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OMG! It’s 6pm!

I’ve done it before, and apparently, I’ve done it again.

Today started off okay twelve hours ago, that was when evrything went wrong.

Coffee was okay, even the second, then I discovered that I’d forgotten to leave the keys for work at work last night.

Never before was this so applicable

Never before was this so applicable

I began to fret, and after some work here (real work, not blogging) I had to take the keys back before someone (the bossette) discovered that I really was an idiot.

Now, I am ready to resume my responsibility and blog along. There is an internet connection problem and it’s as slow as a wet week  and comes and goes. At the moment, it’s gone again, making my endeavours very painful indeed.

Well, it’s now after 9:00 pm. It’s taken me three hours to get this far. It appears that the connection has settled down.

Okay, on with today’s woes.

Having taken the keys back to work, I was half way to the supermarket, so I walked the rest of the way.

Good move? No bad move. I had forgotten that today was Wednesday. Supermarkets have their meat specials on Wednesdays; oh poo! The place was packed with dedicated shoppers. Navigating was nigh on impossible, but I managed and eventually got to the checkout. All the checkouts had long lines. I got into one. Two laden trolleys in front; then when the next woman began putting her shopping on the checkout, she pulled two more laden trolleys that were on the side into line; she had three trolleys and she seemed to take a sadistic delight in being as slow as possible.

The next guy was mercifully quick, then my turn.

Finally I got home; three hours later.

End of the story… oh no.

They has just fired up the BBQ at the botequim.

When one is invited to participate, it’s rather churlish to refuse. I hurriedly put away my shopping, grabbed some smoked sausage and Coalho cheese kebabs to add to the offerings and went next door.

That’s where I spent the next three hours and three beers.

End of the story… oh no.

Had to have a nap, and that’s where I spent the next three hours.

A coffee, and that’s where I came in at the top of the post. I have been M.I.A. Not a blog post done for the day.

Talk about a day wasted. Mind you, I could have wasted it watching football, but there were no games today. Nor tomorrow, I wonder how I can waste the day tomorrow?

So it is with heavy heart that I will blog along.




A ‘do nothing’ day.

Apart from this my seventh post for the day, I have cooked lunch and washed the dishes…

And now I have 20 minutes to post before making that trek hobble to work. I hope my students arrive today; they didn’t last week.

Yesterday I had a new student. Class confirmed at 9am and relayed to me via the bossette. 1pm, I was at the course, 1:30pm I rang bossette, student hadn’t arrived. She rang him and he had cancelled and just not bothered to tell anybody… bloody lovely. Some people are just so considerate.

Pasadena Refinery, Texas

Pasadena Refinery, Texas

Screwed… Yes, Brazil was screwed. Apparently, Petrobras (the oil giant here) bought half a refinery in Texas. Pasadena was valued at $42.5m in 2006 when it was bought by Astra of Belgium. Later it was obliged to buy the other half by US courts because of a clause in the contract. Petrobras has to date paid $1.321bn… Now that’s being screwed big time!

Well, the time has gone… Must put on my big-boy pants and look like a teacher.

It’s going to rain. Ominous clouds out there. I only hope it holds off till I get to work.


Life is Rosy… for a Monday

I’m getting in early today before anything has a chance of stuffing up a lovely Monday.

Life is just like that... won awards

Life is just like that… won prestigous awards

Last night I was given a hint on irc by an old friend how to search for my old blogs. It didn’t work. But it did work for him, and by following the links he got, I managed to find some, but not all. I managed to find bits and pieces of my old personal blog, Life is just like that… The blog is gone, but a web archive has some pieces.

Unfortunately the main page was archived, but the structure of the blog didn’t allow the ‘read the rest of the post’. So that was a bit of a humbug.

Finally today, I managed to install CorelDraw10. Found another way to skin the cat.

I made fresh coffee this morning, much better than yesterday’s watery effort. I tried to skimp on the quantities because I didn’t want couldn’t be bothered opening a new sack of coffee. Doesn’t pay to skimp.

I see Kim Jong-un won the ‘election’ in North Korea. That’s pretty easy when you’re the only candidate. There were two choices, yes or no; I bet they didn’t count the ‘no’ votes, so he got 100%. Whoopie!

Man just keeps screwing up. From the 1960s CFCs (refrigeration and aerosol propellants) have been banned as they were identified as the biggest threat to the Ozone layer. Now scientists have discovered that four new CFCs are kicking around in the atmosphere doing even more damage. The tricky bit is, they don’t know where these new CFCs are coming from to tackle the problem.

It’s back to work today. Carnaval is over. I don’t feel like going beck to work, this 10 day break has filled me with lethargy. But, I have to force myself, no work, no money; no money, no beer, BBQ, net nor food. Oh we live in such a wicked world.

Just before I go, check out this post… just click on the image.

