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Oh Dear…

I did it again!

What a pusillanimous excuse.

roblemalbecI missed yesterday. I was busy. I woke from my Nap-fu practice to the smell of BBQ wafting through my bedroom window. After shaking myself awake, I followed my nose… and found myself amongst genial company, BBQ smoked pork ribs and beer; and that was the day gone. I took over a bottle of Argentine Malbec and some queijo coalho (grilling cheese) on sticks, and proceeded to get genial.

It was a good thing I didn’t have classes yesterday.

WordPress has done it again. They made a new ‘My Sites’ page that I began to use as my base. It was great. Then they ‘fixed’ it; it wasn’t broken. They made it a two column affair, which was okay, but they left out the ‘new post’ link which made it about as much use as tits on a bull. I haven’t opened it since, but have rather gone back to my previous method of opening the new post page. People will meddle! I went to the WP site to complain, and they had closed comments… Pffft!

I made a breakthough the other day. I finally, after years of mystery, managed to make a transparent background .gif image on CorelDraw. Now all I have to do is remember how I did it, so that I can do it again…

Today is Marilyn Munro Day. Why? Marilyn Munro was a screen whore; why have a day for her? I’d rather she was forgotten as the miserable example she was to women. Apparently it’s also Black Cat Day, I’d rather see a black cat than MM. So we finally have to double up days so we can give everyone and everything a shot at being famous/remembered for a day.

Tomorrow is the end of October. Halloween. Another month of 2014 will have bitten the dust and become relegated to history. Only two more months of this year left… where did it all go?

A Leonardo da Vinci selfie

A Leonardo da Vinci selfie

Selfies have become the scourge of the internet.

Anybody with a digital camera or cellphone takes them with abandon.

But selfies are not a new idea, they’ve been around for centuries. Leonardo da Vinci, among many toher artists, took selfies. And they were a damned sight better than digital ones.

I finished the asparagus for a morning snack. My pee won’t smell funny anymore.

It’s lunch time, I’ve missed most of the news by posting this. Time just flies when you’re having fun.

Lunch today the last of the fish.

Tomorrow will have to be a supermarket day.

Hot hot day out there. The sun is very intense, so I’m staying inside under the fan with iced water.


Beep Beep Boop

beepbeepboopYes, it’s time to Beep Beep Boop.

If you are not a WordPress blogger then you won’t understand Beep Beep Boop.

Beep Beep Boop was what I was faced with at 1:30am the other morning while I was pre-Coffee. You can read about the trauma on OMG! They’ve done it Again.

I have coffee and am over the initial shock, still learning to drive Beep Beep Boop.

As a WP blogger, might I say ‘typical’, I have been confused over the difference between WP.com & Wp.org. A great post by Rachel, our Happiness Engineer, spells it out quite nicely.

Not this slug

Not this slug

She also answered my question about slugs.

She gave me a link: http://codex.wordpress.org/Glossary#Slug where you can see what it is about WP slugs that’s different from the one to the left.

Ever since Rachel became our Happiness Engineer, I’ve often tried to picture a Happiness Engineer; I’ve even googled it. There were electrical, civil, mechanical, but no happiness.

But, I think I’ve got it.

Rachel, this is how I picture/envisage a Happiness Engineer.

HappinessEngineer1There, I think that does it. She puts up with a lot of grief from me, so she deserves nice thoughts.

The weather is suffering from PMT, can’t make up it’s mind. Bright and sunny, dark and sinister, dull and sombre; oh, bright and sunny again…

I need more coffee…


Kitty came in. “Meeeooow!” (translate = get your priorities right!). Breakfast before your coffee.

Kitty got her wish. Crispy Beef and Fish Bisuits and a bowl of chilled Chateau Moo de Lap…

 Then, I got my coffee.

I broke 17 ‘Likes’… I got 18 on my post Demons! Yay!

Australia’s prime minister stuck his nose into the Scottish independence debate yesterday. Today Scotland replied… “Scotland’s first minister has said the Australian prime minister’s comments on Scottish independence were “foolish, hypocritical and offensive”.”BBCNews. That about sums up Tony Abbott nicely, “foolish, hypocritical and offensive”.

