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I had two naps today, life is such fun

I’ve left you until last again today, but I have a healthy hour in which to entertain you all.

I have just woken from my Nap-fu, yes, my vision is turvo (out of focus, murky) again. But the good news is, or is it bad news… Have to give that some thought. I am sitting too close to the screen. There has been a shift in my vision. It was a bit like the revelation that my arms weren’t long enough to read a book in focus and hence needed reading glasses.

If I move back from the screen, I can see it okay; but then I can’t reach the keyboard. I need to remodel my table here, so that the keyboard is further away, or get a new pair of arms. Or maybe a set of nuclear ICBMs, they are arms with a longer reach.

I went to the supermarket, but first I did the dishes because I needed a place to put the groceries. Life can be so complicated, all these decisions.

It’s cooler today so my plants aren’t doing a collective wilt. I’ll water them tomorrow.

I had to laugh at the Russians. Russia is warning the US against attacking the IS in Syria…  this has to be a joke, because they class any such action as a ‘gross violation of international law.’ After what they did in Crimea and are now doing in Ukraine. There’s some really flawed thinking going on.

I just read a post on Lenny Says, it’s one of the blogs I follow regularly. It’s often very funny, or maybe just a jaundiced look at things, as it was today.

Your Eggs-Box

Your Eggs-Box

The story was based around Lenny’s problems with his Blackberry, and it has a great video clip, which at the end made reference to an X-Box…

Which I have pictured for your edification.

X = eggs, but here in Brazil, X is often used as an abbreviation for cheese (particulary where burgers are concerned), because it’s pronounced sheesh, from cheese, because the ch in Brazil is sh, not ch as in English.

So I am now looking for a Cheese box.

So for all of you who are haunted by the cries from your prodgeny, “But Johnnie has one!” Therein lies your solution, buy a half dozen eggs.

Let’s talk about American intelligence, normally I would class that as an oxymoron (two conflicting ideas), and indeed I have a good example. The CIA has revised its estimates of IS to three times the previous number. This makes me wonder, really wonder, about the effectiveness of all this American spying, technology and shit. How can they be sooooo wrong in the first place? A classic case of they don’t really know what theyre doing.

I read last night that a final report on Building 7 in the 9/11 Twin Towers attack is nearly ready; and it appears they are going with the idea that internal fires caused the collapse. They have mentioned that the previously unseen side of the the tower was extensively damaged. Now if that was the case, the building would not have fallen in on itself as videos clearly show; it would have collapsed to the weakened damaged side and fallen sideways. This is another government sponsored cover-up.

I would dearly love someone to rebuild Building 7 to the original specs, and light the fires. Only then will the truth be known.

I’ll leave you with a thought.


Oh, I washed my reading glasses, they work fine, but they sit wonky on my face. I prefer turvo.

My Bum’s Wet

One lonely little goiaba

One lonely little goiaba

No, no photos…

I was out watering my plants and the split in the hose sent water right up my shorts leg. One day I’ll fix it.

My little goiaba branca (white guava) that I didn’t expect to fruit until next year, has done it. One lonely little goiaba.

I have just picked two off the other tree, so lunch will involve suco de goiaba (guava juice). There, that’s part of the menu fixed. I have just peered into the cavernous depths of my fridge; looks like spring rolls again. Yesterday rolls were actually curried rolls with feijão (black bean) leftovers. I believe in utilising all I have. Today, I’ll fry up a bit of cabbage, grated carrots cooked in garlic and parsley.

140404-mcdonalds-RussianThe Russian take over of Crimea has caused a crisis in more ways than political.

McDonald’s has closed its three Crimean outlets.

The Crimeans will have to resort to real food.

Not closed for good, unfortunately, rather suspended operations because of instability.

Putin’ it bluntly, Russia is creating a bit of mess.

Twitter-turkeyTurkish High Court has ruled that the prime minister’s Twitter shut down is against the constitution. He is fuming, having avowed to shut social media down, his efforts have been thwarted and he has all the little Twitter birds shitting all over him.

I find it all rather amusing really. As much as I dislike social media generally, the rabid politicians are fighting it in time-honoured methods of suppression. They have got no idea how to use the social media. They ban it, and they simply make a bigger noise that backfires. Today’s politicians are techno-dinosaurs, which is not surprising as their methods are prehistoric.

There is the old adage that bad news travels fast, well today, it travels even faster. When politicians do, as they have always done, run a corrupt system, the shit gets flung further, wider and faster than ever before. And the funny thing is, you can’t stop it.

The transparency that social media brings to politics is good.

xbox-360-limited-edition-halo-reach-bundle-controllerChild’s play: A five-year-old in San Diego has found a flaw in X-Box. He was able to log into his father’s account without the password.

His father sent the details to Microsoft and the flaw has now been fixed.

They paid the kid off with $50 (£30), four free games.

Bloody cheapskates. That flaw could have cost them hundreds of thousands in litigation and more in lost product.

Ebola is on the go. Cases reported initially on Guinea, have now popped up in Mali, Liberia and Sierra Leone. This is a very serious situation, how long before the virus appears in Europe or the Americas?

The Americans are now finding out what a horrible little man GWB really was. The Senate has been shocked by the report of torture carried out by the CIA under Bush, and many are crossing the floor to have the report released to the public.

I’ve done it again, missed the news…

Time for lunch.



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