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A Light Lunch

lemoncakeToday I am having a light lunch.

Lemon cake & sparkling mineral water.

There are two reasons for this; firstly to counter the gluttony of the past few days, and secondly, I want to leave room for tonight’s excesses.

One of the English courses I work for is putting on a ‘do’ at a restaurant. Free food, free beer; they sure know how to generate an interest. They got me at ‘free’.

The lemon cake is nothing fancy, just a slab I picked up at the supermarket. I don’t do cakes, just eat them.

worcestershire-sauce-lea-and-perrinsI have to leave home about 3pm because I have to have some therapy. There are a couple of things I want to buy; particularly to restock on my Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce. I will probably find a bottle of wine or two as well.

Fish and chips just don’t taste the same without L&P’s.

One has to treat oneself to small luxuries. I

Oh, just had a big surprise. One of my students arrived to pick me up for a, you guessed it, BBQ lunch. But they forgot to tell me about it.

The idea appealed immensely, so we have rearranged it for next Friday to add to the New Year debauchery.

I can’t miss this one tonight, because they are raffling two tablets and other prizes. I imagine there will only be about 15 people there so the chances are good.

Now it’s time for lunch and a nap.


BRrrrr! With a capital BR

winedownDamn, it was cold this morning!

It’s not often that one wakes in Rio de Janeiro, beach capital of the world, and shivers as one gets out from under the covers. In fact, it’s not often that one even uses covers.

My feet froze as I had my morning pee, and froze some more as I made my morning coffee. While that was brewing I had to hunt around in my drawers to find an old tracksuit pants to wear.

No classes today, no classes tomorrow, so it’s weekend! Time to wind/e down.

magic door

Magic door

While I was in Barra on Tuesday to visit the magic door, I visited my favourite shop. Lidador is a wonderful place, full of imported wine and foodstuffs. It’s where I get my Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce and Coleman’s mustard powder from. Although, they were out of Lea & Perrins.


Didn’t want to waste the trip, so I had a good browse. Last time I saw they had a wine from New Zealand that was well under the apparently statutory price of R$100. I had though of getting a bottle, but they had both (only had two) been sold.

During my browsing I spied a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Uruguay. I had never seen a wine from Uruguay before. Flashing lights and warning bells went off in my head and the bottle somehow made its way to the counter, jumped into a bag and the girl was asking for R$35. In a trance I paid.


The bottle on the left now sits in my wine rack awaiting a ‘suitable’ occasion. I’m sure I’ll find one, soon.

3pm, and the sun has been out all day, but not warming appreciably. I am still in my tracksuit pants and my arms are close to being goosey.

I have my pork chop marinating and waiting to be grilled, so I guess I should do the honours.



Good morning world!

The real thing

*looks at clock* 1:50pm…. well, it is morning, at least for me it’s just after breakfast.

And, breakfast took decadence to a new level. Liver, weinerschnitzel  & Merlot. Decadent it may have been but, yummy it was, nom noms. Lashings of Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce. Yes, the English stuff, not that crappy American, or the even worse Brazilian stuff, but real imported stuff from the Royally approved Lea & Perrins. I splashed out a couple of paydays ago and bought a bottle, much cheaper than it used to be with the falling dollar. The price has almost halved from it’s previous R$15, now it’s R$8. So thank you global economic collapse, an ex-pat in Brazil loves you.

I can assure you that the economic collapse that we teeter on the edge of is on the verge of throwing the world into chaos. What most don’t realise is that the coming circus will have no clowns (they are all in the American government and the Federal Reserve). You see the Great Depression had nothing in comparison to what we are facing. World credit has never been this huge. In the 1920s it was measured in millions, now we are facing trillions, and not just a few either. I have seen the figure of 300 of them floating around the ether.

Brazil’s blonde bimbo, Dilma Rousseff (some misguided call her president), was on TV the other night saying Brazil successfully weathered the 2008 collapse and is in a stronger position to weather the next. Hell, 2008 wasn’t even a depression, it was just a warning that the depression was coming. Well, folks, it’s here; look down at your feet into the maw of poverty, it’s a deep bottomless pit that will swallow us all up. Remember to thank the CEOs, the companies who pay no tax, the bankers, Wall St and the Federal Reserve for they more than the Greeks, the Irish and Portugal are entirely responsible.

There will be blood let on the streets. And it is the American government that will be doing the letting, the blood will be yours, certainly it won’t be the perpetrators, the government will be protecting them like they are paid to do.

Friday, I have blogged, I have #FF, I have napped… TGIF

Nothing to do, nowhere to go (I’m broke, that’s why), so you all have the pleasure of my company, isn’t that just ducky?

I must get along, I have to post on Things that Fizz & Stuff, I promised I would nearly a week ago.


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