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My Wheelie Weally Works

Remember yesterday I had problems with the wheelie thingy on my new mouse, well a reboot solved the problem; the vagaries of PCs. Any way it remembered how to scroll.

The good news, I survived another Monday.

CatMouse2Andrew commented that Clorinha looked like she was “trying to hug the mouse to death.” Maybe training aids aren’t the way to go. I might add that mouse was already dead and Clorinha was just doing what cats do; maybe she instinctively knew it was a dead mouse.

There is also the horrifying thought that she might try to kill the mouse attached to the PC.

Not a lot has happened so far this morning.

I made the coffee, does that count?

Lunch, well I have two pre-weinered schnitzels quietly desiccating in the back of the fridge, so I guess that’s it. Have to use them before they are tough enough to add straps and use as emergency flip flops.


Yoda-I-smell-bacon-meme-funny-1egQI will glue them together with Brie and bacon, Cordon Bleucon… and cook them off in the oven.

Spent last night programming my new cellphone, setting the date, etc. Now that may seem rather mundane, but never-the-less a challenge when you are somewhat technology illiterate and the instructions are in Portuguese. It is the most update tech that I have, I believe that my new phone can do things that I never dreamed of. If it can make good coffee in the morning and serve it in bed, I’ll marry the damned thing.

This is a black box

This is a black box

I see the pro-Russian rebels have surrendered the ‘black boxes’ from MH17.

But the pictures showed orange thingies…

Why are black boxes orange?

There is so much in life to think about.

And this…


Is neither black nor a box, although it does have a small box attached.

I see my recent posts have 9, 10 or 11 ‘Likes’. I am convinced this fall off is because I have not included sex… no rectums, no arseholes, no vaginas…

Moving right along.

Sunny day again, not hot, not cool.  The praça is full of kids, I haven’t seen them, but the air is blue with the language of boys flying their kites, and the swings are squeaking. That’s enough evidence.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with a photo of a friend of mine. Alan lives in the Pantanal.


Sunbathing on the beach by the campsite

Alan is about three metres long, he is a Black Paraguayan Cayman, quite friendly, accepts hugs. No, really, if you’re careful you can hug him.

Off for my Nap-fu practice



I have weinered the schnitzel

Bordeaux for lunch

Bordeaux for lunch

Yes, today, weinerschnitzel; all crumbed and ready to go. Boiled potatoes and buttered peas and cauliflower cheese on the side. French Bordeaux in the fridge… Oh, I know how to do it on a Sunday.

Another sunny day, not brightly so, but there is sun. The night was bitterly cold and I woke several times, I really need my Nap-fu skills today.

I also really need more coffee… BRB

I have picked the chili peppers from the bush by the kitchen door, enough for a jar full. Later I will wash them and when dry bottle them with olive oil.


1,000 posts

A nice surprise.

My blog Nether Region of the Earth III has reached  1,000 posts. NROTE is my daily general humour blog. Hop across and have a Sunday giggle; and don’t forget the ‘Like’ button, it helps the algorithms spread the word or something.

The new pizza place opened last night. I had their first pizza for dinner last night.

Now I have two leftover half pizzas in the fridge. Guess what’s for dinner tonight?


You all know my penchant for wine, I have found the perfect wine glass…


There, isn’t that a beauty?

I have found a way out of the labyrinth…


Now it’s nap o’clock,




My Voices are Quiet

Blank Mind

Blank Mind

Which has left me at a loss for a post.

It’s true, my mind is a blank.

I’m sure the neurons are firing, like I remember where the fridge is.

But I am sitting here forsaken by my voices, devoid of conscious thought, bereft of ideas.

Yes, maybe I need coffee…

CoffeeistheanswerIn coffee there is inspiration, hope and destiny.

Now we’re on the right track, the answer can be found nowhere else.

I have posted on all blogs today, this is the last.

I have napped successfully twice and halfheartedly once; hence the third attempt.

I did the dishes, the kitchen is still in mourning.

The one nice thing about the bruschetta that I bought is that it came in a dinky square jar.

Now I have a dinky square jar and absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Camera Bowels

Camera Bowels

I emptied the bowels of my camera.

It’s amazing the crap (hence I call it the bowels) you find there, that you’ve forgotten about.