WARNING: Do not drink coffee nor any other beverage when reading this post.

Oh, you clicked on the image before reading the WARNING, well that’s Monday for you…


Not so Scary Now


Put on your ‘big-boy’ pants and deal with it

Finally, I put my big-boy pants on and went to tackle the evil monster that had befallen my kitchen and brought chaos.

Yes… I did the dishes.

Then, I hobbled off to work, with the full expectations that I would arrive there in one piece.

Yea tho’ I walk in the shadow of rush hour,
I will fear no evil, for the traffic lights are with me,
my walking stick comfort me, even tho’ I wobble a bit. – Psalm 23¾

I did indeed wobble a bit. My walk hobble to work took 30 instead of the usual 20 minutes and my legs were aching by the time I got there.

The lesson was done from the seated position, actually it was doing a song exercise and a mini test, so thankfully there was not a lot of standing expected.

Saturday/Caturday, time to recover the excesses of work last night. I want to be right to get back to work on Monday because, apart from the medical costs, this week off work has cost me R$400 off my salary for the month. Being sick is expensive, no wonder I don’t do it often.

I have enough meat left for another BBQ. It is thawed, so must be used. I’ll go to the botequim about 11am and see if anyone is interested in lighting the BBQ. LOL like they’d refuse… It’s so handy having a neighbourhood bar nextdoor.

I’ll have to go and get some more straw and water first, still on meds. Doesn’t that make me sound horrible, like a druggie?

It’s a sunny day, perfect for beer & BBQ.

For some reason a post on retired beer kegs I did on my Nether Region has attracted a lot of interest, the post has nearly 100 hits since last night. I have not idea why, or who. Generally speaking, the last week has seen a small, but welcome, increase in hits on all my blogs; and the new blog (click Caturday link above) has slowly begun to take off, not dramatically, but moving in the right direction.

I read during the week that “14pt is the new 12pt” I’ve noticed a few blogs using 14pt lately. It looks god-awful ugly. Apparently this is to combat the small size screens of iPads and SmartPhones, etc. I don’t damned well care! It’s UGLY!

So ugly, that I have begun bypassing these blogs. little red xAs soon as I see 14pt text as the body, I click that little red ‘X’ in the top right corner. I will not sully my screen with 14pt text.

Damned, again?

Damned, again?

The normally tranquil life of Rio de Janeiro is about to be disturbed again, There is a week to go for Rockin’ Rio. First it’s the pope, or Lady Gaga, or some other insignificant, I can’t be bothered with this nonsense.

The byline reads ‘for a better world’. It would be a better world if they stopped this shit.

The logistics for these mammoth events is a total waste of the Earth’s resources.

But, who cares?

We live blindly in the ‘here and now,’ bugger tomorrow.

It’s all going to hit the fan in the near future and humanity will be left shaking it’s collective head asking, ‘what happened?’

Interesting post coming up tomorrow on Tomus Acarnum about it being too late for the Earth’s aliens to save themselves. Actually, the posts there over the last couple of days are also alien-ated.

I need a nap before BBQ.


Crash, Bang!

Irish coffee with chocolate

Irish coffee with chocolate

That was it, crash – bang!

5:30am, and the neighbour’s cat had knocked one of my heavy ceramic dinner plates to meet its demise off the prep-table to shatter the edge on the slate floor.

This is NOT a good way to wake up, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. It takes more than coffee to repair the damage.

A strong Irish coffee with chocolate could have gone part way to repairing the damage, but I was so furious that I couldn’t make it.

Quote –

My Monday moaning could well be about the fact that I didn’t get to moan on Monday.

I am suffering a terrible affliction at the moment, it’s called work. Not just work, but it’s worse than split ends, it’s split days. Split days do not bode well with my post load.

It’s now Tuesday late p.m.

That was my opener on Eco-Crap a half hour ago, it applies here too, to explain my absence yesterday, and on other days when I don’t get here.

Looked so good, just fell into the shopping cart

Looked so good, just fell into the shopping cart

A trip for therapy helped me after class, yes, I went to the supermarket; the one that has a whole aisle of drinky-poos.

I got three bottles of wine, a bottle of Cointreau, and a bottle that looks like a Champagne bottle but with Stout Porter in it. I have absolutely no idea what Stout Porter is, except that I like stout.

I bought some food too, but I won’t bore you with those mundane details.

Except the cheese, got some stinky fancy cheeses.

Oh, I got two new knives as well. A carving knife and a bread knife, they are matching and looked so nice, that they fell into the shopping cart too.

Talk about impulse buying, but that is the best part of the therapy.

Should I mention that I bought some dirt? Maybe not, you may think I am silly. Yes, I bought some potting mix, okay?

That’s a rhetorical question, there’s no need to answer.

