funny-squirrel-nuts-cheeks-what-picsYes, he is.

Night before last he jumped up on the bed for customary pre-snooze tickles and in the middle, he bit the blanket hopped on and started to hump it. I guess it was a case of kitteenage catsturbation… or something.

It tells me that it’s time he played ‘squirrel’ and started wondering where his nuts have gone.

To this end, I visited the vet’s clinic across the road from work yesterday. R$200 to get them removed and a further R$80 for vaccinations. I was like WTF?

Meow Meow & Fred (ginger) from nextdoor playing 'You tap me, I'll tap you'

Meow Meow & Fred (ginger) from nextdoor playing ‘You tap me, I’ll tap you’

My last three cats, Meow Meow, da Meow and Lixo all met their demise on the street from poisoning. I am hoping that by rendering Cloro nutless he may stay around, or at least closer to home and avoid the same horrible fate. It will also reduce the incidence of orphan kittens who need homes.

Lunch today is a problem. Everything I have in the fridge requires cooking, and it’s already too damned hot to cook. Yesterday was a deep-frying 40+°C and today promises to be the same.

I have to walk to work at 1:30, the hottest part of any day, for a 2pm class. I’ll get home around 7pm, at least that will be cooler.

My plants are letting out a collective gasp. They need watering, so do I.

Well, that was exciting.

The cat from over the back who keeps shitting in my laundry area, has done it again. This time diarrhea with a lot of blood, sadly I suspect that he has been poisoned.

I have said before that I don’t ‘do’ Christmas, but I am an old softy at heart. I will do a BBQ for the locals at the botequim as I do every year.

I wear the same old Santa hat that I have done for the last four years and slave over the charcoal. I have planed it for 22nd this year.


Santa’s little big helper ‘doing’ it last year

The ex and kids will come over, so it’ll be a busy day. I already have some of the makings in the freezer, but I need to buy more yet.

So, I while don’t ‘do’ Christmas, I do do a pretty mean BBQ.

I found a small slab of chocolate cake in the fridge, so lunch will be, chocolate cake.