The world is in the grip of Cup Fever

The world is in the grip of Cup Fever

The highlight game of yesterday was Argentina and Boznia H. The star sort of glimmered until late in the game when he twinkled slighty by scoring a goal. He certainly didn’t shine.

It’s Monday once again.

I have been waiting for the plumber chappy to come and fix the drip from the roof tank, but he hasn’t appeared yet. Result, day wasted. I should have been going to town to pay my rent, in fact, I still might.

Sunny cool day, with not much happening. Germany has just run over Portugal 4 – 0.

Clorinha is trying to destroy my phone charger. So far today she has battled with a big leaf, a small leaf and a plastic bag. She’s having more fun than I am.

Paid the rent, back home.

Still nothing happening. Just found out that this week’s lessons are knackered because of the cup and Corpus Christi holiday on Thursday.

So, I have a week off.

USA vs Ghana is just about to start. So without any further interruptions, I pressing the publish button.