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Any Port in a Storm

Porto Réccua TawnyIn fact, mine was an Porto Réccua Tawny port

So it wasn’t just any port.

I don’t often drink at home, but sometimes just feel like an evening tipple.

Yesterday was the last day of September, the spring has spung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is? – often said by my mother.

1st October, a pinch and a punch for the first of the month, as one of my comments reminded me on ysterday’s post.

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month… Where did that come from? We said it often as kids with a literal pinch, and, quite often, a harder than necessary punch to the arm of our victim.



In the olden days, when one visited the house of gentry on the first of the month, one was offered a pinch of snuff and a glass of punch.

So all that physical pain is/was unnecessary.

 A couple of days ago I mentioned the impending launch of Windows 9. The report came from a news item from The Press, a New Zealand newspaper. The report subsequently disappered amid my speculation that it too would fail like its predecessors, Vista, 7 & 8.

It appears as though I was right, yesterday, I read about the launch of Windows 10, no less.

I still maintain my stance that until they return to XP, nothing will ever be comparable. I am but a humble user, why can’t these high salaried CEOs and shit see what I see?


This is how I see Windows Vista, 7 & 8

Windows versions since XP are like bullshit PC repairs; covered in duct tape trying to hold together.

Each new version people get sucked in, “this time we’ve got it right.” And, they haven’t.

China for example has refused to install any version other than XP in government PCs and Laptops. If the Chinese see it that way, there must be something to it.

Windows 10 will be no better.

On-line dating. What a load of codswallop. I would/have never contemplate resorting to the internet for the purposes of finding a partner. If I can’t find one in the real world, then I’d prefer to give up. Even before the advent of the internet, dating agencies, to me, were just a crock o’ shit.

Ebola! Everybody poo pooed the idea of ebola reaching the US, or anywhere outside Africa. The first case has appeared in Texas. A man returning from Liberia, began to suffer the symptoms; two days later he sought help, it was then a further two days before he was interned. Four days… how many people did he infect in those four days? Well find out soon enough. Deaths have risen above the 3,000 mark in Africa, it is spreading further and faster.

The day is dull and cool. The weatherman got it wrong again for yesterday; it didn’t reach the expected high and we got a little rain in the evening, right when I left home for work. It was gone by the time I returned.

Day off today, plenty of time at the wheel. Posts are planned, as is Nap-fu practice.

Lunch will be rump steak schnitzel, with whatever I feel like doing at the time. I am thinking mashed parsley potatoes, and mustard sauce… and a beverage. I think it would have to be something classier than beer.

New record, a recent post Muggy clicked over to 22 likes, and there was no sex involved. It was about my underpants, Japanese whaling and Scots independence… go figure.

I must blog along. This is four down, five to go.


Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

Yup, I’ve got the lot now.

Move over Simon and Garfunkel!

before my shopping spree last week, sage and thyme were missing. I have sage and parsley growing, I must get thyme and rosemary plants.

This song was always one of my favs of S & G.

Oh, I just realised I posted the full album…. okay so enjoy it. It is playing as I type.


The clip was removed from YouTube for copyright breach, this is a different clip and not the full album…

This post will be interrupted by the need to eat. The rice is cooloing off, the sweet curry sauce has the strips of fast grilled rump steak marinating in it. As soon as the rice has had its ten minute rest…. I’m off to the botequim.

wrong-way-sign-03Monday, so far nothing has gone wrong.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

Nap-fu practice went well. I was up earlyish (emphasis on ‘ish’) and after six posts I was exhausted.

Remember my tree dilemma?

I have an authoritive answer courtesy my Happiness Engineer.

Lunch and the news are over.

We return to the normal programme.

The concensus of opinion was an acacia, apparently not.

Yes, my tree. Well, it’s not mine, it’s in the park.

A comment from Rachel: “I asked my dad about this tree and he just got back to me. He’s an expert on legumes and this tree is one. Here’s what he said, “The tree is the Kassod tree or Senna siamea. It is native to SE Asia but recognised as a weed in north Qld.”

So, a kassod (cassod) tree. It is used in Thai and Burmese cuisine. It also has nedicinal value, but in excess can cause liver damage.

Thanks for the heads up on that Rachel.

New Zealand has a problem with glowing bones in pet food. The manufacturers can’t explain it; the dogs won’t eat it.


Capture from Press video

“The eerie fluorescent blue glow emanating from a pair of dog bones bought for her dog Tyke left Taranaki woman Fiona Wallis hunting for answers. “The Press

Apparently they have discovered the cause, check the link and see why.

