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Counter Fitter

Based on the old threepence

Based on the old threepence

No, I’m not fitting counters this side of next birthday.

Although I have had two coffees this morning and already made a thermos full for the remainder, I still feel pre-Coffee, which explains why I have a ciggy in one ashtray, and have just lit another…

The Bank of England has called for designs for a new pound coin to be minted to foil counterfeiters. Apparently it’s cheaper than having their own designer paid for by the public coffers. In calling for submissions, they want something that typically identifies England.

The new design is based on the old 12-sided threepence, which people are already refering to a ‘thrupny’ bit.

Typically English… what could be more typical than a pint?

Here’s my idea.

A pint in colour, that'll fool the counterfeiters

A pint in colour, that’ll fool the counterfeiters

So far this morning, I haven’t trusted myself to post on any of my blogs. I have busied myself in emptying my mail box and checking out new posts on those I follow. Having said that, my Thunderbird has just gone beep beep bop, telling me that my efforts have been in vain, and there is now more mail… the wheel turns.

While waiting for inspirration to strike, I have just realised it’s MONDAY!

Something has to happen

Something has to happen

Now as well as waiting for inspiration, I have the added worry of what can go wrong today… Which in turn reminded that the rent is due today. Now that in itself is not a problem, I have the rent, but I have to get into town to pay it; that requires motivation.

Now, I am waiting for inspiration AND motivation.

I think I need more coffee.



Oh, that’s wonderful!

The dams are dry, sorry too late

The dams are dry, sorry too late

In recent months Brazil has undergone a severe water shortage, particularly in the state of São Paulo. A report in the news this morning is rather disturbing. It appears that deforestation of the Amazon basin has reached a threshhold The vegetation of the Amazon basin let moisture rise and so produce the clouds that moved across the country and fell as rain. Apparently, there is not enough vegetation left to make suffcient moisture to form the necessary clouds. Brazil’s inaction, or insufficient action, has caused their own demise. Had the country been more prudent earlier, we wouldn’t have these drought problems. Another example of man’s inability to husband the planet effectively.

I should move along, blogs are calling, posts are begging to be written and Thunderbird is telling me there is more mail.



Counter Fitter

Today is Lorem Beersum

Lots of footballerum

Lots of footballerum

Fishem chipsum for lunch

And football and beer for dinner!

Yes, all those months and years of planning, Valckes criticisms and Seth Balthermouth’s heartburn.

Kick off is only an hour and a bit away.

The opening ceremony is on telly now, and the Brazilian team have just arrived at the stadium.

Despite all the delays and worries, the World Cup is HAPPENING!

I will be off to the botequim shortly, about beer o’clock, so if i don’t do this now, done it won’t be.

They have rigged up a large screen to project the game, so all will see.

More mundane matters. Last night I asked one of the locals if he knew of a plumber who fixes roof tanks; turned out I was talking to one. Fortuitous. Reggie came around this morning and after trying several theories without success, he was up on the roof. Yes, the tank was full, despite his doubts that it was; yes the ballcock functioned as it should. He came to the conclusion that something was blocking the exit. I told him that in the first place. He took out a section of pipe, and sure enough two pieces of plastic bag were in the pipe.

I am not right ALL the time, but this time I was right again.

I now have water, no more cold showers this winter. He also replaced the element in the shower head, so now I will have hot hot water.

lorem_ipsumLorem ipsum…

Do you have any idea what it means? It appears Latin, but when it’s translated, it’s nonsense.

Apparently is was a piece of Latin literature, but it has been adulterated and some versions contain non-words and embarrassing phrases.

Seth Blathermouth is still fizzing at the bung, incensed that the EUFA have called for him not to run for FIFA president again.

He should listen, because not only EUFA are clambering for him to step aside, many at ground level want the same.

The Global Obesity Bomb

The Global Obesity Bomb

EU court has decided that obesity should be classed as a disability. It’s not, it’s an ‘ism’.

The global obesity problem could be solved simply if governments would legislate against HFCS and sweeteners in sodas and food.

It’s not so much junk/fast food, but the corporate use of HFCS, high fructose corn syrup has an imbalance of fructose that the body can’t process; the excess goes straight to the liver and gets converted to FAT. It has to be banned. HFCS is cheaper than normal sugar, so the corporations are once again putting profits above health.

I do believe the clock has ticked around to beer o’clock…

50 minutes to kick off.



Twisted Knee

JWTwistedSounds like a John Wayne movie…

But it isn’t, dodging Clorinha in the kitchen this morning while making coffee, I twisted my knee.

My house is full of obstacles, kitty toys. Three plastic bags, a rubberband, a twistie off the bread bag, a gnawed supermarket receipt, one sock, a pen, my shorts, the printer cable has been pulled out, an empty ink cartridge pack  and my reading glasses.

Is it any wonder I need coffees (note the plural) in the morning?

bullshit-1000-2xI got 1000 Likes on Bullshit Corner a couple of days ago. For those of you who do not know my Bullshit Corner, it’s a bit like my Nether Region, but naughtier. Nether Region tends to be more G Rated.