Time to Beep Beep Boop.



Pesky ants

Pesky ants

Yes, this morning a lot of my second coffee was wasted as I spooned ants out of the cup. I don’t recall seeing any in my first cup, but I was pretty groggy and maybe I drank them… or maybe I was so desperate for liquid sanity that I just ignored them.

They say we eat on an average of 500 grams (about 1lb) of extraneous matter every year; that’s a lot of ants…

The clouds are there again, taunting me.

I have classes today, I hope those clouds hang around long enough for me to walk in the shade. It’s so hot with the sun blasting down on my back most of the way. I even wear a white shirt to try and ease the heat.

WordPress has changed the buttons. Don’t like it. Why must they make these tweeks when they were working just fine as they were. I believe one shouldn’t fix something if it isn’t broken; if it’s working, leave the damn thing alone!


Bloody Oreos

Disaster! On TV last night, an ad for Oreos. Oreos have arrived in Brazil.

We don’t need the bloody things. Brazilians have enough biscuits to make them one of the most morbidly obese countries on the planet.

Why do Americans need to foist their rubbish on everybody?

You can bet that every kid and fatso here will be craving for this American crap.

Sorry to read that Shirley Temple has died. Personally, I never liked her, pretentious little twerp.  Whether she ‘grew up’ I don’t know, but I artfully avoided all her movies after the first one.

On BBC News, “the new Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen says the central bank will continue to cut its stimulus measures as long as the US economic recovery continues.” It never started! Stop feeding Americans bullshit! Further cuts are sure to affect the global finances. The QE should never have started.

Amusing to read that Barcaly’s Bank has raised bonuses to £2,3bn after declaring losses of more than that. Bonuses are to reward performance; except in the banking industry where they reward failure. Thw world is up to its neck in rubbish.

What’s that sucking sound? It’s all the public money and private wealth being swallowed up by London…

Must go and have a refreshing shower.


Farting with Confidence

Darvaza-Turkmenistan The Doorway to Hell

Darvaza-Turkmenistan The Doorway to Hell

Yes, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Two days of suffering the torments of a serious belly ache. There were times I thought that I was on the brink of the Doorway to Hell.

It does exist, you know, talk about ‘a burning ring of fire’ as Johnny Cash put it.

Today is another holiday in Brazil. Zumbi dos Palmares (1655 – November 20, 1695) was the last of the leaders of the Quilombo dos Palmares, a fugitive settlement in the present-day state of Alagoas” – Wikipedia

Last Saturday I was having a beer in the shade in the park in front of the botequim, it was a hot, hot day. We were joined by the local guy who pedals fresh bread rolls around on his bicycle each morning. The conversation became interesting as the guy realised I was a foreigner. We’d never really spoken before apart from the odd time I buy bread rolls, or we pass in the street.

Flat-EarthersThis guy, late fifties of European descent, had absolutely no concept of the world, he didn’t even seem to realise that the world was round and had another hemisphere. His idea of the world was Brazil, Portugal and the heathen Americans fighting in a desert. Strangely enough he also knew that Finland existed, and kept confusing my NZ for Finland. He had no idea that the Pacific Ocean existed, nor of Australia, although he had heard of Africa.

That wasn’t the end of the confusion. He was a Catholic, whereas I am an Atheist, he couldn’t grasp the idea that someone had different beliefs, that was just totally beyond him.

I have met some poorly educated people many times in the past, but never one with such a narrow view of life. It would have been almost pathetic, if he was a decent sort.

Then he left with no idea that he should contribute to the beer he had shared with us, which was considerable.

Zê and I just looked at each other and let him pedal off.

It’s 1am, I have just watched Brazil trounce Chile 2-1 in a good fast clean football game played in Toronto; which was certainly better than last week’s game against Honduras, which as a very dirty game. If Honduras had spent more time playing and less time using dirty tactics maybe they wouldn’t have lost 5-0.

KochApp1Tomorrow tonight, New Zealand plays Mexico… gulp! This game will decide NZ’s fate for the World Cup.

Rather amusing, I saw that there is an app barcode reader that tells you if a product is produced by any of the Koch Brothers industries… I couldn’t believe it; but apparently, if you want to boycott Koch industries it could come in handy.