It appears that The communist leaders in China have created a problem in Hong Kong over the decision not to allow full emancipation of the little colony. The people in HK aren’t taking this refusal lightly. Many parts of HK are blokaded by demonstrations, and look likely to remain that way until the decision is reversed. Initially the police tried to disperse the protestors with tear gas and pepper spray, but it backfired; it merely encouraged more protesters. The police have now been withdrawn.

The new face of Windows 9

The new face of Windows 9

Windows 9. MNicrosoft have finally realised that Windows 8 failed. Windows 9 will be launched soon. Like all Windows products since XP, I expect 9 to fail as well.

The news report has disappeared… so I can’t link you to it.

Maybe it has already failed? 🙂

The sooner MS realises that they have to bring back XP, the better off the world will be.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 all absolute rubbish.

So, it is with a heavy heart and a full belly that I will say…


Things that are sent to try us

NOmsofficeNot all plain sailing.

Shortly after my post yesterday I discovered some anomalies. First, there was no sound (fix later); second there was no MS Office (started to pull hair out).

Why? Why me?

Another time I used this same disk it didn’t affect the sound, it loaded MS Office… why now?

I went to work and after I went out for dinner to BBQ restaurant. Ate a lot of dead cow and salads because I had neglected my diet because of PC problems.

audiomuteiconGot home and tried to find driver for sound. Hahahahahahahaha! I wanted a download, I didn’t want a forum, I didn’t want a technical .pdf, I didn’t want all the crap I was offered with false links, I didn’t want Walmart… I just wanted to download the freacken’ driver, damn it!

I went to bed.

I tried again from 7am, then a stroke of genius. Went to PC manufacturers page/drivers found what I was looking for d/loaded, installed… And now I have sound, glorious sound. But I still don’t have OFFICE!

I use Office a lot, I need Office!

I also need more coffee!

I got CorelDraw10 installed this morning, so I was able to illustrate the next story.

Curious thing. MS want their cake and eat it too.


The Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed

Once upon a time, the three little pigs had a wonderful operating system called XP, then the Big Bad Wolf decided to huff and puff and blew it away. Then they had Vista, the three little pigs hated it; so they painted Vista and call it 7, then they totally crapped out and made 8, the three little pigs weren’t at all happy, there was no ‘start’ button, so along came 8.1. Now the three little pigs still didn’t like it and kept using XP. So the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and blew the support for XP away in April. Hoping that the three little pigs would migrate to 8, etc. But the three little pigs, didn’t migrate, in fact the Chinese little government pigs banned all government usage of 8.

XP still lives, and the Big Bad Wolf still wants to sell it.

If there’s no support from the Big Bad Wolf, then the programme should bloody well become FREEWARE. The Big Bad Wolf can’t have his bacon cake and eat it too!

I posted a story on Tomus yesterday about the oldest goldmine ever discovered. It’s in Georgia, but you can read the post over there.

It reminded me of a similar sad story.

Years ago, when I was a tour guide in Bolivia, our first port of call was Uyuni, then a two day tour of the Salar de Uyuni (salt flats) after staying the night in Alota (should have been called Notalota) we passed coloured lakes with beautiful pink flamengos, the still fuming Ollagüe volcano and then made our way about lunch time to the pueblo of San Cristobal. The feature in this pueblo was the old cathedral, the only adobe cathedral in South America.

San Cristobal with its adobe cathedral

San Cristobal with its adobe cathedral in the background

The pueblo had a silver mine, most of the men worked there; including the caretaker of the cathedral, so it was difficult to get inside for a look. I managed once.

Then along came American miners and decided that the biggest seam of silver ran right beneath the pueblo. So they moved the pueblo into new concrete block housing with running water, electricity and satellite TV, none of which the people had ever had before. Once they had moved the village, they had the problem with the cathedral, being adobe, it couldn’t be moved. So scratch one cathedral and they built a horrible stone replica in the new village.

Totally devoid of character

Totally devoid of character

And the village…

Nothing but a hole in the ground

Nothing but a gaping hole in the ground

A sad, sad end to a magnificent sight.

I haven’t been there for many years. When I learned of the destruction, I cried.



Thursday, so far, so good

I followed Andrew’s advice (see comments yesterday) and gave IT the middle finger for the night.

middle fingerNow, I’m back at it. Couldn’t continue because the damned thing couldn’t find the I386 file. So, I have changed to an older disk and so far things seem to be going right, even the serial that I found for XP install… 🙂 At the moment, it’s loading files and has 27 minutes to run. *Crosses fingers*

Things are still moving along fine. Installing the Start Menu, with 19 minutes to go.

