Some people enjoy Hump Day

And on the downhill run towards the weekend. I hate the run-up to hump day, even worse is the day it’s self.

I only discovered Hump Day a couple of days ago on Twitter, I saw it mentioned and tweeted, what’s Hump Day? The reply was logical and I wonder why my tiny brain couldn’t figure it out.

An astounding success for social media.

Take yesterday, I reheated the pizza from the previous night.

Tasted great, until the last slice and I realised that not all the specks of oregano were oregano.

Flakes of oregano don’t have little legs.

Oven-fried ants

Oven-fried ant pizza

I had been eating oven-fried ants. Tasted fine, tasted like pizza; now I am wondering if in fact the oven-fried ants enhanced the pizza or not.

I had left the pizza pan on the bench while preheating the oven.

This didn’t perturb me too much, as I read recently that on an average we eat 500gms (about 1lb) of extraneous things a year.

I shall study my oregano more closely in the future.

My fridge seems further away than ever. I had made alternative plans to collect it tonight, but my neighbour with the pick-up won’t have it tonight. It’s the work truck and the bastards want to use it for work, damned cheeky of them. Don’t they understand ‘perks’ of the job?

Curried chicken on rice

Curried chicken on rice

Curried chicken for lunch, no ants today. I bought chicken cubes yesterday at the supermarket, so lunch will take ten minutes to prepare. Cooking the rice takes longer than the curried chicken.

It could look something like this, if I don’t decide to eat it from the pot, which I do sometimes if I am in a hurry or want to save washing a plate. Being a bachelor is fun; I get to run around the house all day in my underpants, I get to poop with the toilet door open so Lixo can come in for his pet, nobody shouts at me to put the toilet seat down and there is never an argument over the TV remote.

Well, more coffee has appeared beside me, I shall blog right along…