Well, half the title is right, the first half. That is all I’ve done today. I feel a bit burnt out.

Yesterday of course was Monday, and you all know that I don’t ‘do’ Mondays. Not only was it Monday, but it was pay day, yes, that infernal bus trip to Barra da Tijuca and back; a whole day wasted, and for what? This month to get my papel de cebola (onion paper). It’s a very apt Portuguese saying because it’s enough to make you cry.

January class hours were not kind to me and I am paying for that this month.

So with yesterday’s trip I didn’t get my usual nap, as a result I have been super tired today exacerbated by another hot day. Sunday’s rainy respite didn’t last long.

I did do some work here. I got five blog posts done and prepared one already for tomorrow. But I must admit that I wasn’t fired with my usual enthusiasm.

Bloggers get used to that. I’ll get over it…. maybe before Christmas.

Only joking. Lots of coffee tomorrow will do wonders.