Need more coffee, can’t stand the suspense.

Got coffee, still can’t stand the suspense.

While I was making the coffee, I opened the kitchen window… sqeeeaaak! Reminding me that I should one day oil it. The 3-in-1 was in the living room, so I oiled the hinges. In doing so discovered that the last time Clorinha knocked it off the shelf, the lid had cracked, now the kitty litter, the cardboard play box and the floor won’t squeak either.


There’s more than one way to skin a cat! *eyes Clorinha*

Now I have to disconnect here and and plug net into PC to establish Wi-Fi link.



I am Doomed!

The dreaded lurgy haunted me most of yesterday until I got to the chemist in the late afternoon; Milk of Magnesia, instant relief and I was able to maintain my dignity through the long lesson. My rating this morning would go about 90%. Drinking black coffee and eating nothing.

Now to the title.

This is not a person who eats red meat

One comment on yesterday’s post suggested I could have IBS and the irritation be caused by some food item. The only food item in common with the two was red meat… I am doomed!

Am I to become a vegetarian? Oh, woe is me!

A fate worse than death itself.

Rabbit food forever.

The prospect of not eating red meat is truly daunting for a confirmed carnivore. But obviously it is something that I am going to have to look into.

Another comment suggested a glass of wine as a cure. I like that idea… lots!

Clorinha is well, no re-occurrences of barfing on the caret. She is growing up and getting more adventurous. Since yesterday she has developed a new trick. Runs into the room, off the floor on to the box, on to the shelf, on to the next box, out the window and on to the old stove in the carport; now that all seems pretty ordinary, but when you consider that she does it all in one fluid movement and the time lapse would be measured in tenths of a second. If there was an Olympic event for window jumping, she’d be a champion in the making.

I will try and get a video of this, but I am not hopeful, because the whole sequence would be over before I pressed the shutter  button and managed to swivel fast enough to follow her.

The Twitter Bulldozer

The Twitter Bulldozer

Twitter is stupid! Everyday I get a banner suggesting I try out the new Twitter profile. I dutifully ignore it.

But each day, there it is again. Surely if Twitter had any semblance of intelligence, it would figure out that I am not interested and stop these infernal popups.

Twitter is the only ‘social media’ that I subscribe to, and if they force the new profile on me, it will be the last. I am sick of the bulldozer tactics of these social media arseholes.

A bargepole; used for keeping things at bay

A bargepole; used for keeping things at bay

Up yours Microsoft!

China has banned Windows 8 from ALL government PCs, laptops and tablets. China is 50% dependent on XP, that’s a lot of XP.

China has finally done something right.

Microsoft stopped the support for XP last month, to encourage people to move to later platforms; I don’t care if they dangle a golden carrot in front of me, I wouldn’t touch 7, 8 or 8.1 with a bargepole.

I saw the term ‘super-drunk’ today. I didn’t read the article, but it was in relation to North American native peoples. To me you are either a drinker, a drunk, or an alcoholic. Why invent a new ‘super-drunk’? Oh, I get it now; alcoholics go to meetings, super-drunks don’t…


No recalls that I remember

GM has another recall. What’s with these car makers? Toyota, Nissan, Ford, all have recalls.

Can’t they make the damned things properly in the first place?

I don’t remember Henry Ford ever having a recall.

I think I have about exhausted myself of writer’s blockages.

Just a comment on ‘the dread lurgy’. “The term originates from an episode of the 1950s radio comedy “The Goon Show” in which an epidemic of “The Dreaded Lurgi” was said to be about to sweep across Britain. It turned out that the lurgi was in fact a ficitious disease created by brass instrument makers who had claimed that no brass band player had ever died of the lurgi (thereby increasing sales hugely).

“The Goon Show” was an anarchic and surreal radio comedy series that starred Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe. It was written by Spike Milligan and Eric Sykes.”  Source: Urban Dictionary

I actually remember hearing this episode on the radio.

Time to practice my Nap-fu.

Short attention span. Clorinha was sitting in the window enjoying a lovely petting when a butterfly fluttered across the yard, she was out the window and off in less than a blink.



Caught Short

The first puddle

I did a puddle

I did a puddle

Maybe Clorinha was caught short, or had a temporary lapse of memory, or maybe the dirt box was simply too far from the bedroom.

A small puddle appeared this morning, at least it was accessible to be cleaned up.

