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betweenSat&SunWith my screwed up Saturdays, Sunday doesn’t really feel like Sunday anymore.

If the powers that be can stuff around with daylight saving, surely they could invent a new weekend day.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would approve.

Laundry lady came, babbled a lot and went.

While ignoring the banal banter I managed to post, and here I am at the end of the day. It’s only 5pm, but I consider that a Sunday the day ends here.

It’s election day, so no football.

On a Sunday there is nothing but crap on TV from midday until 9pm. then there’s a current affairs programme that sometimes too can be crap, although not always. Sometimes it exposes the nefarious goings ons of politicians, government or criminals… there I go, repeating myself again.

I love the opening of this programme.

Quite ethereal.

I made a huge tray of sushi today and took it to the botequim. I’m getting quite proficient now and it only took me an hour and a half from washing the rice to eating with my first beer. A half dozen of the fregües (regulars) like it and participate and the tray didn’t last long.

So that was my contribution for the day.

I came back home for Nap-fu practice, which I might add was successful.

In my despising daylight savings, it appears that I am not alone. The Russians tried DST as a permanent fixture. But this weekend they are returning to ‘normal’ time for the last time. No more DST.

As there is nothing on TV, and the botequim crowd are people I don’t know, I may see if I can rest, although guilty feelings about the dishes may reign supreme.

Meanwhile, think about that extra day… what would we call a new day between Saturday and Sunday?



attachment-0012Now that I have your attention, I am back; as promised in the early hours.

I have absolutely no idea what I am about to write about, but that didn’t stop Obama from being president.

noideadoingSo let’s just trundle along and see what happens.

Whatever does happen will happen in the generous hour that I have allotted myself today instead of scrimping at the end of the day.

Coffee this morning was at 5am, so the day started early. I have, however, recovered with a lengthy Nap-fu practice; and more coffee.

We have new carpet. Yes, the nice men from the council put new asphalt on our part of the road this morning. Now the fact that it is election year and that we have been asking for this for four years wouldn’t have anything to do with it, would it? Nah, they wouldn’t be so low…

I have a new record. My post Cold Feet has crept up to 20 Likes. *Dances around the room*

I sat down before I fell down.

I was amused to read a headline in the wee small hours, “IS is the biggest threat to America” I felt that they left something out, a word… Should it not have been finished by adding “…American oil” Maybe that’s just my jaded thinking.

The Russian convoy has invaded Ukraine… Is the shit about to hit the fan?

The day is warm, it appears that spring has sprung. The temps creeping up to the high 20s again and the nights not so cool. Last night I even tossed the blanket off.

I have one class tonight at 5:30, then it’s weekend. Once again I have nothing planned for the weekend I expect it to be very relaxed apart from posting on my blogs. Beer will certainly play a part/s as will football, and if one of the neighbours has a BBQ, then so be it; who am I to complain.

Having said that, my student just cancelled, so the weekend has started, and it seems to be beer o’clock…



I Have a Drinking Problem


My glass is empty, that’s a problem.

It’s the weekend for me already, Last class last night, no classes today. The chances are I’ll have no classes on Monday either. So I aim to make the most of the weekend.

It’s 10:30, I had aimed at making an early start. I have to go into town and get my printer cartridges refilled and get my book, which I managed to finish printing yesterday, bound so I can start the massive job of proofreading.


Hardly the same crowds as US

Interesting thing about Brazil, it’s a copycat country. The USA has Black Friday, so Brazil has to have Black Friday.

Watching TV last night while I enjoyed a BBQ dinner at my favourite restaurant, the ads showed many stores with Black Friday specials.

What a load of bollocks! Most of the special were nothing more than their ordinary prices, some were further discounted, but nothing like the scale of discounts that appear in US stores.

The Brazilian formula seems to work like this; double the price and deduct 70%. The prices compared with US are a joke.

classical musicI read a disturbing post a couple of days ago exhorting the demise of classical music. Basically saying that classical music should disappear, that it wasn’t music any more.