Remember that old 1929 song by Irving Berlin, Puttin’ on the Ritz?

Even I wasn’t around when they published that one. But here, have a laugh…

Putin on the Ritz

Putin on the Ritz

I couldn’t resist that. The moment I saw it, it had to be posted.

This is my last pot for the day, at 11am, I am doing well. My morning has involved watering the plants, helping three Gulf Fritillery caterpillars meet their demise (they eat my passion fruit vines), fed the cat, washed some dishes (not all, or I wouldn’t recognise the kitchen) and had a nap.

Equal_Justice_Under_LawI discovered an interesting fact the other day. I was always under the impression that America was a God fearing country, but I find otherwise. American law has nothing to do with religion or religious views. In fact it even the words and principal ‘Equal justice under law’ cannot be found in any Judeo-Christian scripture. A very interesting post here.

The weather today… Woke at 7am, lovely sunny day, by 7:30 it had clouded over and I had to switch the light on to see the keyboard. 9am, lovely and sunny again, 10:30 dark and gloomy, now an hour later sunny again.

I have nothing planned, so the day should be a success.

My flounder didn’t last until lunch today. I had it for dinner last night, it was quite yummy.

I’ll leave you with a thought for the day…





Taking the Next Exit


The coffee is not so gritty today.

Lunch is part way done. As is most of my blogging for the day.

Good bye my friends, our time together was so short

Good bye my friends, our time together was so short

After lunch I have to go and pay the rent.

I am late this month because of all the public holidays and that my pay was received on the eve of them.

Clorinha has decided that kitty biscuits are not good enough, she wants mince.

Yesterday I gave her the trimmings of a T-bone steak… not good enough. Today I gave her the trimmings of a pork chop… not good enough.  So I have relented and taken a small pack of mincemeat out of the freezer.

Damned finicky animal!

grumpycreditcardI’ll try her on fish tomorrow as I have taken some flounder out of the freezer for lunch. This beast could become expensive… but then she’s a girl, fast becoming a woman.

I’m waiting for the day when she wants her own credit card.

The Americans are going to screw up the net, by allowing fast lane services to be more expensive. Here in Brazil they have just had a conference about net neutrality, and differentiating services were specifically banned.

Interesting comment: Snowden screwed up the internet… I had to laugh, it was the Americans who screwed that up; Snowden just told us about it.

Now the Russians, along with the Germans and Brazil look as though they are going to split the net into fractions because of the American spying, now tell me that Snowden screwed it up; that ball falls directly in the American court.

Oh, the Home Office, those sadistic bastards, are at it again. Lately David Cameron has been spouting on about FGM (you know what that is? Female Genital Mutilation, look it up, it’s horrifying) and backing the cause to ban it and enforce the law in the UK. The British figures for this practice are shocking.

But the Home Office is going to deport a Nigerian mother and her two daughters (one of whom was born in the UK) today after she failed in her legal efforts to stay in England. In Nigeria her family are staunch supporters of FGM, and the woman is afraid, and rightly so, that her relatives will take the matter into their own hands and do it. The mother suffered FGM as a girl and she doesn’t want her daughters to have it done, but once she is in the hands of her relatives, it’ll happen.

If there was ever a cause for humanitarian consideration, this is it. David Cameron, pull your head out of your sanctimonious arse and stop this deportation!

These bureaucratic bastards need to be hamstrung.

Crimea is crying because the Ukraine has cut their water off, not right off, but reduced it drastically. The matter of overdue payments was overlooked while Crimea was part of the Ukraine, but now that it is, dubiously, part of Russia the Ukraine wants payment; rightly so.

This of course will be the ruin of Crimean agriculture, grape harvests and the like. They should have thought of that before becoming Russian. Crimea is now a Russian problem, let them give you water. You made the choice in your illegal referendum.

*climbs down off soapbox*

Time to go and finish cooking lunch.


Life Needs some Fizz

I sometimes buy this brand

I sometimes buy this brand

Life without a little effervescence can be very dull and boring. It’s he fizz that puts the adventure component into ones life.

Last week at the second biggest supermarket in our region they were completely devoid of fizz. My particular fizz is sparkling mineral water. They had plenty of Coca Cola and other poisonous substances, oh, they’d never run out of them. But of those of us who drink only water (or beer or wine) there’s not enough profit in selling mere water.

Perrier and Evian were on the shelves but I refuse to pay those prices, so I went without until my next visit to the other supermarket.

Now I have fizz!

So refreshing. But the last two days have been so hot (40°C) , I have drunk three litres per day and my stocks are dwindling.

Reprieve today, we had heavy rain overnight. But the rain in the city has caused big problems; much of Rio is flooded. The centre of Rio is inundated, with traffic at a standstill; and many of the outlying suburbs have been hit catastrophically.