So far she’s been pretty good, the sand in the dirt box gets shifted around regularly, so I must assume that she’s using it.

Maybe I’ll have to up her morning coffee… 🙂

Major disaster


The last great MS product

XP support finishes today!

Further proof that MicroSoft is a fool.

The report that I read states that 20-25% of users are still using XP. I refute that figure, 100% of the people that I know are still using it. They have refused 7, 8 & 8.1 categorically. Two that I know bought new 8.1 PCs recently, and immediately reformatted the drives and loaded XP. I think MS’s figures are pie in the sky, wishful thinking to justify the decision to stop support. Here is Brazil there are PC stores that will do that for you, so there IS a need.

From my point of view, the fiasco with Windows Vista, destroyed my confidence in any newer MS product and until they come to their senses and restore XP, I will continue to look at avenues to rid my life of MS products.

15_captain_america_600I see headline news that Captain America has broken records.

Not in this house he hasn’t.

I wouldn’t walk across the street to see it, even if it was free.

Further proof that the world needs to get a life.

These films are a waste of time and space; and the media needs to show real news.

Turns out that the train driver that crashed in New York was found to have “severe obstructive sleep apnoea”. I understand that’s a chronic dropping off to sleep anywhere, anytime… How the hell did he pass a medical to drive a damned train?

Britain: A secret sensitive document from Michael Grove has surfaced. One which outlines the limiting the fallout of  failures in his precious academy school system; it’s too embarrassing. Quite frankly, Grove is too embarrassing and should be sacked for trying to hide the truth from the public. MPs are supposed to be protecting the people, not covering up personal embarrassments. He has clearly demonstrated that he is not competent to be a politician.

I really wonder that the world is full of these wankers. Mind you, the fault is basically ours… we put them there.

No classes on this fine sunny day. A trip to the supermarket has been mooted. Clorinha is asleep on the arm of the sofa. The world is as it should be, at least in this household. Lunch will depend on what I find at the supermarket, no plans there yet.



I have no idea…

how-i-feel-coming-back-to-work-today-after-a-10-day-breakStarting XP from scratch, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Seriously, I have had to reinstall all my software, I used IE once; to download FireFox, then it was FireFox all the way. IE logo deleted from desk top… LOL Useless piece of crap.

It’s such a hassle. Every time I want to do something, it’s almost guaranteed that I have to reinstall something to let me do it. At the moment, I can’t even make my own memes, I have yet to reinstall CorelDraw.


Done a bunk

My StatCounter has disappeared from my blogs, the button is still there, but it just leads me to a log in page, when I log in, all my stats have disappeared. That really pisses me off. Now, reinstalling XP shouldn’t have affected it, and I believe StatCounter has rolled in a new version. Blow devine eau. (figure that one out, leave a comment if you did)

It’s not yet lunchtime, and already there is a lot of noise from the botequim. If the smell of BBQ wafts through my window again… I’m off and taking a bottle of red wine with me (the Tequila can stay at home today, unless I get requests; I do requests). Can’t resist a BBQ, I am easily distracted.

Brazilian salsicha

Brazilian salsicha

Just woke from a nap.

I got bored waiting for the smells to come wafting through my window.

Obviously they’re not doing a BBQ today, so I guess it’s going to be salsicha and mashed potatoes with my red wine…

I think I’ll make an nice brown onion and herb sauce instead of the usual ketchup; ketchup is sooo tacky.

terras_de_cartaxo1At least the wine will add a bit of class. I have chosen a Portuguese Terras de Cartaxo Ribatejo DOC.  The Terras de Cartaxo area has been making wine for 2,ooo years, so they must be doing something right, or at least have got it right by now.

It’s just labelled simply vinho tinto (red wine) I understand it is made with Tricadeira, Castelão and Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo) grapes.

See, with a touch of this and a dash of that you can turn something as humble as the salsicha into a half decent meal.

Beats sitting here all day, wondering what’s going to go wrong next?

I see that Uganda has signed its insidious homosexual bill into law. And many nations are now withholding funds and foreign aid in revolt.

Even the governor of Texas had the sense to veto their bill about business having the right to refuse service to homosexuals.

Britain is withdrawing free public transport for the elderly because it costs too much.

Ah… I didn’t hear them complaining when the elderly paid their taxes before they were elderly, and some are probably still doing so. I have only one rhetorical question, what a bunch of c**ts?

Now that’s a word I don’t use lightly, but I do blurt it out at moments of extreme disgust.

Lunch is over.


