisms that live in our gut, that we need to to turn food into a body-friendly product.

From Carlos’ Kitchen (in Portuguese) come two recipes:

1 :: Lactobacilious Lokos (lokos = crazy)

  • A pot of yoghurt (flavour of your choice)
  • At least a shot of vodka
  • Ice
  • Shake and drink

2 :: Lactobacilious Safado (safado = bastard)

  • A pot of yoghurt (flavour of your choice)
  • At least a shot of Catuaba
  • Ice
  • Shake and drink

catuabapoderoso1Easy peasy.

What might not be so easy is finding Catuaba outside Brazil.

The name catuaba (pronounced [ka.two.’aba], a Guarani word that means “what gives strength to the Indian”) is used for the infusions of the bark of a number of trees native to Brazil. – Wikipedia

It’s an aphrodisiac, energiser and a stimulant for the central nervous system.

It contains the famous Brazilian guaranã.

Well, there you have it. Having cast my pearl before the swine, lets get back to blogging, shall we?

Here’s the crux, apart from the promise of rain, there’s not a hell of a lot to blog about.

Once I finish here, I’m going to scare the hell out of my kitchen; it’s in for a reorg, I’ll further add insult to injury by doing the dishes.

Having procrastinated (I have a Master’s in Procrastination) for two weeks over buying a spade, last night I borrowed one with the intent of turning over my modest compost heap. I want to get some of the gooey goodies from underneath. I told Raimundo (it’s his spade) that I was going to get the sogra (mother-in-law) out of the freezer and bury her in the garden.

Lunch, I am envisaging diced chicken something with stir-fry something. The ‘something’ relating to the chicken could be curry, the ‘something’ relating to the stir-fry could be veges; but that’s not confirmed yet. Those decisions will be made after I open the fridge door.

I will blog along…


I Had One of Those Moments

You know the type, where you open the fridge and stare dumbly at the contents wondering why on earth you had opened the fridge…

In the several seconds it takes to recover yourself and regain some decorum, you stand there like a twit.

I really must spend more time in the kitchen.

Today I found a potato in a mid-life crisis No, it was not trying to become a trans-potato, it had taken it upon itself to become vodka; yes, it was slowly reaching the putrid stage, bordering on fermentation.

A couple more days and the garlic cloves would have all been doing a Russian Cossack dance, shouting for more vodka.

Today is Ash Wednesday, yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. We have all heard these terms, but do we really know what they mean?

Shrove Tuesday can be a dangerous time for your pets

The shriving bell was the summons for confession, once confessed they had been shriven. The verb to shrive means to confess one’s sins or absolution. One shrives on the Tuesday before Lent, that 40 days of fasting before Easter. Before the fasting of course the household has many ingredients that needed to be used, or wasted. It was this that became the ‘pancake tradition.’

Shrove Tuesday is also known as Mardi Gras from the French meaning Fat Tuesday, the day that all the fats in the house were used.

Then you have carnival, literally means one more meat before Lent. Hence the gluttony and debauchery at carnival prior to the Lenten season.

Why is Ash Wednesday called Ash? Ash Wednesday derives its name from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of adherents as a sign of mourning and repentance to God. Usually an ash cross on the forehead by the priest.

So there you have it; pancakes and a dirty smudge on the forehead.

In about ten minutes the apuração (voting) for the samba schools in the Grupo Especial will be televised, which in turn indicates a proximity to beer o’clock. Two schools will be relegated, and allowing two schools from the second division to be promoted for next years carnaval.

This year in São Paulo, there was a scandal at the apuraçaõ. The competition at carnaval is very intense, and one disgruntled member of one school invaded the judges box and destroyed many of the voting papers before he was subdued which meant they couldn’t complete the count. Totally bad sportsmanship.

One mustn’t be tardy.


Absolut (ely) Wasted

Screwdriver - Whoops, wrong image!

Not that kind of wasted, I don’t drink vodka. I can’t understand those who do; nothing but rotten potatoes and no flavour. That’s why they invented the Screwdriver, to give the stuff some flavour. Mind you, that kind (pictured) of screwdriver has more flavour than vodka.

The day was wasted as I predicted yesterday.

Yesterday started off wrong. I was awake during the night and went back to bed, when I woke it was already 10:15. I had planned to leave the house at 10 because of the trip to Barra. I didn’t leave until 12… well, I needed coffee.

New bus against the current road works

The trip was slow because of the major road works for the new BRT from Barra to Santa Cruz, a distance of about 60kms.

The plan is great, but requires two years of disruption to achieve.

The current trip requires a slow grind up Grota Funda, the new route goes through an already completed tunnel under the same hill.

So, on with the story. I got paid, I paid my bills and had my sushi lunch. It was a hot day when I started 34⁰C, by the time I got the bus at 3:15 it was cooling rapidly and started to spit as we climbed Grota Funda, once over the top we reached the storm on the other side, torrential rain, howling wind, thunder and lightning and the temp had dropped to 22⁰C. The bus was packed, everybody raced to close windows and the temperature inside rose becoming unbearable. Because of the road works (also in Recreio before we get to Grota Funda) we were racing along at a crawling speed, or stopped. I arrived home at 6:30pm; more than 3 hours packed like sweaty sardines in the bus. No joke.

My leg was sore, I was tired, I was irritable, so I determined it was beer o’clock.

I saw this on Twitter: “Red Wine May Lower Chances Of Breast Cancer” I thought oh goody and tweeted,  “”Red Wine May Lower Chances Of Breast Cancer” Just checked mine… no cancer – It works” I’m not even sure men get breast cancer… But I couldn’t resist a bit of devilment.

Now, I must away and blog some more…


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