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Needs Ketchup

ItaliansTasteAwfulReported that now Suarez is complaining that Italian  players should be sent on to the pitch with ketchup sachets to improve their flavour.

The whole world is clamouring about the Suarez bite, except Uruguay.

Lugano, the captain commented, “What incident?” Even José Mujica, Uruguay’s president, came out in support.

He should have a colar fitted by the vet

He should have a collar fitted by the vet

Uruguay is in denial. But then they would have to be.

If Suarez is banned, the team will be on the bus home after their next game, he’s the only real footballer they’ve got.

If Suarez ever gets to play football again, he should be taken to the vets and have a collar fitted.


I have just read the news that he is banned for four months, that’s good, but it also shows how pathetic and toothless FIFA is. He shouldn’t be allowed near a football stadium for life; he might develop a taste for fans.

Sunny still day out there, coolish; ideal for watching football.

I’m not actually a football fanatic, but once every four years, I become an enthusiast and make the right noises at the botequim during games. As for being a hooligan, I manage to demolish two bottles of beer per game, I’m told that this level of hooliganism is acceptable.

I have posted, I have napped, the shelf under the kitchen sink is still a vague thought somewhere in the back of my mind. My next plan is to put on my shorts and water the plants; I have to put on my shorts because five of them are outside the gate and I don’t want to startle shock the natives neighbours.

Lunch was simple egg and parsley and tomato and parsley sandwiches.

I should be thinking about the supermarket, once again my fridge is almost devoid of food. I could survive until tomorrow though.

WHO is getting concerned about Ebola, so far 600 infections with 400 deaths. At the moment it is isolated in West Africa with little international travel involved, but how long before it shows up in a major travel hub, then it’s a world problem.

Renaming the UK in the event of Scotland’s independence, some have suggested “Former UK”  Snappier perhaps, but as writers have pointed out, the abbreviation – fUK – is somewhat unfortunate.  – BBCNews

fUKed is more like it.

Five minutes to kick off, Germany vs USA, I’m rooting for Germany. The supermarket idea is now officially on hold.


Warts and All


Warts have a better chance of going viral

I tried, I really did, I thought yesterday’s post had a chance to go viral.

But it appears warts have a better chance.

I need to rethink my strategies.

Silly Dept

I have decided who will win the FIFA World Cup.

No, none of the teams, although one maybe declared the winner and get to hold 5kgs of gold aloft.

No, not even FIFA will be a winner, despite gaining $billions.

The real winners will be the makers of silly hats.


Yes, they’ll be the real winners.

Cameroon-Vs-Brazil-World-Cup-2014Brazil will be frothing at the bung come 5pm with the game against Cameroon.

As I see it, Brazil needs a win to stay ahead of Mexico should they win their game.

Speaking of FIFA, did you know that FIFA earned $10.5bn in the last World Cup in South Africa, while the hosts gained a paltry $500m.

That’s just plain wrong. FIFA outlays nothing! The hosts do all the outlaying.

It’s the same here in Brazil this year. The whole paradigm is wrong, the hosts should be getting the billions and FIFA be satisfied with what’s left over.

For whom the bell tolls

For whom the bell tolls

The world has never been so much aware of the imbalance. Septic Blathermouth and his toxic cronies will be the death of FIFA. The death knell is already sounding.

The saying, and title for Ernest Hemingway’s novel came from the Meditation #17Perchance, he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him;” I think that applies so perfectly to Septic Blathermouth, he’s one sick puppy.

I believe that the Qatar World Cup will be the last under the guise of FIFA. Basically because Qatar is so damned rich it doesn’t care how much it spends.

But it will never be held again in a country that is so strapped for cash, that they are imposing austerity measures, unless FIFA foot the bill; or there is a massive rebalancing of the profits.

Back to the Pope. He has excommunicated the Italian mafia, but he still says no to drugs. Weird, most of the mafia money comes from them. Decriminalise drugs and you strangle a major income source for the mafia; which means more Catholics saved from the fires of Hell.

Which leads to consider does Hell exist? And if it exists, is it exothermic or endothermic?

Consider this, it’s been around for a while, so you may/may mot have seen it, either way, enjoy or enjoy it again.


I am now going to press the new key on my keyboard.


and see if this works…

I’m getting desperate.