Good photos, bad photos, furry photos and photos that leave you wondering what on earth were you thinking about when you took them.

It all comes out of the bowels.

Yes, I have an 8gb card. That way the battery runs out before the card, necessary when you have a 7-year-old daughter visit and the eventual “Can I use the camera?”

Yesterday was a relaxing day. No football, no classes and a single bottle of beer in the chilly evening before collapsing on the sofa with exhaustion to watch the evening news.

My view of the world cup was much like this:

How I viewed the World Cup

How I viewed the World Cup

Big screen at the rear of the botequim between to heads, one usually had a silly hat.

I made weinerschnitzel for lunch the other day. Here’s how I do it.

Rump steak and small kitchen knife

Rump steak and small kitchen knife

This is my favourite knife, it’s not fancy just R$7, made of plain steel, hence the rust spots, but it is sharp and holds its edge better than its R$40 counterparts.

It cuts beautiful steaks.

Beautifully cut schnitzels

Beautifully cut schnitzels

And before the end steak gets too thin, slice it in two for two BBQ steaks now in the freezer waiting for the next BBQ.

My lunch after the ceremonial butchering and crumbing.

Weinerschitzel with bruschetta topping

Weinerschnitzel with bruschetta topping

Boiled potatoes with oodles of pepper and a knob of butter, cauliflower with Provolone cheese sauce.

Is it any wonder that my kitchen sink is always full of dishes?

So there you have a glimpse of what was in the bowels of my camera. There was more, but more for my Eco-Crap blog updates tomorrow than here.

First student cancelled. So now there is no need to panic and get to work in the 20 minutes left. Next class at 6pm.

Here you have an example of a blog post written off the cuff with out a conscious thought and some coffee.



A brass monkey

A brass monkey and balls

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not bathing because it’s Saturday, I do bath on other days too.

Actually, I shower.

But the last two days being ball-freezing cold, I have neglected my bodily needs.

Clorinha doesn’t seem to mind.

Being purred to sleep each night is wonderful. She’s up/down onto the bed as soon as I am. The up/down depends whether she leaps from the floor or the window.

A solid boomp in the face, she snuggles under my chin, pushes her nose into my armpit, not a place where I’d put my nose voluntarily, and purrs me to sleep.

Now the brass monkey above, is not the same brass monkey that I used in my reference to ‘cold’. Although, it is often mistakenly so.

Also a brass monkey

Also a brass monkey

The saying comes from an old naval term; a brass square used to hold cannonballs on a ships decks.

Once the weather got cold enough, the brass plate would shrink and dislodge the cannonballs.

See, nothing to do with testicles at all.



This is also a Brass Monkey

Another brass monkey

Another brass monkey

Dark rum, vodka and 4x the amount of fresh orange juice.

I fully suspect that this might knock one’s testicles off; or at least severely batter them about a bit.

The world is just full of brass monkeys.

The Sun is out, still cool, but after 48 hours the rain has stopped.

Today is Brazil vs Holland to see who is the third place getter in this infernal World Cup.

Both countries, Argentina and Germany believe they have the advantage for tomorrow’s final.

One has a pope, the other has an ex-pope.


Battle of the Popes

Really, it’s out of FIFA’s hands right now.

Loftier decisions are being made.

Read an interesting irritating article yesterday. British parents have been prosecuted for taking their kids on holiday to Australia for three weeks during term time.

The law, once again, proves to be an ass. It also shows how woefully inadequate and screwed up our education systems are.

Those kids would have learned more in three weeks travelling than they would have learned in the same period in school.  I say that with some authority, having declared that since I have been travelling throughout South America, my education has been completed; actually, it is an ongoing process.

Well, the sunny day was short-lived, it’s raining again. I wonder if Clorinha has the sense to come in out of the rain today?

Speaking of cats, I am going for a trip down memory lane.

Yesterday I found two photos long forgottten archived of Ellen Suelen, my step daughter, when she was seven.

The subject was the birth of Hello Kitty’s first litter of kittens. The place, on the mat under my bed. Five tiny damp furry balls were produced witnessed by Ellen, who took an immense interest in the proceedings.