Another load of bollocks!

Much of what I hear today bears no resemblance to music at all; and certainly won’t entertain the masses for 200, 300, 400 years as has classical music. Most of today’s music dies out very quickly, thankfully.

Mortified, during the week I posted a photo of my ‘TV stand’ showing off the latest addition to the hodge podge clutter of various items rescued from the street. One comment pointed out that my reflection could be seen in the TV screen proving once and for all, bloggers blog in their underpants. OMG, how embarrassing.

The Aussies made him clean it up

The Aussies made him clean it up

This burk Bieber, needs to be taken in hand.

Now he has upset the Aussies by pinchando painting graffiti on a hotel wall.

First it was Brazil, then Argentina; this idiot has a problem that is worse than his ‘music’.

I heard that if you play Bieber backwards is sounds Satanic, but what is even worse, if you play it forward it sounds like Bieber- Eeeeew!

It’s now 11am, I really should hobble off and do what I must do.




uninterestingI am sitting in front of a blank screen waiting for inspiration to strike me stupid, so I can write a stupendous post.

Maybe more coffee would help.


There. Well that changed the perspective a little; now I am sitting here looking at a blank screen with a cup of coffee in my hand waiting for inspiration to strike.

This is really worthy of a Monday!

humpdayFRIDAYBut then it’s Humpday, which means the week becomes shorter.

I only have lessons today and Thursday, so my weekend starts of Friday. I shouldn’t really complain.

Relapse – my Felis piddloraptordactylosaurus had a relapse this morning; peed on the sofa, made it for 48 hours, so counting begins again.

I think the relapse was due to the fact that it is too rainy for outside pee, and the fresh dirt in dirt box was too damp. Damn cats are fussy about where they pee. It’s got to be dry and comfy like the sofa.

It was really cute last night. Bedtime and Cloro snuggled up under my chin, little Cummin’s diesel vibrating on my throat until we both fell asleep.

Bedtime is normally bedlam, I go to bed, Cloro decides it’s time to play, up on the bed, race around madly, clawing, biting, pouncing and rolling around determined to deal with that pesky tail that follows her everywhere. Suddenly she just stops in a mad dash across the top of the pillow and collapses in a deep sleep and stays there until morning.

*looking at screen again*

Oh, inspiration, why hast thou forsaken me?

Later, maybe.

I meant to, I really did…

coffeephilosophyI had the new post page open nearly all afternoon and had already selected the opening image, but didn’t get round to doing it.

Now I am running on coffee and making this the first post of the day.

I got to the supermarket yesterday and two more bottles of wine fell into the shopping cart. I just don’t understand how that happens.

Lately I have been getting so confused. Life used to be so simple when I had only one pair of shoes. Now I have two. Yes, I bought another pair. In the past I have always bought the next pair when the old pair fell off my feet; I believe in getting that extra mile. But I surpassed myself this time round.

When I had one pair, I always knew where they were; on my feet or on the base of the fan beside my PC when I wore my chinelos (flip flops). If they were on my feet, then my chinelos were waiting in front of my PC chair ready for me to slip into when I came home because I never wear shoes at home.

Now I have two pair and I can never find both of either pair at the same time… so confusing.

My one student today has cancelled. My weekend has started.

coffeesanityI could wash the dishes, I could put some wine in the fridge, I could sweep the yard, I could water my plants, I could take the rubbish out, I could get another coffee, then ponder which of these things I may or may not do. Life is so full of decisions. Decisions cause stress, and stress is the biggest killer; so it’s better not to make decisions, therefore no stress.

I found an apt description of the internet the other day. One that shows that humanity has not changed one iota in the past 4,000 or so years.


Despite our greater levels of technology, it’s true, we still write on walls and worship cats. We just do it faster.

goiabatreeMy goiaba (guava) tree is growing great. Four years and this year I am watching hopefully for flower buds.

