Yes, I finally got hold of my service provider and proceeded to climb down my usually cool ladder into his gall and kicked his nuts around from the inside!

The result is that I am expecting him here 45 minutes ago…

I may not get this post finished until later, if and when he arrives. Because he has to go roofside and play with my antenna. He is convinced it is my antenna and not his modem that is at fault.


This is a jambo tree. I took the photo this morning for a post on Things that Fizz & Stuff. It’s about a fruit, red jambo, that I had never seen, nor in fact known about, before.

Here’s another photo that was on the camera. Bad quality, I haven’t learned to use the zoom yet.


Cloro went insane

With the onset of 38°C+ days we have had an invasion of these critters. They are one insect that while I am not afraid of, I simply loathe the bloody things. Cloro loves them, they provide hours of fun chasing them around the floor. But this one was high on the bedroom wall, well beyond the normal dusting level, therefore well beyond the reach of Cloro. It was so funny watching him prowl back and forth eyes fixed on the intruder trying to fathom a way to get it.

Here’s another photo…

Some of our New Years tipple at the botequim

Some of our New Years tipple at the botequim

That was before I brought out the Tequila, lemon and salt; then this happened…

One of the neighbours shooting Tequila

One of the neighbours shooting Tequila

It is now 62 minutes since I was expecting the service repair…

Do I have to climb down my ladder again?