Now comes the time for an important decision, coffee or a nap?



And the rain came down

Yes, it’s started to rain heavily here.

Affecting the football transmission, the picture is all snowy.

No thunder and lightning so, hopefully there will be no net interruption as I am writing this during lulls in the game.

Not a good day for Spain, the current World Cup champions, they have just been eliminated by Chile. Australia gave Holland a fright today, 2-3.

Now Brazil’s fortunes rest on the game in progress; Croatia vs Cameroon. A Croat win is an advantage to Brazil, but if Cameroon win, then Brazil has to beat them in their last game.

wastedbeerGame over, rain stopped, blogging right along…

Fukushima has hit another stumbling block. The plans to build an ice wall to contain contaminated water is failing, because they can’t get the temperature low enough. This story is over yet.

Ebola is still on the increase.

Worst news yet. Germany’s beer is under threat from fracking.

I’m a mit, but I convert to a roll.

Yes, I discovered that there are various ways to wipe your bum. I had no idea. Take a look at this, what are you?


Well, I never.

It’s bed time.




It’s a Worry

Maybe I should install one of these

Maybe I should install one of these

I don’t often get worried on a Saturday morning, but when one wakes to find toilet paper in the kitty litter, it certainly makes one wonder.

Firstly, where did she get it?

Secondly, and probably most important, has she figured out how to wipe her bum?

And people wonder why I need coffee in the mornings.

8am and all’s well. Second coffee of the day, dishes still in the sink, haven’t given a though as to lunch, the sun is shining and my snivelly nose is clearing up. Yes, Yesterday my nose was running a marathon and my throat was sore, Got that from watching the opening match of the World Cup in the fresh evening air the night before.

I'm not planning a lot today

I’m not planning a lot today

There are four matches today, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm & 10pm. I will probably watch three.

Australia spent the first half chasing round after Chile, totally out classed. The second half they were much better, and it was only bad luck that they didn’t trounce Chile. There were four or five honest attempts at goal, only to suffer off-sides and goal posts. 3-1 was the result.

I must hit the supermarket today before football, the fridge isn’t quite empty, but there is a lot of empty space that could accommodate food. Maybe I’ll just fill it with beer.

Yesterday, cooking lunch, the chips stopped fizzing in the deepfry, and checking the oven, it too had gone out. I surmised correctly that the gas had run out. It always does that when I am cooking. Luckily, I had a spare gas bottle, a quick change and all was well. That was about the worst thing that happened on my Friday, 13th. So I was let off lightly.


I have reached Inspiration Point, or at least the lack of it.

I shall blog along.



No Guarantee

None at all.

If I don’t post now, it won’t get done later!

Yesterday, was a rather ignoble start to the World Cup; the first goal of the cup and it was a contra (own-goal) by Marcelo putting the Croats in the lead until Neymar pulled them out of the shit.

Minimal contatc it may have been, butFred was clearly pulled backward preventing a possible goal

Minimal contact it may have been, but Fred was clearly pulled backward preventing a possible goal

Oh, and aren’t the Croats kicking up a din about the penalty.

I saw the game, I saw the penalty, I am a football layman, and even I could see that it was a penalty.

Maybe the Croats should embrace their threat and go home.

However, this is not a football blog.

I was pleased with the result 3-1.

The opening ceremony was rather grand.


The 'live ball' and dancers during the opening ceremony

The ‘live ball’ and dancers during the opening ceremony

I loved those trees.

There are three games today. The first just a little more than an hour away. Guess where I’ll ne? (no prizes)

That’s why I must make the most of this hour, dishes, lunch and wrap up here for the day.

Headline news: Harrison Ford breaks his ankle. Everybody needs to know this! Once again, the mainstream media are failing to report real news.

Oh, and Obama is in excellent health; that’s so nice. Nobody reports my annual check in the news, I am stunned.

Jamaica is thinking to relax marijuana laws, another country, Mauritania, was thinking of the same thing last week. These thoughts, along with Uruguay’s example of decriminalisation will not please the USA, except California and Colorado. Just goes to show that the ‘drug war’ is all but lost. Personally, I think it’s great that people are starting to wake up, and I have never used the stuff.