I got a Happy Blog Anniversary from WordPress…

anniversary-2xMy account is five years old, although I have only been seriously blogging here for two.

I have tentatively had some nibbly things during the evening and it doesn’t seem to have unbalanced my bowels, maybe I can try eating normally today.

It’s now bedtime, if anything noteworthy happens during the day, I’ll do an update.

I’ll leave you with this piece of nostalgia…


Then it Dawned on Me…

hate-mondays-500x500That yesterday was Monday!

No wonder the day was so screwed up.

It’s Tuesday now, and the belly ache is subsiding. I’ve never had one so severe, there was something that I had that really didn’t agree with me.

Sunny day here, it is expected to reach 33°C, and that will be exactly when I am due to walk to work in the strong sunshine.

Cloro is back the plastic bag. Earlier he was asleep in the same bag when I played a video clip where the blogger’s cat had been attacked by a fox and was being taken to the vet. Oscar’s meowing brought Cloro out of the bag in panic; I had to cut the sound. It then took me quite some minutes to calm him down. Who said animals don’t have empathy? Anyway, he’s quite happy to be back in the bag and is giving his nuts a good washing, so all is well.

I recently discovered that I may have been subjecting you, dear readers, to unsolicited advertising inserted by WordPress, for this I apologise. One more reason why I hate WP. I never had this problem with BlogSpot. My hatred of WP is only exceeded my by intense distrust of Google aka BlogSpot; that’s why I am still here.

Several times...

Several times…

Today is World Toilet Day… tell me about it! I would be hard pressed to determine if I have spent more time there (in homage) than in front of the keyboard.

Why do we have a World Toilet Day?

Is someone afraid we’ll forget them?

Monty Python is going to return after a 15 year absence. They are planning a stage show with the original cast. I have spent a good part of the morning checking out past shows. Their humour is so banal as to be genuinely funny.

Zombie cyclist

Zombie cyclist

My gripe today is about cyclists and motorists. I remember the days when I used to drive, you need to have all your faculties and senses about you. Hearing is one of the prerequisites for driving. How can you drive without hearing what’s going on around you? How can you even change gears without the sound of the engine? So for me, loud music in cars and the wearing of earphones by cyclists and motorist, is a road hazard. This has been commented on by the mayor of London, saying they should be banned as half the cycling accidents in London are a result of this; and I heartily agree with him. They are tantamount to dangerous driving and should result in loss of licence, or bicycle in the case of cyclists.

Don’t come crying to me when you get run over and smeared across the road by a semitrailer, because I don’t sympathise with idiots. Some people are just plain idiots. Idiots should be made to pay for their own hospital bills in full and not encumber the health system because of their stupidity.

It’s lunchtime, my tummy is rumbling, it’s empty. Do I dare try something light for lunch?

I must admit that the belly ache has been good for losing some girth, I can see my toes now without leaning forward; as for other parts of my anatomy, they still remain a mystery.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…



Fried Brains

brain_overload-300x2001Sometimes I feel like this ——>

But mine is less cluttered, because I don’t subscribe to much of the shit that’s available to fry your brains.

I LOL a lot, and sometimes OMG even though I am an atheist, an ingrained habit from my younger years.

Saw a post on WordPress this morning: Boring, Boring WordPress; and I have to agree, WP is as boring as shit. They say they have 20% of the blog market and I know why? They’re not interested in the you and me who don’t pay for their blogs. They’re slow, their blogging is cumbersome, their themes are boring beyond belief, and free blogs can’t use plug-ins; and many useful widgets are not permitted.

Blogspot on the other hand is free, interesting themes are manageable and easy to use, there are no limitations as to who can use what.

So why am I here on WordPress?

Simple the policies of Blogspot/Google are shit. Remember two years ago, I lost five years blogging and emailing without so much as a comment from them.

If WP wants to capture the market, they have to compete with Blogspot, and at this late stage of play, that’s not going to be easy. First thing they need to do is make it easier for free bloggers; until that happens, they’re pushing shit uphill with a rake.

justin-bieber-brothel-brazil-00-600x450Justin Bieber went down like a bad pill in Brazil. Sneaking out of a massage (read bonking) parlour covered in a sheet, vandalising some place with graffiti (he’s been charged with that) and walking off the stage earlier than scheduled because someone threw something at him. Hell, if he can’t stand criticism, get out of the game. Watch out Paraguay, here comes the spoiled brat of pop!