Ellen immersed in the procedings

Ellen immersed in the goings on under my bed

Ellen dutifully informed us of every bloody detail, much like  a football commentator, lurid in every aspect.

As the proceedings came to a close, Ellen rolled over and looked up at me

As the proceedings came to a close, kittens all safely latched to a teat, Ellen rolled over and looked up at me

“I’m not having kids!”

“Why?” I asked innocently. Unaware that I was about to wear the brunt of a seven-year-old’s logic.

“Too messy!”

With that little anecdote, today’s postings come to a close.

My dishes sneered at me again while making coffee, so I will nap to get over that, much cheaper than therapy.

Oh, lunch, weinerschnitzel and bruschetta.

I had planned on a bacon & egg breakfast, but as it’s 11:40, it doesn’t seem right any more.

Clorinha is safely out of the rain and asleep on the sofa.



By Candlelight

Oh yes, romance

Oh yes, romance

There is nothing quite so romantic as candlelight.

Candlelight conjours up images of history, learning, and romance.

Reading by candlelight, dining by candlelight, nothing reflects beauty in the same way.

Not the incandescent light bulb, the horrid flourescent tubes, the glaring whiteness of CFLs, not even the expensive improved LED warm glow bulbs can compare with, can’t even hold a candle, to the tallow and wick of the candle.

Last night, I did the dishes by candlelight, none of the above applied as my hands froze under the cold water.

My kitchen light blew two nights ago, yesterday at the supermarket I bought a new CFL, so the kitchen will join the living room and bedroom with glaring, sterile whiteness.

This is the last year of the incandescent light bulb in Brazil, from next year the manufacture and sale will be banned.

They call this progress. I am tempted, sorely tempted to return to the days of the candle.

Pope Francis has often railed against the ‘evil’ of drug addiction and has met with addicts on several occasions. Photograph: AGF s.r.l./REX

I was interested to read this morning about Pope Francis condemning the legalisation or decriminalisation of drugs on The Guardian.

The image that accompanied the article, showed the Pope using one of those incense thingies.

This is a bit hypocritical, what did the Catholic church use in those thingies in the past? How did the church create a state of euphoria in the people who went to church?

Because they used cannabis in them… People who went to church got their jollies from inhaling cannabis fumes. Now, of course, they don’t use cannabis; no wonder membership is falling off. If the pope wants people to return to church, the answer is simple.


Ugni Blanc

9:30 and I am thinking lunch, I also have a hankering for bacon and eggs for breakfast.

The lunch I am planning is weinerschnitzel with boiled minted potatoes and cauliflower cheese… The slices of beef are huge, I got three, so I’ll cook off the others and freeze for a rainy day. Planned lunch to be served at kick off for the Argentina vs Iran game at 1pm. There’s a good high chance an Argentine wine could find it’s way to the fridge before hand.

The deed is done, Ugni Blanc Chardonnay from Mendoza.

I’m off around to the shop, nearly out of ciggies; can’t post without ciggies and the botequim has run out of my brand.



The decision was not mine alone

The decision was not mine alone

Well, the point is proven beyond doubt.

A blog post needs penises and testicles to be successful. I would like to thank all of you who unwittingly took part in this ad hoc survey.

Half the morning has gone, blow divine eau where! (Comment if you can translate the italics).

emergencycoffeeCoffee, coffee and more coffee. I woke early enough, but at six the brain wasn’t functioning, so I went back to bed and woke at 8:30. It was about then that I needed an emergency coffee.

I took a break.

Thusly (my students love this word, I tell them it’s a dinosaur word, extinct), I was able to face the day’s postings; and, indeed, have been successful, just one post to go and I will have finished my daily quota.

Nissan has told Britain that if it leaves the EU, they’ll pull their financing or investments, or something. My response to that would be “Fine, f*&k off then!”

Caution: Token penis mention…

Now there is a squabble over which is the highest building in the world. Who cares? It’s all a massive case of penis envy; compensating… They’re like a bunch of twelve year olds, “Mines bigger than yours!”

Cloro wouldn’t let me go to work last night. She wanted to follow me, and she did twice, right across the park and I had to take her home each time. Fortunately, when I rang the student she wasn’t too worried because she was going to be late because of the traffic and we mutually agreed, no class.

