christmas-tree-decorations2…and the women and the kids.

For me Christmas has just started. I woke up and now have my first coffee of the day.

For most Christmas is nearly over.

It started in New Zealand (not as they said on Brazilian TV in Australia) some 20 hours ago, so the rest of the world has already celebrated, while for me it’s 9am and the day is just beginning. Only the USA and most of the Pacific region are left to begin.

I didn’t get round to posting yesterday, I was busy partaking of the Christmas spirits that were available from the botequim. There was also BBQ, so by the time that finished, I was slightly beyond blogging. Thankfully Christmas only comes around once a year.

So let me wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Did you realise that it is also Humpday today?


I made this a couple of days ago to celebrate a Humpday Christmas.

I won’t get a lot of blogging done today, I have the ex and kids coming over in a few hours for BBQ. Hopefully, the rain that has plagued us for the last few days will hold off.

Now I have a shit load of work to do, not in the least to clean out the fridge because the tray of defrosting meat overflowed and the trays at the bottom are now full of blood. Trials and tribulations.

So, I will off and tackle the necessary for a festive day.