The rain hasn’t stopped since yesterday afternoon. Looks like another walk in the rain to get to work today.

Weinerschnitzel for lunch, yum, yum. I cut enough off the slab to do tomorrow as well. The rest is in the freezer should I feel the need for a BBQ on the weekend… foregone conclusion.

The Swiss team found traces of polonium on Arafat indicating possible poisoning; however the Russian team found nothing. Who do you believe?

Russian space launch with flame

Russian space launch with flame

Why would they send the Olympic flame to space? Are events planned there? Do they have astronauts competing in the games? So why? Waste of money and resources.

Okay, so it piggy backed with a crew change over, but I still ask why?

Japan is going to start the removal of the rods at Fukushima. Watch this space…

Must get ready for work. *looks out the window* Still raining, going to get wet.



A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Not quite, the sun isn’t over the yardarm yet.

But reminded me of an oldie… Ah, nostalgia

The Small Faces from god knows when. (I discovered 1958)

Anybody remember them, just another flash in the pan*.

Congratulations on getting 10 total follows

Congratulations on getting 10 total follows

After all my grizzling about bloggers getting awardy stickery things from WordPress to mark milestones… I got one.

My new blog Some Animals are Crackers got a 10 followers one.

All is forgiven WordPress.

After my monthly phone call from my sister yesterday, during which we swapped ‘getting-a-new-kitten’ stories, she said hers was a Ragdoll Cat.

One Himalayan Ragdoll Cat

One Himalayan Ragdoll Cat, not Cloro, just an example

I have never heard of a Ragdoll Cat, so I googled it.

And, guess what? Cloro is a Ragdoll Cat, they are a species of cat (and dogs).

My pussy has a pedigree.

They are noted for their blue eyes and patches of colour on a basically white background. I just thought that Cloro’s blue eyes were a sign that she was taken from mummy too early.

I wonder in Cloro’s case, if she would not be a ‘Heralayan Ragdoll’? She is a girl after all.

I read a post on a blog complaining about copyright. This blogger had had some material brutally wrenched from her site and blog and reposted.

Personally, I don’t care if someone purloins/steals/robs/borrows my material, if it’s that good, they are welcome to it. Just goes to show that I am doing something right. But, I do like them to acknowledge the source, that makes it even better.

All these wars and things are bringing out the worst. American soldiers pissing on dead Taliban, Australians cutting hands off corpses, etc. This ‘trophy taking’ has happened throughout history. What drives man to these depths of depravity? It’s a very sad indictment on man.

Then there is the São Paulo case of the two robbers who were arrested for shooting a five yer old Bolivian boy while in his mother’s arms because he was crying too much during the robbery got themselves poisoned in jail by other inmates; to me, no great loss, but I bet the other two who are still on the run are shitting themselves.

Two flashes, one from the pan and one from the muzzle

Two flashes, one from the pan and one from the muzzle

*’flash in the pan’ ever wondered where that saying came from? The days of the old flintlock rifles.

Sometimes the powder in the pan under the frizzen would flash without setting off the main charge in the barrel, hence you just got a ‘flash in the pan’, or something of little consequence or shortlived. I have experienced this, I used to use flintlocks as part of my shooting days; it’s quite unnerving, when you brace yourself for the recoil and you just get a ‘whoosh’ and no ‘bang’.


A communal shat room

While waxing on the etymological. Brazilians are bad for determining the difference between ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ in English.

There is a TV ad at the moment that talks about Chat Rooms and they say ” We love, we share, we shat“… what, we shat yesterday? I explain to my students how ridiculous that sounds to a native speaker who understands ‘shat’ to be the colloquial past of the verb ‘to shit’.

Teaching and understanding your language can bring many interesting moments.


Atlas 1Yay for Atlas!

I have an Atlas in my kitchen!

Ahem, minus the penis… One of those in the house is enough.

It arrived a half hour ago.