By the time I got home, put my treasures away, ate the puff pastry cheesy thingies and read the news, it was time for a nap; so here I am late on a Tuesday catching up.

I am not a ‘blogger’, I have discovered. Bloggers are common, I am…

wait for it…

*raises nose 30° to the horizontal*

I am an “artisanel publisher”, there, doesn’t that sound nifty, even a little snobbish? Not part of the hoi polloi anymore; I am separate from the masses.

Thunder pot

Thunder pot

My discovery of the day; chamber piece.

I always thought a chamber piece was a potty, or as some would call it a ‘thunder pot’.

Apparently not.

It’s do do with music in a restricted place…

that takes all the fun out of it.

That means that chamber music isn’t what you’re listening to when you do your business.

Just before I rush off into the wild blue…

Another quote, not mine –

“I have never had a prouder moment as a mother. This is by far your most ridiculous post.” – Dawn’s mother commenting on Fit to Teach


Lethargy & Stuff

WhatADayYes, lethargy and stuff. It’s been a mixed up week. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday blogging was only superficial at best.

Thursday and Friday were the worst.

I had an offer to teach mornings again, and my financial situation dictates that I accept. It’s only two hours, 8 – 10, but it means getting up early and although I am a morning person I don’t do compulsory waking well anymore. So it takes a bit to get me firing on all cylinders.

DepressoCoffee to be made, blogs to check, comments to reply, links to follow, etc. You’re bloggers, you know how it is.

Then there’s making myself presentable, that means looking like a teacher before 10am, not an easy task.

That’s not the end of it. I have to catch the bus, remember where to get off, walk into the factory…. Oh depresso! To top it all off, I’m expected to teach!

I get home about 10:45, and I’m stuffed, I just want to sleep again. Blogging, don’t even think about it.

I have the next week off mornings, my student has a prearranged trip away, and I have class with him only on Friday, so the ‘normal’ drive will kick in, providing I can get over Monday, that’s usually a rough one.

So, absences like the last couple of days, maybe become necessary. I certainly hope they will not be days in succession like this week. Got to keep a stiff upper lip, that’s my British forebears coming out. Cant’ go whimpering to Mum, sadly she’s not with me anymore.

notatstelikebaconApart from my rant, there’s not a lot going on. My Mean Green Leaf Eating Machine is still out of sight. Lixo has got the snots with me, last night I went to throw out a couple of slices of ham that had been in the fridge a few days too long, he wanted it, he got it, and he ate it. This morning cat biscuits just didn’t cut it, he wanted ham. I should buy a big pig and out it in the yard; “You wanted ham… that’s ham!” and see what he makes of that.

After blogging today, I got all blogs posted, I sat in the praça after lunch, and the BOA Antarctica van turned up at the botequim and started blasting preamble music. Just damned peachy! That means at least four hours of deafening music aimed at my house, reason to evacuate. I went home and had a nap, on waking, it was delightful silence, the van had gone. Someone is smiling upon me.

*Looks at clock*

Must be beer o’clock.


I had great plans

beermoneyjarBut the chances of realising them in the remaining 15 minutes is remote.

I must go to work.

No work, no beer money!

I am still sitting here in my shorts, the only reason I have shorts on is because I had to go next door to the botequim (they object to me wearing just my underpants in the bar) to borrow the ladder to change the light bulb or face my second night in darkness.

I really must rattle my dags.


Fluid Retention

It’s soooo cold. I can’t hold fluids. I drink a cup of coffee and I have to pee twice. I have been peeing the last two days like water over Iguaçu Falls. It has been bitter, I have two T-shirts and long pants on trying to keep warm. I didn’t go to work yesterday, nor this morning, I am going to my evening class today, because it is a case of instant gratification; private student pays for each lesson at the lesson.

The south of Brazil has been hit with snow and many have had the house roofs destroyed by wind and hail; they showed hailstones the size of golf balls on TV last night, house roofs looked as though they had been peppered by a huge shotgun. Many crops were decimated as well, as this is the primary zone for cool-temperate farming, so we can expect higher prices.

Tuesday night we were hit by a cold front. After an extremely mild – hot winter (hottest and driest in 40 years) here in Rio de Janeiro, in fact most of Brazil has suffered with very low humidity extremes. Last week/weekend (I’m not sure of the day now) in my part of the city we had 14% humidity, some of the world’s deserts are more humid. Officially now we are in Spring, and the weather has decided to be winter. We went from a hot summer’s weekend (39/40°C) to winter temperatures (15/19°C) in the space of  24 hours.

Weird weather, unseasonable changes, extremes… Now tell me there is no such thing as global warming. I’m not apportioning the blame here, just saying it’s here.

My kitchen gas just ran out. Luckily, the water had boiled to make coffee, so it wasn’t quite the disaster it could have been. I was rather pleased, I had anticipated the gas would quit sometime in August, and here we are at the end of September; that’s five months from one gas bottle for all my oven heat. A bottle of gas costs about R$39 (currently that’s about USD2o).

