hump-day-funnies-makes-me-walk-funnyThe dishes are piling up faster than I can reduce the pile.

Does that sound familiar?


Yes, I woke up at 7, looked out the window and it started raining, so I went back to bed.

Only logical thing to do.

Got up two hours later, still raining. I fought the urge to go back to bed, luckily the need for fresh strong Brazilian coffee overcame the urge.

The news is not good, well, actually it is; the USA is closed for business. Could this be the beginning of the end, the self-correction that global markets are doomed to make? Personally, I hope so, it’ll make the world sit up and take notice  of all the shit that has been created by the banker bastards.

The pope is in the news again, making more saints. Hell, don’t they have enough? Saints will soon outnumber adherents.

followed-blog-20-1xI got one of these, for followers on Some Animals are Crackers, but while I have the followers, the blog only gets one or two hits a day.

Still, it’s nice to see.

Generally, the recent perk in hits on most blogs has been sustained. Makes it worthwhile blogging again, after so many months of doubt.

Drugs have hit the headlines again. Two top people, one a top cop, have recognised that we are not winning the drug war, it’s only getting worse. They are both calling for debate on the subject. Basically, they are saying what I said twenty years ago; “prohibition doesn’t work!”

Actually, we may not have to worry about it much longer. The Fukushima situation is worsening. The authorities have lied again, and the truth is coming out. Fukushima has the prospect of being 15x Chernobyl if it goes bang! The politicians have their heads in the sand once again, and are ignoring the problem.

If Fukushima does go bang, the USA will be the first country to suffer after Japan and surrounds. The resulting release of radioactivity will render much of the northern hemisphere uninhabitable for thousands of years. What could make it go bang? Another earthquake or tidal wave, the collapse of one of the cooling towers, or simply two of the ‘rods’ touching during the extraction process.

Bang, bye bye humanity!

On that happy note… I’ll get along with Humpday.