No trimmings, just another piece of schnitzel

No trimmings, just another piece of schnitzel

All dressed up and no where to go. The clock quickly moved forward to beer o’clock. I thought about a solution, and decided to go to Brazeiro for a BBQ dinner, but then beer o’clock stretched on, and the idea no longer fitted in with my plans. I decided to stay home and had the last of the weinerschnitzel for dinner.

Today, I will have the BBQ in my yard for lunch, huge pork leg chop, chicken hearts and boneless beef ribs marinated in red wine. This last item made me think… if a cow doesn’t have bones, it would fall down.

It’s nearly time to start the makings, but first I must explore and find the bottom of the kitchen sink again. Why does it always disappear? Another of life’s mysteries to ponder.

Oh, remember that coin on the floor… it’s still there!


Boom, crash, bang!

Many parts of the city were flooded

Many parts of the city were flooded

When I posted yesterday’s no-post, I hadn’t seen the news. I had badly underestimated Tuesday’s downpour. I knew it was a lot of water and there ws plenty of thunder and lightning. It wasn’t until I saw a tree down in the park, then the news over my sushi lunch.

The rainfall was 70% of the statistically expected for March that fell in an hour, four people died, one washed away, one crushed by a tree and two electrocuted. More than a hundred trees fell throughout the city, damaging power lines and destroying cars and buildings; and the power was cut in many parts of the city. The new Maracanã stadium being reformed for the World & Federations Cups was flooded as well.

Decrepit old men

Decrepit old men well past their validity date

I was watching the news last night, an item about the cardinals going into conclave to vote for a new pope. What a bunch of doddery old men? Surely these men are so old they must be out of touch with reality, with what’s happening in the real world. It amazes me how such a group of old men can elect one of their own to lead the world’s largest church. No wonder the Catholic church lives in the stoneage. The new pope should be about 30 years old, then the church might see some progress and renew it’s lost flock.

It’s lunch time.

I am going to beat three pieces of picanha, just to make sure it’s dead, into weinerschnitzelable thickness and proceed with the crumbing, frying to a delicate golden brown and eating.

So, nom noms, later.


Good morning world!

The real thing

*looks at clock* 1:50pm…. well, it is morning, at least for me it’s just after breakfast.

And, breakfast took decadence to a new level. Liver, weinerschnitzel  & Merlot. Decadent it may have been but, yummy it was, nom noms. Lashings of Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce. Yes, the English stuff, not that crappy American, or the even worse Brazilian stuff, but real imported stuff from the Royally approved Lea & Perrins. I splashed out a couple of paydays ago and bought a bottle, much cheaper than it used to be with the falling dollar. The price has almost halved from it’s previous R$15, now it’s R$8. So thank you global economic collapse, an ex-pat in Brazil loves you.

I can assure you that the economic collapse that we teeter on the edge of is on the verge of throwing the world into chaos. What most don’t realise is that the coming circus will have no clowns (they are all in the American government and the Federal Reserve). You see the Great Depression had nothing in comparison to what we are facing. World credit has never been this huge. In the 1920s it was measured in millions, now we are facing trillions, and not just a few either. I have seen the figure of 300 of them floating around the ether.

Brazil’s blonde bimbo, Dilma Rousseff (some misguided call her president), was on TV the other night saying Brazil successfully weathered the 2008 collapse and is in a stronger position to weather the next. Hell, 2008 wasn’t even a depression, it was just a warning that the depression was coming. Well, folks, it’s here; look down at your feet into the maw of poverty, it’s a deep bottomless pit that will swallow us all up. Remember to thank the CEOs, the companies who pay no tax, the bankers, Wall St and the Federal Reserve for they more than the Greeks, the Irish and Portugal are entirely responsible.

There will be blood let on the streets. And it is the American government that will be doing the letting, the blood will be yours, certainly it won’t be the perpetrators, the government will be protecting them like they are paid to do.

Friday, I have blogged, I have #FF, I have napped… TGIF

Nothing to do, nowhere to go (I’m broke, that’s why), so you all have the pleasure of my company, isn’t that just ducky?

I must get along, I have to post on Things that Fizz & Stuff, I promised I would nearly a week ago.


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