Should look similar to this

Should look similar to this

Sole fillets (halibut) poached with potatoes in milk, olive oil and capers. To be served with a white parsley sauce…

I have posted four blogs, fur to go after this. Napped successfully, weird dream, but the nap was good.

Hot again today, the plants were gasping by 9am, so they got a healthy watering. Cloro helped by  trying to trip me up while carrying the bucket of water; not once, not twice, but thrice (wonderful forgotten word that). She was also content to lap at the puddles leaking from the plants.

Lunch is over.

Yummy, with a capital YUM!

There’s enough left over for supper.

My cellphone number is about to grow. We already have eight digits, from next week we have to add another ‘9’ to make it nine.

I see the UK has approved a new nuke power plant… fools!” Hasn’t Fukushima taught them anything? What’s worse, is the Chinese are going to build it. My question is, what does China want? Throwing all this money around, China is hardly a philanthropic organisation. What’s the crunch? I bet there is one, and when we know it, we won’t like it.

Interesting point on Japan today. The lowest birthrate in the world, Japan is now a country that sells more geriatric diapers than baby diapers. Not a record to be proud of.

Now it’s Frances turn to be indignant about the American’s spy programme. Notwithstanding that it turns out the British intelligence spying was passed without parliamentary approval or scrutiny, and parliamentarians are asking a big WHY? Demanding answers. Talk about a can of worms.

The answer to all of this is still a simple, all these spied on countries need to tell the Americans and associates to pack up their embassies and go home until they learn how to play nice. But then, have they ever?

Public executions are back. FB has allowed the return of beheading clips. That should satisfy the bloodthirsty.

In Rio today we have more demonstrations. The blonde bimbo has authorised the army to enter the fray to protect the auction of a major pre-salt oil field being held today.

Nice to see that the world is still on course for disaster.



Breaking news: The American economy has surprised itself, productivity has doubled all over the country… raising hopes that the recovery has started.

Then they discovered that FaceBook was down globally.