All the major highways in and around the city are flooded, the metrô (subway) has closed many stations. The mayor has asked people to stay at home because buses have stopped.

cookie_monster2The Cookie Monster

Cookie monster has become real.

It has bee revealed that the American and British spy agencies are tracking cookies among their other email and communications spying. This means that all PCs that have cookies installed can be spied on.

Google is necessarily miffed about this, because more people will turn to programmes that neutralise cookies, therefore robbing Google of their profit-making capabilities. I am looking at doing this.

The world is becoming a very unsanitary place.

All this is supposed to be protecting the world from terrorism. But the agencies cannot name any blocked terrorist threat that was thwarted by this information gathering… It’s all bullshit!

It’s all about governments wanting total control.

The rain has started again, and I have work in just over an hour. Must think about something to eat; or a nap…




Mass Debating

debating-theistsI have been debating with myself…

Light the BBQ, or relight the BBQ?

Is 20 hours between BBQs enough?

I have meat that wants BBQing, I have wine that needs to accompanied by a BBQ, indeed I have beer in the fridge that would go great with a BBQ.

So much debating, it can only be done ‘en mass’.

The sun outside is scary, I haven’t seen any forecasts yet, but I am guessing 40++°C (that’s 106°F) as a starting point. The fact that I burned my hand when I grabbed the aluminium pitcher to water the plants, gives you a fairly good idea of how hot it is today.

There is noise from the bar that indicates there are others still alive in this inferno, and trying to stay alive.

Not a lot has happened since yesterday. I BBQed, I drank, I napped, I BBQed again, I drank and watched football on TV (Portugal vs Sweden) which was one by a Brazilian… Portugal 1, Sweden nil; Cristiano Ronaldo saw to that.

'Loooove shopping,' Felix the arch-villain of the soap opera. This guy emanates pure evil.

‘Loooove shopping,’ Felix the arch-villain of the soap opera. This guy emanates pure evil.

I watched TV at home, under the blast of my new fan. Lying on my sofa with a litre jug of fresh orange juice I enjoyed my personal typhoon while I watched a soap opera, then the news, then more news, and more news after that, then another soap opera, then bed alone, wondering where my pussy was playing.

One thing that amused me during the week was the Toronto mayor. So he takes drugs, if he wants to do that fine, but it doesn’t exactly fit in with honest mayoring. He’s been filmed doing it, he’s admitted doing it, fine, that’s all they need to fire him, like any other drug taking person. The funniest bit was the headline ‘Toronto Mayor Loses Some of his Powers’. Some? he should lose the freakin’ lot! I couldn’t believe that.

Now, check out why I drink water and beer and not any form of softdrink…


I’m off to BBQ, the BBQ is lit and the smell of smokey charcoal through the window is intoxicating.

Aren’t long weekends fun?


Cummins and Goin’s


Cloro needs lessons

Cloro still sounds like a little Cummins diesel, but he’s going to have to control his goin’s. So far has has gone on the sofa x2, the carpet, the towel (I found that after I sat in it) , the T-shirt, and he’s just pissed on the sheets. He doesn’t seem to get the idea that you poo in the pizza box. He’s done one poo in the garden, but it has been raining since and that’s not conducive to kitties going outside.

He’s discovered there’s a cat inside the oven. He plays peek-a-boo with the mirror-like oven door.

Had a dizzy lizzy today, finally tracked down an ortorh… ear-nose-throat guy, saw him this afternoon. The conversation went like this; Good afternoon (R$50) let’s have a look (R$50) Hmmmm, needs a wash (R$50)…

coffecatI have to go back in the morning before coffee for some tests. I tried to explain to him that going out the gate before coffee was a bit like becoming a Zombie, to no avail.

Then I go back for the results next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, more pills.

I am trying 0.0% beer. Funny stuff, tastes sort of like beer… NO! It tastes like straw soaked in water, but I could get used to it. Beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m going to have another handle with some chips (may be they’ll improve the flavour) and watch the news.


Is 13 a lucky number?

All this fuss about finding water on Mars, finding beer would be sure proof of life

All this fuss about finding water on Mars, finding beer would be sure proof of life

Good question. I ask it because my previous post about Lagunilla got 13 likes.

I’ve never had so many likes before, it was wonderful, a real morale booster.

Thanks you all for taking the time to click the ‘Like’ button, appreciated.

Tuesday already. Monday was a typical Monday, my new afternoon student didn’t show, my evening student cancelled, and I got to work for my late afternoon students, and they didn’t show.

I’m broke, no money until tomorrow. I had the month planned beautifully, but a succession of private students not arriving for lessons botched my plans completely. Private students pay better than working for a course, but the problems that arise from private students cause stress, a course, there is no stress.

The old Maracanã

The old Maracanã

Big fuss in Rio at the moment. The famous Maracanã stadium, symbol of Brazilian football (soccer for our American cousins)  is being reformed for the 2014 World Cup. The city council have floated the idea of privatising it. How bloody absurd, people are not happy.

Such a national symbol should not be in private hands.

Time for lunch, a nap and work.


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