I always buy a spare the month after I change the botijão. Most Brazilians don’t do that. Their gas runs out and they have to ring and wait for a delivery, usually about a half hour. Then there is the problem that most Brazilians don’t have money for that eventuality and have to wait for the next pay day.

All my intentions of getting a post out yesterday, failed. Today nearly failed as well.
I have just woken from my afternoon nap. It was not so much because I was tired, more a way of escaping the cold.

Coffee is nearly ready…

Ahhhh, that is so good. My ‘hangover’ (caffeine deficiency) is abating already.

“If You’ve Got a Pulse, You’ve Got a Purpose” I RTed that yesterday from @laicos360. I love it.

*Checks pulse*

Well, at least something is functioning correctly, even if it isn’t my bladder; there maybe hope yet.

Now I have to wonder as to what the purpose might be.

It’s something that we all wonder at times; even as just a fleeting thought. “Why am I here?”

The most unflattering answer is ‘procreation’ and no more, but there must be more to it than that. All species, plant and animal are here to propagate, but we humans are here for such a long time when compared to most, there must be a more compelling reason than just to propagate.

The only things that we have done collectively as humans that could remotely be considered successful is to screw up the planet and create a society that even Freud couldn’t explain; he put it down to poor toilet training. I wonder if he was right…

Time to get ready. I am about as reluctant to do that as I am capable of flying to the moon, but as I said, instant gratification is a draw card.

Aarrggh! Monday was a day late!

Here I was crowing about yesterday and how nothing had gone wrong.

All the crap happened today!

First, I almost slept through the alarm.

Then, I got my teeth out of the glass that I had been keeping my cracked black peppercorn in. Boy did that make the first coffee taste weird…

Then, after four posts, the net went down. When it came back on, it was time to leave for work and I was still sitting in my underwear and socks. Panic! Jeans, shoes and it was only then I had discovered that I had put my underpants on backwards; too late to change now.

Flew out of the house, locked the gate. Unlocked the gate and flew back into the house, grabbed the envelope I was to deliver and flew back out of the house again.

A fast hobble to where my student normally picks me up for my lift to work. Gaze around hopefully, up the street, down the street. No student. Wait patiently. By this time it was too late. Ring student; no answer. Shrug shoulders and return home at a more leisurely pace. Discover that the ‘post-it’ note on the envelope had come off in the wind. It was an important message of sincere thanks, so back down the street, found it, stuck it back on under the flap.

At home and the safety of coffee, turned my underpants around. Have you any idea what it’s like walking down the street with your underpants on backwards? Let’s just use the adverb-adjective combination, really weird.

Comfortably reading the BBC news; and all goes dark. Power cut! Waited patiently for a few moments hoping it would come back on. Nope! Out onto the street. Reimundo the owner of the botequim was there. Only to be informed that the power would be out until 5pm… Aargghh! There was apparently supposed to be a note left in my letter box about this. Not, neither my other neighbour. They were doing a major maintenance and connecting the power to a new condominio (huge block of apartments) down the road.

So I faced the prospect of a day without power. No net, no PC, no TV, no light (it was dim and overcast and dark in the house). I began to have withdrawal symptoms; I tried more coffee, didn’t work. I began to shake and tremble, babando (dribbling); what could I do?

I changed the room around a little, to accommodate the printer that I had planned to set up today, I potted some plants, I did the dishes, I made more coffee and had bacon and eggs for breakfast… at lunch time.

I had a nap, woke up tired and listless, I went to the botequim, chatted with some of the locals and drank more coffee. I forgot to buy cigarettes. The power came on, first thing on was the PC. Went to the botequim to get my smokes while the beast powered up.

Reimundo gave me the wrong smokes, the ones that caused impotence, I asked for ones that gave me ordinary cancer.

Back home, emails, comments, and finally this post.

The world was back to normal.


Doting on my Success

I will attempt a post.

I thought that I had but a few minutes until it was time to get desmellified and look like a teacher of the wonderful English language, instead of a blogger. But, I am saved, no need to put on trousers, he just canceled.

Beer o’clock BRB

Well, the beer was nice. Brazil beat S. Korea in soccer, the Brazilian girls just lost to US girls in the Olympics volleyball.

We now interrupt our programme for a commercial break while I watch my novela (soap) and have nibbles.

Novela over, and the first lot of news. Blogging was off to a bad start today. Last night my connection went down about 10:30, and the blogging that I normally do between my alarm, at 5:30, and my departure for work, at 6:30ish (emphasis on the ‘ish’) didn’t happen. When I got home at 9:00am it was back on. The day continues.

Now that I am here again… writer’s block.

I can’t even find a stupid picture to put up and make inane comments about, so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.


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