A bit heavy on the sauce

That’s what it looked like.

You’ll notice the broken cork, it was a battle royal to open. Initially the cork wouldn’t budge. I had to hammer it in a little as a starter, before the corkscrew could extract it, and then in two parts.

A glance at the clock and I see it’s beer o’clock. Off to quench thirst. Finish the wine later.





Another Late Night

I am more than a little behind today.

Up until 3am installing XP again. Yes, the PC decided it wasn’t going to PC anymore and shut down. So I missed the second half of the Flamengo/Emelec (Ecuador) game. It was a good result, 4 or 5-1.

Up at 7am and off to work to get the driver for my router. Installed it, finally got a signal. Transmitting, but not receiving.



Trouble free motoring

My server-type guy came around, plugged in his laptop… Perfect.

Turns out that the ethernet plug on my motherboard is stuffed.

Aaaarrrggghhh! again

Rush into town, buy a new ethernet board, R$31, get home, installed it, and XP didn’t want to recognise it.

Aaaarrrggghhh! again

Finally, after threatening to drop kick it out the window, it decided to cooperate… and here I am, just in time to tell you why I haven’t been around all day before I go back to work.

Got a heap of emails and comments to see to later tonight. I’ll get round to you all, and thanks for hanging in there.

gmo-babies-engineered-in-labs-gorillawireYou remember all the kerfuffle about GMO crops… That’s nothing, the Americans are talking about GMO babies. Yes, you read right, BABIES.

Must get ready to go…


They’re Playing Funny Buggers

I had just opened the post page and the net went down. Then it came up again, then down again, now it’s back on. Somebody’s playing funny buggers.


I feel I've been screwed by something strange

I feel I’ve been screwed by something strange

Proof that it is Monday.

The PC shut down.

That was 3:30… It’s now after 8pm. More than four hours of pure frustration. Finally reinstalled XP because that damned sys.config.thingy cracked up again. The partial reinstall fixed it.

Now where was I? A good question. I had a rough idea what I was going to post today, but after four hours, it’s gone.

Another hot day, but it cooled late in the afternoon, enough for me to sit in the praça and have a beer while pondering PC problems. I think this PC has past it’s ‘best-by’ date, and time to consider another alternative. But, be assured, it won’t involve Windows 7 or 8.

Homer Philosophy , Plaster Head, covered CobwebsYesterday’s plans I consider a success. It does one good to have a day of total relaxation, a day to brush aside the cobwebs.

According to the news, nothing happened.

The BBC News didn’t even change headlines all day Sunday, so one can only assume that nothing happened.

Bit different this morning. Russia has got it’s tits in a tangle now that their puppet is a wanted man instead of being president of the Ukraine. It seems as though Ukraine could be leaning toward the EU again and that is more than likely to miff the Russians.

The Ugandan president signed into law the new laws relating to homosexuals. Making it the country with the most draconian laws on the matter in the world.

plane3Remember the old DC-10, a much maligned and problem prone aircraft. The last one flew from Bangladesh to England yesterday. Many of these aircraft crashed with big losses of lives.

It was an Air New Zealand one that crashed into Mount Erebus in the Antarctic killing all aboard. I remember that night, I had just started work on night shift and heard the news that it was overdue, then presumed missing; a traumatic night.


It’s 3bloodyam!

creativemugs22…and I am drinking coffee.

It’s a celebratory type coffee after having just won another two hour PC battle.

I could be drinking whisky, or something else, but I don’t do that a lot on my own.

I woke just before 1am, there had been a power cut, and I had tried to reboot PC. PC had other ideas. PC had decided it didn’t want to be a PC at 1am, nor at 2am.

It had lost a sys.exe.thingy, couldn’t be found.

xp3I finally managed to boot up the XP disk and tried to load it, eventually by trial and error it reloaded XP… right until the end; then it told me that Line 0 was corrupt and couldn’t proceed. I was about like “AAARRRGGGHHH!” to the max. I hit ‘close’. I didn’t hit it, so much as punched it.

Desperation, despondency, deprivation!

The low and behold… PC started to reboot all by itself. Everything was as it should be, even the wi-fi was flickering hopefully.

Windows XP sprang into life, the desktop appeared just as I had left it. Obviously the sys.exe.thingy had been recovered in the XP reload attempt.

So I am now drinking coffee at 3am, and again at 3:30am.

I am going back to bed and reboot sleep mode.

I’ll probably post again later. This was just a ‘get-it-off-my-chest’ post.

I feel better.


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