Well, lunch is next on the agenda, looks like the dishes won’t be.

Already had my nap.





Today is Lorem Beersum

Lots of footballerum

Lots of footballerum

Fishem chipsum for lunch

And football and beer for dinner!

Yes, all those months and years of planning, Valckes criticisms and Seth Balthermouth’s heartburn.

Kick off is only an hour and a bit away.

The opening ceremony is on telly now, and the Brazilian team have just arrived at the stadium.

Despite all the delays and worries, the World Cup is HAPPENING!

I will be off to the botequim shortly, about beer o’clock, so if i don’t do this now, done it won’t be.

They have rigged up a large screen to project the game, so all will see.

More mundane matters. Last night I asked one of the locals if he knew of a plumber who fixes roof tanks; turned out I was talking to one. Fortuitous. Reggie came around this morning and after trying several theories without success, he was up on the roof. Yes, the tank was full, despite his doubts that it was; yes the ballcock functioned as it should. He came to the conclusion that something was blocking the exit. I told him that in the first place. He took out a section of pipe, and sure enough two pieces of plastic bag were in the pipe.

I am not right ALL the time, but this time I was right again.

I now have water, no more cold showers this winter. He also replaced the element in the shower head, so now I will have hot hot water.

lorem_ipsumLorem ipsum…

Do you have any idea what it means? It appears Latin, but when it’s translated, it’s nonsense.

Apparently is was a piece of Latin literature, but it has been adulterated and some versions contain non-words and embarrassing phrases.

Seth Blathermouth is still fizzing at the bung, incensed that the EUFA have called for him not to run for FIFA president again.

He should listen, because not only EUFA are clambering for him to step aside, many at ground level want the same.

The Global Obesity Bomb

The Global Obesity Bomb

EU court has decided that obesity should be classed as a disability. It’s not, it’s an ‘ism’.

The global obesity problem could be solved simply if governments would legislate against HFCS and sweeteners in sodas and food.

It’s not so much junk/fast food, but the corporate use of HFCS, high fructose corn syrup has an imbalance of fructose that the body can’t process; the excess goes straight to the liver and gets converted to FAT. It has to be banned. HFCS is cheaper than normal sugar, so the corporations are once again putting profits above health.

I do believe the clock has ticked around to beer o’clock…

50 minutes to kick off.



Emoji – 絵文字

Well, another day, and I learn something new.

Emoji (絵文字 are smileys 🙂

The day is wasted if I don’t learn something new. So I am happy before 9am.

No, this is a plumber's job

No, this is a plumber’s job

My happiness is due to a new Happiness Engineer.

Rachel, who visits this blog often, if not daily (well, the last three posts, she made it here twice) is now a Happiness Engineer, she landed a plum job.

Congratulations, Rachel, as I commented, dream jobs are hard to come by.

Now all she has to do is explain what a Happiness Engineer does, then I will have learned two new things today.

tgif-cat21TGIF! note exclamation mark magically uplifting the tone of my text

TGIF! also magically uplifts one ready for the weekend.

Right now, I need a TGIF coffee.

*heads off to the kitchen*

Got coffee, makes TGIF even better.

Paid the power and ISP bills yesterday, so as long as PC keeps within its vocational boundaries, I’ll be around for the next month.

Mind you, I have to pay the rent yet, but that’s not due until the 15th, after that I might have power and net, but using it from the street. AV = another vagabond.


Mine won’t have the frilly bits

Supermarket again today, the one I went to Wednesday didn’t have agua com gas (sparkling mineral water), and the one I plan to go to today is the only one of four supermarkets that has kidneys. I am planning meal-sized steak ‘n kidney pies for the freezer, oh nom noms.

Two of my last three posts have won/got 15 likes. I’ve never broken that barrier. Come on people, you can do better than that.

I read an article this morning on the Malvinas/Falklands issue. Can’t find it now… but it called the Falklands Malvinas stating that the Malvinas were known in Britain as Falklands. I take issue with that, They are known as the Falklands worldwide, only in Argentina and some Spanish speaking supporters are they known as Malvinas. Come on MSM, get your shit together and get the facts right.

2014-Brazil-World-Cup-theme-wallpaper-downloads-1366x768-01Six days to go! The FIFA World Cup kicks off on the 12th. Who is going to win it? Can Brazil make it to Hexa-Campeão (sixth world champion)?

