I hate Mondays, something always happens. Even if it doesn’t, it lies in wait to ambush you on Tuesday; which is totally unfair.

Yesterday, I had the day planned. Up earlyish, chemist for some Enos, hair & beard cut (weather is getting hot, so I’m getting sweaty under here) and supermarket.

Result, up late, no Enos, no hair cut, no supermarket. It was only then I realised that it was Monday.

During the course of Sunday, I had several trains of thought about posting. Of course, Sunday is Travel post day. Now they have gone; the trains that is, the demons are still there.

Curious saying that, “train of thought” have you ever wondered what that would look like? I hadn’t until I saw this…

Makes me wonder that I didn’t have a headache with several trains of thought yesterday; would have been like Waterloo Station.

I love the visuals that are possible in life.

The English language, so rich, diverse and confusing. See my recent post on Tomus Arcanum to understand why.

I have two hours until class. Lunch is upper most on my mind, but blogging takes precedence.

I managed to defrost the fridge this morning, so the day hasn’t been a total waste.