Old stoves now in the yard. new stove installed, already made coffee with it.

What did you expect? Of course I made coffee with it, I had to make sure it knew how to make coffee!

The water boiled so quickly, it was incredible; and to think I suffered five years with the old ones.

I have to arrange a power point for the  auto starter and oven light, but that’s not a priority at the moment. I can continue to use my recycled cigarette lighters as I have always done. Maybe one day…

I can go to work today with an easy mind, and pay my bills on time tomorrow.

I read in the news today that another teenage girl in Britain has killed herself with this cyber bullying on FaceBook. Extremely sad to see young people using the net so cruelly. Parents need to educate their kids, at the slightest sign of bullying, close your account, don’t be pressured into suffering. Having a FB account is not obligatory, if you close it, it’s not the end of the world.

On Sunday my blog was visited again with 1630+ hits. I caught it this time and watched the live Feedjit link as the hits were coming every few seconds. It has to be a ‘bot’. And there’s no way I can block it having a free WordPress account. If I had a paid account, I could install plugins that would deals with it. But WP is so bloody primitive and backward that a free account doesn’t have these options. That’s the main reason why Blogspot will always win hands down, but then because of the caustic nature of some of my blogs, they can’t be trusted.

The cool didn’t last long, it was just a one day cool; back to being hot and sunny again with a slight breeze to make it tolerable.

I have just watched Marmite’s new ad. I think it’s brilliant, it brought tears to my eyes (being a Marmite lover).

I can’t get over the fact that 250+ thinned-skinned idiots have nothing better to do than complain about it.

Unloved and forgotten, thousands of Marmite jars across the UK are being neglected. This year alone, over 1 in 10 Brits admit they haven’t opened their jar in over three months. Through this latest Marmite advert, we’ve launched an urgent appeal to prevent cruelty, alleviate suffering and promote kindness to all Marmite jars. Get involved now http://www.endmarmiteneglect.comYouTube blurb

Some people really need to get a life.

Time for a nap before work.Later.

Sorry People…

Back to boring.

Yesterdays reblog got 15 likes… I’m jealous.


For one year blogging

I have found out that WordPress sends out little badges when you have been blogging for a year… I didn’t get one and I have a few blogs that are more than a year old;

I’m sulking, alright?

I walked to work, got my pay, bus to town, paid my rent. That was half my pay gone. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

I pay my rent near Brazeiro restaurant, 50metres no less. It was such a temptation and being a beef-eating week, I was sorely tempted. But I stuck to my original plan and went to a cheaper restaurant which also has BBQ. It was so crowded that I couldn’t get near the BBQ bit, so I had fish for lunch; and beer of course.

I got home with a full belly, and could only think of naptime.

Soon, it will be worktime. Two out of three students have cancelled, so only one class and then home for beer o’clock.

Now I must off and do my #FFs.


Life is so sad

feedjitI want a Feedjit on my sidebar. When I was with bastard Blogspot, all my blogs had them. But alas, not my WordPress blogs. I have to have a ‘plugin’ thingy and I haven’t got a ‘plugin’ thingy.

Just look at that colour scheme, it’s perfect for this blog.

I hate the restrictions of WordPress!

But I hate the duplicity of Google even more!

I believe I have to have their ‘upgrade’ @ $99 before I can have plugins. In 19 years on the internet, I have never paid for anything, I refuse to start now.

Oh, life is so sad…

Besides, I am hungry.

Off to make lunch. Chicken cubes fried off in olive oil, stock cube and parsley with a fresh (in that it comes out of a little cardboard box) cream sauce with soy sauce. Takes about ten minutes to make.

three plus hours later…

Well, that didn’t quite go as planned. On my way to the kitchen my olfactory radar detected the wonderful aroma of BBQ. They were having a BBQ at the botequim.

I did what any red-blooded BBQ lover would do. I put on my clean shorts from the line and wandered along. Of course, the time immediately became beer o’clock. Wonderful flexible time frame beer o’clock.

So then it was home for a nap. Woke at 4:30 and was eating chicken in that decadent cream sauce, that I mentioned earlier, by 5pm.

I love Sundays, nothing has to be done anywhen.

I will have a Sunday Tales post up shortly.


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