Of course, I am rooting for Brazil. I live here, and NZ was knocked out by Mexico.

Many are hoping for another Spanish win, and there are several other teams that could well make it.

But the political storm here needs a win to pour oil on troubled waters. There are many here in Brazil that are not happy with the cup being held here, and are demanding education, health and public security have the same money spent on them. They are demanding, for example, hospitals of the same standard as the arenas (stadiums).

FIFA is beset with more corruption accusations. It’s time for FIFA to be frozen out and for the world to support a different/new governing body without Seth Blatter and all his cronies. They’ve had their day and screwed up.

Bashar al-Bastard has won a one-sided election and is president of Syria for another seven years. Of course, the elections didn’t include rebel areas, just those that guaranteed the required result.

I wonder whether elections shouldn’t be run by a third party, a neutral country and not by the incumbent government. Maybe in that way countries might get a fairer deal. I haven’t heard of an election in the last forty years that hasn’t been marred by corruption of one sort or another.

I do feel a nap coming on…

But first, I have to clean up Kitty poo under the sink again; discovered when I got my coffee.


Clorinha likes to watch TV.

If she keeps pooping under the sink, I'll turn the TV off

If she keeps pooping under the sink, I’ll turn the TV off




To Sir With Love

Yes, I had my 'To Sir with Love' moment

Yes, I had my ‘To Sir with Love’ moment

I am irked by a news item this morning. Calling teachers Sir and Miss ‘depressing and sexist’ on BBC News.

What a load of bullshit!

Admittedly, Sir and Miss are not equivalents, but would you rather have your students calling you ‘Madam’? The correct equivalent of Miss is Master, which is no longer used, it died a natural death about 50 years ago.

In NZ schools, we referred to our teachers as Mr X, Mrs X or Miss X. So the Sir/Miss issue seems to be more English.

Giving your teacher a title is a sign of respect, there is nothing depressing or sexist about it.

When I taught in a Peruvian Catholic college in Cuzco, I had a title, one that I was duly proud of.

Teacher in Spanish is Profesor, with the stress on the last syllable, so you got profeSOR. But I was never called Profesor, I was called Proffy. Profesor was used respectfully for most teachers, particularly the nuns, whereas Proffy was used for liked teachers. Yes, even Grade 3B (the worst behaved class in the school) called me Proffy.


Grade 3B parading ready for sports day

When I left the school, due to a change in policy which ousted non-accredited teachers, these ‘bad’ girls lined the path to the school gates as a guard of honour and cried as I left that last day.

I don’t care if they called me Proffy, Sir or even Miss, I was proud of those girls; none of the other teachers in the college could say that, they were ‘bad!’ I still get teary-eyed when I remember this.

‘degrading and sexist’ what a load of bullshit! Another example of PC (political correctness) gone mad. Things like this get right up my nose!

Now back to today.

I have to pay the rent today. I will probably time it so that I have lunch in town.

Remember my problem yesterday (well, most days actually) with the dishes? I did them, all. And this morning the kitchen sink looks as though I had never been near it. Dishes are the bane of mankind.

All that pondering yesterday, I ended up with crumbed sole fillets pan fried. They were a delicious!

I belong here, I'm an English text book

I belong here, I’m an English text book

Last night Clorinha wasn’t well. I went to bed early and nature called equally early, 1am. Clorinha had been a little sick on the kitchen floor, I cleaned it up. Then, I discovered the main act on the carpet in the living room, I cleaned that up. She was definitely out of sorts, because she accepted hugs and pets without biting, she even purred. Finally sleeping on my our her bed because it had the warm.

I stayed up and posted on some blogs. Later she mewed plaintively from the living room, I got her to the dirt box in time for another little chuck chunder. After that she was asleep on the bed again. 3:30am I finally went back to bed, and she was so lovey dovey and finally bit me… she was coming right.

My little girl becomes a football (soccer) star:

Watch out Cristiano Ronaldo!

Taken in the carport yesterday morning.

While talking about football, only 30 days left to the opening game of the World Cup.

And they discover…


I should blog along.


A Quantum Moment

A moment before a disaster

A moment before a disaster

A quantum moment is a moment of change or the moment before a disaster.