Fresh goiaba juice is wonderful. Much better than the chemically standardised crap you buy in boxes in the supermarket.

I read an article sometime ago about how they get orange juice to always taste the same; they pluck it, they squeeze it, they concentrate it, they stuff it with chemicals, they dilute it, they sweeten it  and box it. Then they have the audacity to call it ‘natural’, what a load of bollocks, it’s false advertising. If they do it to oranges, they do it to all fruit.

I stopped buying boxed crap after reading that. I buy real fruit from the sacolão (fruit & vege shop) and do it the hard way, yes, I used a blender and don’t add sugar. More people should be doing this, much healthier, much tastier.

Blogging right along.


Help! I’ve lost my pencil…


Yes, it is the weekend. It should be a time to relax from ones labours during the week.

My question is, why isn’t it?

Why do we work more and harder on the weekend at home than at work during the week?

Between blogging, reading the news and emails, I have managed to clean my room, have breakfast, tidy a little of the backyard, annoy Lixo, feed Lixo, pet Lixo and have a nap with Lixo attached to my big toe again. In my grogginess he got to understand the meaning of a ‘kick-in-the-head’. Quite involuntary of course, it was done without malice. He’s got the pip now, and is outside somewhere.

My vision - Picanha

During my nap I had a vision…

Picanha, BBQed on a spit.

I am a person who believes that dreams can foretell the future.

Far be it that I should avoid the future, in fact I believe one should do everything in ones power to see that a particular future come to fruition.

I have the taxi card out, ready to call at the appointed hour. I should leave about 18:30 (that’s 6:30 for our American cousins, their watches only go to 12) which gives me ample time to arrive, even if the taxi is late, be seated, have leisurely wander around the salad bar, be back at my seat and have sipped my ice-cold handle of beer all before the news starts.

Now all this leads me to question. What part of the cow (okay steer) is picanha? You see if you look up picanha in the dictionary, you won’t find it. Picanha is a cut that you won’t find in a butchers oustide South America, unless one happens to have a Brazilian açougueiro (butcher). Brazilians have different cuts. Picanha is actually the rump cover, a part of the top sirloin. In America and England they cut the layer of fat off, but here that layer of fat is the trademark of picanha. Sliced off the spit in almost paper thin slices, rare to the point of bloody, it melts in your mouth.

Aren’t dreams wonderful?

Perfect, almost Lixo's colouring too...

I shall spend a good two hours, dining slowly, watching the news and ‘my’ novelas (soaps) and when that stupid Big Brother Brazil 12 starts its inane presentation around 10pm, I shall return to my abode. Where I will be greeted at the gate by Lixo, he will race me to the front door, doing his level best to trip me up in the process, and wait patiently for me to fumble with the key. Then, as has become his custom, he will sit in the middle of the doorway barring any ingress. I will remonstrate with him, he will look at me blankly and blink “What’s your problem?” and not budge until I utter the magic words… “nom noms.” Then the race and the tripping up begins again as we head for the fridge. All this has become his routine. He learns quick.

Now earlier today, I discovered something rather startling about cats. I mean, I always knew that cats controlled their masters staff effectively, but I was amazed, shocked and appalled all at once to find out how. Have a look at this post on Tomus Arcanum. Tell me that you aren’t amazed, shocked and appalled too?

I have one more blog to post for. Shit Happens, that shouldn’t be too difficult, it’s happening everywhere, all the time. I have a wonderful choice, Syria, Falkland Islands, Libya (again), Mitt Romney being sat on his ass (Geez, that was funny, he looked like a stunned mullet), or I could look at something serious like the new concentration camps being built around the US for ‘domestic terrorists’, Iran’s nuclear announcement next week, corruption everywhere. It’s a blog that never really lacks something or someone or somewhere to sling off about.



Lixo has forgiven me, he’s asleep on my our his bed.

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