For example, this could be a quantum moment… ah, the disaster option.

An example of a change is like when I am my normal mundane self, then the cats from next door get in the yard and attack Clorinha; whereupon I become some sort of feverish demented devil who seriously wants to maim cats. Nobody, but nobody harms my baby.

I have been trying to further said kitten’s movie star career.

Last night, I tried to film said errant kitten, she simply moves too fast; no idea of poise and dignity.

The moment before she appears outside, she attacked my ankles.

I have no idea of her whereabouts, she could be in the paper bag in the middle of the living room floor, she could be behind my painting project hiding from the neighbour’s cat; I just had a quantum moment…

Found her! Asleep behind my pillow.

After two BBQ days in a row, the air was somewhat fartiferious in my office/bedroom. Clorinha wisely chose to sleep on the sofa.

Here in Brazil, Volkswagon has too models (well, they have more, but for this story) the Fox and the Gol… A quiet moment in the botequim yesterday, a lull in the conversation, and one of the fregües (regulars) commented that a dog with some German shepherd features that had wandered across the veranda looked like a fox… I replied, “Nah,” and everyone present expected one of my matter-of-fact answers, “It’s not a Fox, it’s a Gol.” There was a moments silence as it sunk in before beer was being spilled.

I have these moments; quantum moments.

I am miffed. The Guardian newspaper has changed the look/style of their page, before it was an easy to read three column, down one, up the other and back down again. Now the articles are bigger and spread across the whole screen; absolutely horrid. Before a simple flick of the wheel, and you had several new articles to read, whereas now, you are back-peddling like a madman simply to read the next article. Not at all happy.

Fancy bottles too

Fancy bottles too

Brahma, my beer, has been advertising Brahma Selecão Especial beer produced for the World Cup on TV, but nobody knows where to buy it. They’ve also brought out another fancy bottle that looks like an aluminium can, but at R$45 for five bottles they can keep it.

I’ll be doing a post about that on Fizz on Friday for ‘What beer be this?’


Nkandla, a national shame

South Africa are going to the polls next week, I think it is.

There is a big hue and cry over the incumbent Zuma spending millions of public money renovating his private residence.

I sincerely hope that any new government seize the residence and use it as the official residence for all future presidents, thereby justifying some of the money spent. It is really a bone of contention as people without water and power live just a stone’s throw beyond the security fence.

That’s about it for today, I will return to the tedium… and have a nap.





A Poop in the Corner

Yes, she hid under the kitchen sink where I couldn’t reach her and she pooped in the corner… The broom wasn’t handy, so she got away with it. The broom is now parked in the kitchen.

Steak N EggsSteak ‘n eggs for breakfast. I was sorely tempted to open a bottle of wine to complete the debauchery, but I resisted, I fought with myself internally and opted for sparkling mineral water and ice.

It was more of a brunch really. I woke hungry from my nap at 11am.

After lunch I watered the plants, they were doing a great impression of dying. Well, not actually ‘dying’ but doing a distinct wilt.

tbirdI had to shut down and do a CHKDSK, something had crashed in my Thunderbird email client and I couldn’t delete mails.

Things were a bit sluggish too, and it fixed that.

So I killed a bird and a slug with one stone.

With all the crap about Brazil not being prepared for the FIFA World Cup, it looks like it’s going to be the same for the Olympic games. Just two years away and some venues haven’t even been started.

Scandal: Tamiflu, the wonder flu drug, appears to be no more effective than Paracetamol. And, the Brits have spent a cool £473m on stockpiling the stuff. Who’s been conned then?

The news is full of Pistorius this, Pistorius that. I heartily sick of Pistorius, I don’t give a damn, tell us when they find him guilty or not. I don’t want to know every sordid detail. It’s boring.

God is angry at the Australians for culling sharks. He’s sent a typhoon to punish them on Friday night and ruin the weekend.

The hunters of MH370 have another beep. So they are narrowing down the search area. Makes it more likely that they’ll find their flight recorder and find out what happened to the flight.

It’s another nice sunny autumn day out there, makes one think that they should be out there enjoying it. The beer truck has been, so I know that the botequim has beer; now there’s a thought.


Here’s a thought for the day…



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